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POPULAR: Need a Name Thread

Hi, I need help again.

Like with Chaos Rising in my newest series: Dawn of Courage, there are multiple races of humanoids other than humans (obviously, as I've talked about some of them earlier). The races I've come up with so far (not including crossbreeds, familiars, undead, or monsters) are: humans, elves, demons, Phoenix, Werefolk, Beastman, Hopper (frogmen), and Centaur. However I need help coming up with other races to I can add some more variety to the different locations, cultures, and kingdoms. Normally I'd use something like Breath of Fire (which is one of the inspirations for this series) for ideas, as that franchise has got a bevy of different races, but I want to diverge a bit, especially from the usual fanfare. So, this is where I need help: I need new ideas for new races to include in Dawn of Courage, along with any other suggestions for things like clan/kingdom names and possible cultures regarding them, since it'll help with worldbuilding. Thanks to whoever decides to take this one up.
I noticed you don't seem to have any ocean dwellers, unless if Hoppers count.
Not sure what I'd name them though. Ningyo means Mermaid/Merman/person so I mean that'd be a good generic name.
Actually, a water-based culture that takes from more traditional Japanese influences might work, idk.

No, the Hopper Clan doesn't count, as they can't stomach salt water (they don't mind being on ships, but they can't swim in salt water in either their normal or giant frog forms due to it being hazardous to their health). So, yeah, a sea-dwelling clan would be a good touch, especially since, in my current plans, the gang will have to (eventually) go by boat to another continent. I might consider Ningyo as a possibility. Thanks for the idea.
Sorry for the double post (although it's been a while since the last one) but I need a little help brainstorming something (which is keeping me up right now). Just like how I unintentional gave Nova a catchphrase I noticed a certain theme in chapter names when they revolve around a certain character. Specifically, they are chapters involving Dominic, who is a recurring minor antagonist in the series and one of Nova's rivals for Nina's affection. The unintentional theme is that the two chapters he's appeared in so far both contain the words "Disaster" (or a variation of the word such as "Disastrous") and "Dominic", which, considering his character, makes sense, as any time he gets involved in some form of plot or engineered heroics it often creates a disaster that the heroes need to either prevent or clean up.

So, as a result of that, I decided to take a page from Beast Wars' book (which is the best Transformers series ever, I might add) and use that theme akin to Beast Wars using the "Other V" episode titles that involved the Vok. Normally I'm pretty good at coming up with creative titles for my chapters... even if it sometimes takes me a bit to fully iron out one, but here I'm having trouble, and it's keeping me up. So, I figured I'd ask around here for some ideas/suggestions, since many of you have good ideas. To give you an idea of what I mean, the two chapters I've gotten so far are "Dominic's Disastrous Debut" and "Disaster Thy Name is Dominic". While it'll be a little bit before any other Dominic-centric chapters crop up I do want some help getting some ideas down for his chapters revolving around that theme so they'll be ready when I need them. I'm pretty much open to any/all ideas so feel free to post what you've come up with. Thanks in advance.
What would be a good name for a Digital-themed Eeveelution? My only idea is Cybeon, which sounds too generic.
My first though was Calculon but I think that's already taken.
until it's said to not to, I will gladly help you~~
Okay, here we go. Warning, the following bit contains spoilers for important twists in the fic so anybody who would like to read it blind should not open the spoiler. And if you go open it, do me a favor and don't tell anybody.
So basically, this is a post-Blue Lions Route fic (that's the one with the blonde guy on the cover for non-FE fans), specifically, five years later (because it's not a Three Houses related anything if the number five isn't brought up at least once). Dimitri's King, Byleth's Archbishop, etc, etc. Then, the Death Knight, despite being dead, comes back. A few chapters later (or maybe just one this is probably going to be a short fic because I still have so many Chapters left in Fifth Path) the Death Knight breaks into the castle, fights Dimitri and Dedue, and turns out to actually be Hubert, who had disappeared and was assumed dead but as you know, if you never found the body the person ain't dead. So Hubert kidnaps Dimitri because of revenge reasons and it's up to Byleth and the rest of the Blue Lions to rescue him by using a full frontal assault as s distraction for Byleth to sneak in through hidden tunnels and if this last bit sounds like the plot of the latter half of the Season 1 finale for Tangled: The Series that's because it's an intentional homage.

So, yeah, that's the story I need a name for. I was thinking of something that vaguely hints at the "Death Knight's" true nature without making it too obvious but I can't come up with anything.
I need some help with two upcoming chapter titles in Dawn of Courage. I'm currently writing the next chapter in the series (Ghost Busting) which will tie into the next two chapters.

The first of the two will feature the official debut of the Charlie Horse Brothers (Balio and Sunder expies) who are not only getting revenge on the party for the events of the current chapter but also because they want to use Nina as a golden goose for their money-hungry ways (they are part of a still-active yet crumbling criminal organization and funds are needed to build it back up after Sir Reginald's army took them down long ago). They plan to use Nina for both the reward her kingdom is offering for her return and so they can milk her Magic Fire Feathers, since those fetch a huge sum on the market. One idea I had was using the title "Charlie Horsing Around" but I felt that as a bit too comical for the seriousness of the chapter, so I could use some help on deciding on a title for it.

As for the following chapter, it'll feature the debut of a minor-yet-important character: Prince Falkner, who will be investigating the aftermath of the previous chapter before tracking down the party and becoming smitten with Nina, effectively becoming another rival for Nova. However, this time, unlike his past "rivals" (Dominic and Eoleo), Nova knows he's completely outclassed and is ready to throw in the towel for Nina's sake, resulting in the future of his relationship with Nina. An idea I had was using "The Prince and the Pauper" for a title theme though I'm not sure how to go by it or if I should use a different theme. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
As of late, I've been planning an Animorphs AU where werebeasts exist. The first fic, which I'm currently writing, is about a minor-in-canon character's backstory, in which he learns that his girlfriend is a weregazelle and then that she's possessed by an alien. I'm calling it Gazelle Girl for now because I like alliteration, but it only vaguely conveys what the fic is really about and kind of gives away the twist. The main theme of this oneshot is the protagonist learning shocking truths and reflecting on how innocent he was back then.
Trying to think of a name for a genius billionaire philanthropist (who I am fully willing to admit is a Tony Stark clone, though he doesn't have the playboy aspect and all things considered is a nicer guy than Tony). I'm looking for something that's clearly American. Also, the last name is more important than the first because it'll also be the last name of one of the main characters.
Trying to think of a name for a genius billionaire philanthropist (who I am fully willing to admit is a Tony Stark clone, though he doesn't have the playboy aspect and all things considered is a nicer guy than Tony). I'm looking for something that's clearly American. Also, the last name is more important than the first because it'll also be the last name of one of the main characters.
Sony Tork

Maybe surname Irvine, like the school, but also it means “green water” like… dollar bills in water… this metaphor isn’t doing so well huh
I'm not sure Kathy Irvine (Kathy is the name of his daughter) doesn't quite roll off the tongue, though the more I say it the better it sounds.
Aaaaand I'm back with more help needed for a few new Undead Captain/General names for future chapters. Since I have now introduced the concept of soul-powered Undead Captains (and more recently, Generals) that have special gimmicks like defined elements (Fire, Water, Lightning, etc) and special powers (small area time manipulation), I'm in the market for some new names to give to some of these new baddies.

As established previously, I like to use word combos that would spell out a certain word/phrase/name while being rather punny/creative (Zomboni = Zombie + Zamboni, Clockworst = Clockwork + Worst, Wightmare = Wight + Nightmare, Vertebreak = Vertebrae + Break, etc). But I'm starting to run dry again, as most Undead Captains/Generals tend to be villains-of-the-week (sans some exceptions). Since I want to include some new ideas for special Undead Captains/Generals with such gimmicks as elements or special powers, as the party are now very deep into territories where Muu has dug his claws in to very tightly, I need some name ideas that would correspond with them. So I'm open to suggestions for both names and designs.

If you do decide to give me ones with elemental-based abilities here's a list of all the elements in the series as a reminder: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Ice, Wood, Light, Dark (effectively a cut-and-paste from Chaos Rising). If you offer ones with some mechanical-based abilities (Clockworst is one such example, as he's basically a more primitive N. Tropy crossed with a skeleton), don't make them too advanced, as Edyn's technology is fairly limited (it exists, mind, especially in the past, but is more limited compared to Earth), so no things like charged particle cannons or satellite death rays and such (tank-like designs, however, are fine, as I've already used some with tank-like structures, albeit made of bones instead of metal). Thanks in advance.
More like "Need a Title" But I've been designing this game that like an Open World Action RPG taking place in a big stretch of almost untouched wilderness (sort of Monster Hunter-esque, I guess) but the main character is a traditional anime magical girl and I can't think of a title for it.
Trying to come up with names for a team of Mercs in a sci-fi setting. I have two of them, just need three more:

Characters with names:

  • Luck 'O the Draw aka Lucky, the Cat-Folk (species name TBD) leader and sharpshooter of the team.
  • Fennec Reynard, the Kitsune pilot, technomage, and seductive infiltrator. Comes with a free sarcastic British AI named Vixen.
Characters without:

  • The Playful Hacker (species TBD)
  • The Muscle/medic/engineer (species TBD)
  • Mission Control and information gathering (Species TBD)
I'm trying to come up with a chapter name for Psychic Duelist Django. It will feature a Duel between Django and Surge (Tempest's jerk/bully older brother). This Duel is loosely based off of a Master Duel video I found on Youtube where a Numeron player loses (well, forfeits) to a Kuriboh player. In this case, Surge, who runs an A-to-Z deck, will lose to Django, who will use nothing but the various members of the Kuriboh family (sans a handful of them) as a means of teaching Surge that power isn't everything. It'll also be the last event Surge will need to properly start his character development, as getting humiliated by a pack of fuzzballs will be the final piece of humble pie he needs to break his old habits.

Currently, the placeholder title is "Kuribohs Unite", but I feel that's a bit weak. So I want something that's either more fitting for the context of the story, a pun-like title that still fits with the theme of the chapter, or something that would fit the message of the chapter. Also, technically, I'm writing the Duel Script for the chapter at this time, but the Duel Scrip will share the same title as the actual chapter (helps keep things organized), though I haven't really gotten very far in it because I had a long, exhausting day. But I'd appreciate any help in coming up with a fun/cool/funny/fitting title for this chapter. Thanks in advance.
I need a name for a random Spelljammer-centric DnD 5e character concept I’ll probably never use in a game: a Astral Elf warlock knight guy who got cursed with probably immortality and got reverted into a dwarf-sized elf, who disguises as an artificer instead. I’ve decided for his surname for his actual elf form to be La Cassopeia while his in-guise dwarf elf to be “C” or “Cee”.
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