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Most irritating parts of the game

  • No post game battle facility.
  • The graphics look worse than Sword and Shield, which is an older game.
  • A lot of character designs feel off, the most affected by this are the trainer NPC’s. Usually they are very memorable, but they all look like they came out of a mobile game.
  • The different areas outside the cities are incredibly generic & unmemorable.
  • A lot of the pokemon designs are plain ugly.
  • Why can’t I rematch the elite four?
  • It’s an open world game, but you can’t enter most buildings, odd.
  • The Tera hats are stupid looking.
  • Crafting pokemon attacks.
  • Team Star is incredibly disappointing in all respects. The leader doesn’t inspire leadership to me, the plot is dumb and they aren’t real antagonists since the player pretty much invades their space and that’s the only reason they attack you.
  • The lore regarding Area Zero and Terapagos feels incomplete.
  • The clothing choices are awful.
My thoughts on your points:
1. In the base game, while there isn’t a post-game battle facility, considering one of the Blueberry Academy’s focuses, that being on battling, I consider that to be the “unofficial” facility, even if it’s outside Paldea (and shouldn’t count to most people).
2. What you’re saying depends on the person, though I’d guess that this was the case due to the project being rushed.
3. I don’t care too much about memorability and like a lot of character designs from this game pair.
4. I am neutral towards that topic, though some areas are more eye-catching than others.
5. Like I’ve said in my previous post, I don’t think too many ‘mon designs are ugly, though there are ones that I consider to be unappealing.
6. Haven’t figured that out but if it’s the case, then I’ll agree with you there. As for headcanon full rematch teams, I would simply add the following Pokémon to the existing team for each member:
Toedscruel for Rika
Gholdengo for Poppy
(White Plumage) Squawkabilly (if that’s not good enough, then Braviary) for Larry
Cyclizar for Hassel.
For Geeta, I would move Glimmora to the front (or maybe as the withdrawal ‘mon for Palafin) and replace Veluza for a Palafin programmed to use Flip Turn immediately after the battle.
7. Definitely agree with you on that; after seeing this being the case, I’m sure the developers were pushing the open-world gimmick a bit too much and couldn’t make entering most buildings possible. Once again, another reason as to why the project shouldn’t have been rushed.
8. I respectfully disagree with you on this point; I honestly really like the Tera hats/jewels.
9. I wish TMs were unlimited use again and that TRs were made craftable. Parts about this gimmick are irritating for the both of us, but here they differ.
10. I can agree with what you said about Team Star not really being antagonists (don’t know for sure what I have to say on your criticism on their leader), though I do think there are good parts about Team Star (though they’re mostly far and few in between). On another note, though, you helped me bring up more things Penny can be dissed for in me and my friend’s ongoing rap battle project. Thanks for doing that, and let me know where in these forums I can further discuss the idea.
11. I haven’t played the Indigo Disc part of the DLC, so I can’t yet comment my thoughts now.
12. Agreed, but at least we have more options for outfits. But then again, the main clothing options should’ve been more widespread and not limited to the uniforms in the base game. Yet another reason to why the project shouldn’t have been rushed.
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Other than the lack of repeatable post game content (like battle facilities), one thing I particularly dislike is that there's no orange and grape Pokémon species that serve as the mascots of Naranja and Uva Academy respectively. They don't have much focus oranges, grapes, or most other significant Spanish agricultural crops in the entire game despite the names of Paldea's school. Even the olive mini-game for the Cortondo Gym, the closest thing to Spanish crops we come across, doesn't involve any sort of actual agriculture whatsoever; it's just a theme for a random mini game.

Is it relatively minor compared to other things? Yes. However, just because something doesn't have too big an impact on the gameplay and story doesn't mean I can't consider the lack of it a waste.
Anyone else thought the sound quality on the DLC’s credits felt low quality? I thought my earphones were spoilt but then I found a roeddit thread where people complained about that too.

Also I knew I was gonna be disappointed with the 2nd DLC’s plot especially the ending, but… yeah, not a fan. I just felt it was kinda dumb and not well executed.
While I don’t hate the SV games, there are parts I dislike, for example:

Not being able to enter most houses or seeing the insides of shops/restaurants.
Not allowing people to wear feminine clothing or mix-match main clothing.
Removing the Repels.
Okay here's my two cents:
The Starmobiles are the worst things ever. They are just boring damage sponges and overly strong ones at that.
I hate Veluza and Taurus so much it is awful horrible being stuck between them.
The following system is not as good as Lets Go's I'm sorry.
Why don't the gym leaders or Elite Four members use held items? I'm glad they don't heal with Potions but no held items.
Why did they remove a lot of the options? I mean I don't use set mode but a ton of people do. And no option to turn off battle animations is nonsense.
It is so sad that the campion's ace has to use Tera Blast for stab.
Why no link cords?
Not being able to catch Pokémon like in pla, lack of trades, palafin only being available via tera raids in solo, no link cable (lets you evo trades pokemon), gliding being almost useless for traveling, etc
I know they want us to use Nintendo online but me and many others who don’t use online, it’s a nightmare to get the last Pokemon available without trading; it took me weeks just to get palafin and slowking from Tera raids, still haven’t gotten sizor. Palafin is a no brainer with just having npcs to do union circle stuff, link cable could be a one time item; game exclusive evos like charcadet could be only post game for the other evo, etc
And no option to turn off battle animations is nonsense.
Everytime i read a post from someone that reminds me of this, i'm always as dumbfounded as the first time i was made aware of it. How rushed the development of your game has to be that you don't even bother with an option to remove the battle animations in a turn based RPG?
Everytime i read a post from someone that reminds me of this, i'm always as dumbfounded as the first time i was made aware of it. How rushed the development of your game has to be that you don't even bother with an option to remove the battle animations in a turn based RPG?
Not all games have that option though...
Not all games have that option though...
And? The previous pokemon games did.

And this is the company that is purposely making the games easier and easier just to make them quicker and yet remove a feature that helps with that has been in games since the first one. It certainly would help with Tera Raids given how tedious those are because of the multiple animations per turn.
What I dislike the most about the game is definitely having to wait like five seconds, while checking the boxes and clothing stores, for every single sprite to appear.
For some reason that's a common issue in some games. It takes forever in Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games and I don't know why. Other games will load these options right away, so I have no idea what the hell is going on.
Oh boy, where to start?
  • The fact that the gym doesn't scale to your level.It is not really open world, you have to respect an order of gyms if you dont want to be overleveled.
  • The intro is so long, starting over a new game is irritating.
  • There is not enough interesting new Pokémon for my taste
This is just a short list, there is so much more.
for me it’s nymble those annoying little
The annoying thing about Nymble is that they run away. I nearly lost a shiny Nymble when I first started Violet because it tried to run from me and very nearly succeeded. (I caught her, though.)

If you think 5 Star Raids were bad, the special 7 Star Raids are worse. Don't attempt to try them in co-op, as there are active griefers who will attack your Pokémon to piss out the timer. Or hosts who pull a bait and switch with their choice of battling Pokémon: think a Magikarp for a Ditto Raid but the host then switches from that to a Koraidon after everyone else has locked in their choices just to throw the Raid. And no, there's no way to block the griefers. At all.

Online is awful. Just awful. Granted, some people literally don't plan out well for whatever Raids they may encounter, but there are a ton of other people who just throw the damn things for whatever stupid reason. It's ridiculous. And I literally can't toss these people out on their ear, like I could in SwSh. I had a gigantic block list and I was not afraid to add to it; anyone who "hosted" a Max Raid then abandoned it and relisted it was immediately blocked because they were wasting my time. I can't do that anymore and now I'm stuck in Raids that suck.

Seriously, bring back blocking, Nintendo. Maybe then the online experience might not suck as much.
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