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Pokemon Legends Arceus Travelog Thread

Jun 25, 2011
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  1. He/Him
Hey all, and welcome to the Pokemon Legends Arceus Travelog thread!

This is the thread that you can use to share all sorts of fun stories that you encounter while making your way through the game; whether that might be your experience encountering a really powerful Pokemon in the wild, winning a battle by the skin on your teeth, running into a Shiny Pokemon out of the blue, or just general experiences that you have while playing the game.

Hope everyone is having fun with the game as it releases around the world today! :)
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I started my game this evening, wanting to get some playtime before going to bed since I have work in the morning. After meeting Professor Laventon, I helped catch the starter Pokemon for him, and followed him into Jubilife Village, meeting Rei and Captain Cyllene in the process. Right away I am really enjoying some of these characters. Some of the dialogue from them is just, so great. Captain Cyllene tells me about the trial I will have to pass to be a part of the Survey Corps, and the next morning I choose my starter Pokemon, Cyndaquil (I actually haven't decided on a naming theme yet, so thus far he is unnamed) who will help me with my trial. I catch the three Pokemon for the trial, Bidoof, Starly, and Shinx, and return to report my success where I officially become a member of the survey corps. Before heading out on my first expedition the next day I get some research tasks from the people town, and then I am on my way.

My first expedition is quite nice. I spend my time getting used to the controls and battling and catching Pokemon. This is the expedition where I catch my second team member, a Shinx (also unnamed thus far). I also manage to complete the three requests I picked up while in he village. ON my first survey I catch 6 different Pokemon, Bidoof, Starly, Shinx, Buizel, Ponyta, and Wurmple, and I catch a total of 26 Pokemon.

After battling with Rei, he asks me to go meet up with Mai from the Diamond Clan with him out in the Obsidian Fieldlands, so I start on my second research survey. I explore the first part of Obsidian Fieldlands before I go meet up with the others, and while out there I hear an Eevee cry, but I don't end up finding it. Later, after battling Mai with her Munchlax, I almost pass out for the first time myself as a trainer because I thought the cliff I was jumping down form was shorter than it actually was. Gosh I never believed I would ever have to worry about taking fall damage in a Pokemon game. I go ahead and defeat the Alpha Kricketot for Mai with Staravia who is just on the team for now. My Shinx also evolves into a Luxio. I end up my second survey having caught 11 different species of Pokemon with 7 new speiceis caught, a Kricketot, Driftloon, Geodude, Zubat, Stantler, and a rare Mime Jr. and Pichu. I caught 24 Pokemon total.

That night after my expedition I learn about the frenzied Kleavor, and the next day I witness a heated argument between two characters who are probably already my favorite, Adaman and Irida. I meet them both inside with Kamado, who asks me to survey the frenzied Kleavor. Downstairs while getting additional instructions from Cyllene, Adaman asks me to quell the Pokemon's frenzy if I can. Tomorrow I will go out on my third expedition where I will start to work on this next task.

Cyndaquil - Level 15
Luxio - Level 15

Caught: 17, Seen: 22
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I've been playing up to around when you battle Mai and right afterwards I encountered and caught a shiny Geodude.

I figured it would be easier to encounter a shiny in this game since they appear as shiny on the overworld but I didn't expect to get one so soon.

I went with Rowlet for my starter, not sure how my team will shape up. For now it's just full of random Pokemon.
I started a few hours ago, and have acquired two stars and about to challenge Kleavor. My character is named Louisa, and I have picked Rowlet as my starter. So far, I'm enjoying it. No team yet, as they're all random, too. My only complaints are the limited item storage (which can be expanded, but for a high price), and how the Wurmple I keep catching have all evolved into Cascoon.

It feels kinda funny that Pikachu has its original cry from the first five generations, and not Ikue Otani's voice clips from X & Y onwards.

The game plays very similar to several Final Fantasy games; Final Fantasy X when it comes to battles, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII (and the latter's two sequels) for exploration and sidequests.
I'm at three stars now, been playing all day.

Just beat Lilligant and oh my gosh that fight was stressful like I was actually so stressed out. I got it on my second try though.

Me and my buddy, on my first star
The adventure of Kotaro the uncertain ninja:

Current status: 1 star rank, been asked to meet Mai from the Diamond clan. Exploring the fields in hopes of finding something like Eevee.

Black outs:
None; I did try to wade across a river and find out my character can't swim, but he survived.

Current field members:
Most are about level 10; Shinx hit 11 and was put in the pasture in favor of the newest member, Drifloon, who is only 6 or so.
I started the day by attempting to catch the Alpha Bibarel that hangs around the Tidewater Dam and accidentally drowned because I was trying to stealth around one of the large rocks and didn't notice how deep the water was there. I literally walked into the water and drowned. After that, I attempted to fight it, but I ended up killing it after it took out a few of my team members. That encounter pushed me to go back a bit to catch and battle some more Pokemon because I didn't quite feel ready for Kleavor. While I was at it, I decided to try to find myself an Eevee. I was having a horrible time trying to find it. (at some point around here or maybe a little earlier I also received the CelesticFlute and the ability to summon Wyrdeer, I just can't remember when exactly it was). So, I decided to use Wyrdeer to explore the Fieldlands.

Up around the Heartwood Area, I discovered the entrance to a cave, the Oreburrow Tunnel, which lead out to the Grueling Grove. While recklessly exploring the area, I was swarmed by a few Beautifly and while trying to get away I stumbled into an Alpha Heracross (this thing was massive. Then, while trying to get away from that I hear it, the sound of the shiny sparkles. I quickly save my game and start looking around, but I don't see anything shining anywhere. So, I cross my fingers and hoped I didn't scare of the Pokemon before I saved, and reset my game. I heard the sparkles again but did not see any sparkles again, so I looked more closely at the Pokemon. Then I saw it, an orange Combee. My first shiny of the game, a male Combee. I would be more sour if the thing wasn't so gosh darn cute. I caught him, and while I won't be using him, I'm glad to have him.

I went back to my Eevee resetting and managed to find a place where they spawn, catching one and naming her Juna (I ended up naming my two other team members too. Quilava is named Ichiro, and Luxio is named Rai). I did some more exploring to help level Juna up and ended up climbing up the mountain that surrounds Lake Verity. There were a lot of high-level Driftblim and Luxray up there, but I managed to evade them while collecting materials.

After that, I fought Irida and took on Kleavor. The first Noble wasn't too bad, probably because there was that massive tree I could use to hide behind, but I did have a close call in there. I calmed Kleavor's frenzy and went back to finish up the mission.

Now, I am out in the Crimson Mirelands and I have just took back the Wall Fragment from the Miss Fortune Sisters to give back to Caleba. I am finishing off tonight by exploring the Mire some more, and tomorrow I will help calm Ursaluna

Ichiro - Quilava - Level 28
Rai - Luxio - Level 27
Juna - Umbreon - Level 24

Temporary Team Members:
Floatzel - Level 26
Pachirisu (Alpha) - Level 40
Staravia - Level 27

Obsidian Fieldlands - 30 caught, 44 seen
Crimson Mirelands - 21 caught, 27 seen

Third Star Member
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I've been making pretty good progress in Legends: Arceus. For a brief recap of my first few hours I picked Cyndaquil as my starter (I tend to work better with Fire types anyway), caught several different Mons, crafted several times (I'm loving the crafting bit more than I thought I would), and got myself up to Second Star Rank before moving on with the plot.

Because I was going to fight my first Alpha I did some more grinding to get my Cyndaquil into a Quilava (I'm a bit miffed that they pushed Cyndaquil's evolution level from 14 to 17, although I assume it's because Rowlet and Oshawott also evolve at 17 so it was probably done for fairness between the starters). After getting Cyndaquil to evolve I took on the Alpha Kricketune. I wasn't sure if I could catch it or not so I simply beat it. After gaining Wyrdeer's approval we set up our next base camp. I spent a LOT of time farming materials in order to craft better items. I also caught several new Mons, such as Kricketune, Stantler, Paras, Bibarrel, Bunneary, Combee (sadly, it's a male), Burmy, and Psyduck. I also took care of several requests, though the one request I can't seem to complete is the "Big Buizel, Little Buizel", as I can't seem to find a Buizel that fits the guy's requirements.

Moving on, I managed to get my Starly and Shinx to evolve into Staravia and Luxio, respectively, while also training the other teammates I'm currently using (Buizel, Drifloon, and Stantler). After all those catches and research data I got myself up to Third Star Rank, which means I can now use Great Balls alongside Heavy Balls and Feather Balls (sadly, I lack the Sky Tumblestone, so I can't make any Feather Balls yet). Since I had collected a bit of Iron Ore I made a few Great Balls (only 10, but that's better than nothing). I'm trying to get my team up to a more desirable level before I take on Kleavor, as I know he'll be a tough nut to crack despite being the first Noble. I also managed to nab my first Evolutionary Stone from an ore chunk (that also had a Geodude in it), in this case a Fire Stone. I also expanded my satchel 6 levels as I was gathering items like there's no tomorrow thus I needed the space. I'm tempted to try to catch my first Alpha Pokemon but, again, I want my team to be in a good level range before I do, as I know the story-based Alpha Kricketune was just the warm-up to how Alpha battles work. Taking a short break before I go back on the hunt.
At four stars now, and have defeated Lilligant. Seriously, I keep finding myself to be pressing the R button to try and lock onto Kleavor/Lilligant, forgetting this isn't Kingdom Hearts (as of this post, I'm playing KHIIFM on my PS4, currently doing the second Halloween Town episode). Although they say if you're skilled in one game, it might help you in tough spots in another (given the bosses work similar the ones found in Ratchet & Clank). Kleavor nearly whipped me, but Crobat appears to be the perfect counter against Lilligant.

My Pokédex is currently at 70 seen, 55 caught. I caught Beauregard a Wurmple, and he wants them to evolve into Beautifly. He got a Dustox. I never really got to evolve a Wurmple into Silcoon, but I caught a few at least. I also got the guaranteed Shiny Ponyta, although I may not expect HOME to connect with PLA for at least a month.

Unlike Lisa's German-named team in BD, Louisa is not using nicknames.

Dartrix ♂: Level 33
Ponyta ♀: Level 33
Luxray ♂: Level 34
Crobat ♀: Level 31
I'm exploring Crimson Mirelands at the moment (getting ready to take on the noble Pokemon) and I think I have four members of my team now. (hopefully I'll get the last two in the third area)

Dartrix - level 29
Stantler - level 27 (Stantler seems to level up slower than the rest of my team, this is even with mostly using Stantler to get the exp from collecting items)
Yanma - level 32 (I needed an early mon to add to my team, and Yanmega seemed interesting + I haven't used it before. I know it's bug/flying but it probably won't be a big deal in-game)
Goomy - level 30 (I really had to go searching for this one!)

Temp members: Porygon, Drifloon

I also have a Porygon on my team that I caught in a distortion that I'm tempted to use, not sure what to do since I already have Stantler though. I wasn't even going to use Stantler but I got attached to it.

I'm trying to think up some nicknames for them before I get too far into the game. I'm thinking of calling my Goomy "Lilac" (I'm not sure if it's an amazing name but if I spend too long trying to think of good names I'll go crazy! :p)

I ended up catching a second shiny in the first area, a shiny Kricketot. I think this is the first time I've caught more than one shiny of the same family. (I caught a shiny Kricketune in Soul Silver)

I'm hoping to catch a Basculin and Qwilfish in the third area to complete my team. I really want to use Basculegion because I don't think I've ever used a fish Pokemon on a team before and Basculegion is easily my favourite one.
Just started the game yesterday myself. I try to limit how long I play games (actually, my parents do) so I haven't got far but I've still made some achievements. I chose Rowlett as my starter because orb boy and I've caught lots of Pokémon including an Eevee and, most importantly, my first shiny capture ever! It was a geodude which isn't the most exciting catch but a shiny's a shiny. It's also my first time seeing a shiny in the wild period.
Continued my journey through Hisui. I have gained the power to ride Wyrdeer, so that'll make traveling easier. Moving on, I battled the Warden and his Goomy, easily beating it due to my fairly high levels. I also managed to catch three Alpha Mons: Kricketune, Bibarrel, and Parasect. Yay! I finally managed to get some Feather Balls, albeit from a Request now that I have the ability to ride Wyrdeer. I also managed to catch Beautifly, Silcoon, Cascoon, Dustox, a female Combee, and Pikachu as new data. Also, Buizel evolved into Floatzel, giving me a huge power boost for the upcoming Kleavor fight. And I learned that in order to get Stantler to evolve I need to use its new move 10 times in Agile Style. One problem... the move is taking forever to gain the "mastered" status, and he's not exactly a fast leveler, so I ended up boxing him for now.

Moving on, I went back and forth between Jubilife Village and where Kleavor resides in order to get the balms needed to calm him. Then it was time for battle. I did really well against Kleavor. I easily dodged his attacks and had Floatzel bash him every time I got an opening. I did get hit, but only at the very end, when I threw the last balm, but other than that I came out of the battle pretty much unscathed. After the battle Drifloon gained enough EXP to evolve into Drifblim. I returned to Jublilife Village and reported my success. I then got several new goodies and took up several new Requests, some of which I could complete as soon as I started them. I've also been tasked with the Spiritomb wisp hunt. Taking a break but I'm having a good time playing this game.
Kotaro day 2:

Current status: 2 star rank, have been asked to investigate Kleavor rampaging.

*While exploring the northern half of the area I found a meadow with some high level (20ish) Dustox at night and Beautifly at day. Caught one of the latter and gained a ton of exp.

*Captured the Alpha Kricketune but his stats were not as good as I'd read Alphas have. He is very large, though, and that's worth something.

*Tried to get an Abra but they kept escaping. Got close to one but a Buizel smacked me in the back of the head and alerted the psychic type. I saw a Mime Jr once but it fled and hasn't resurfaced. They might be super rare.

Current field members:

Most are levels 13-15, Beautifly is 19.
I finally came across a space time distortion. I got so excited when I saw a regular Sneasel inside but it was absolutely impossible to get to because I had 3 other wild Pokemon attacking. That was just unfair. I just wanted a chance to finally use Weavile.
Played the game practically all day today, finishing u the main story in both the Crimson Mirelands and the Cobalt Coastlands, and just started making my way through the Coronet Highlands. I've been enjoying the characters in this game so far. The last couple of generations has been amazing in terms of characters, and it's clear that Legends Arceus also has a great cast.

I put a lot of focus into catching/battling Alpha Pokemon today (usually only battling when I couldn't seem to catch them without). I probably caught about 10 today, including a Shiny Alpha Floatzel. I got to see the sparkles and all today. I was in the Obsidian Fieldlands harvesting materials since I found I was very low midway through the Cobalt Coastlands, and I just see the Floatzel sparkle in front of me. I had actually saw the Floatzel on an earlier trip to the Fieldlands, and I had a nightmare of a time trying to catch it. But, the shiny one decided to cooperate with me, so I caught him pretty fast.

I also saw a few several distortion rifts today and took on a couple, but it was mostly me just running around and trying not to die while I gathered items. I did get a couple of cool Pokemon from them though. My first experience with the rift was actually kind of funny. I went inside it unknowing that it needed time to actually start up (I missed what the notification said), and caught a bunch of Yanma in it and I was like "Wow, this isn't too hard actually" and then it actually starts and I almost get my but kicked.

Lastly, I discovered a few interesting things today. While in the Mirelands I discovered a statue that looks a lot like the Odd Keystone. I have no idea if it actually has any function though. Then, while in the Coastlands I discovered a hidden passage that has the engravings on the wall, and I discovered a little cave that at first didn't seem to have any function, but later I got "The Sea's Legend" Request, so I think that might be the place where I have to catch Manaphy.

Ichiro - H. Typhlosion - Level 47
Rai - Luxray - Level 47
Juna - Umbreon - Level 47
Ryoko - H. Sliggoo - Level 46

Temporary Team Members:
Staraptor - Level 47
Petilil - Level 45

Obsidian Fieldlands - 48 Caught, 62 Seen
Crimson Mirelands - 44 Caught, 55 Seen
Cobalt Coastlands - 54 Caught, 66 Seen
Coronet Highlands - 39 Caught, 50 Seen

Sixth Star member
At last I'm able to play the game. I choose Japanese for the language because I'm more familiar with metric units and want the game to be as immersive as it can be. Also, I like the aesthetic of the Japanese languages more than the Latin-alphabet-using ones when in battle. And the Pokémon and moves here are limited, so I think this is the best chance I'll have in a while to try playing Pokémon in Japanese.

  • This is kind of a side-note, but Professor Laventon said "Wake Up!" in English at the beginning cutscene, further supporting the theory that he's Galarian.
  • Tried to throw a Ball to the Professor and tried to use all 50 Balls to not catch the starter, and was given 10 more.
  • Ended up choosing Cyndaquil and nicknaming it Hyde.
  • Also tried to spend all Poké Balls on the trial, but Akari was generous enough to give me 20 more.'
  • Caught a bunch of Pokémon, including Ponyta, Eevee, Wurmple, and a Lv. 20 Burmy.
  • Tried to catch a sleeping Lv. 30 Luxray, but as expected, it's still impossible.
  • Currently 4+ hours in and just reported to Laventon, lol. I caught 40 Pokémon and got 5000 for the prize money. I tried to complete all tasks, and it took longer than I expected.
  • Currently my "team" is averaging at Lv. 11.
Continuing my mission in Hisui.

I made my way to the next story mission: calming Ursaluna. At the marshland I caught several different Mons: Budew, Roselia, Croagunk, Carnivine, Gastly, Graveler, both male and female Hippopatas, Yanma, Barboach, and Tangela for new data. I tried to catch Haunter but accidentally got a crit and KOed it. I encountered my first time-space rift and ventured into it. Woo-boy, that place nearly decimated me multiple times. I got ganged up on 3 to 1 or even 4 to 1 by several powerful Mons. I did get a Porygon and Heracross, plus several items like a Comet Shard and a Blue Shard so it was somewhat worth it. But man, those places are brutal. Even with every teammate (sans Vespiquen, who was freshly evolved) being in the 30s and yet I was still getting blow to bits. I almost exhausted my supply of Revives and Super Potions. Not to mention several of my Mons have a weakness to Electric, and there were a bevy of Luxio and Luxray in there. The only really good thing that happened in there was my Quilava evolving into Hisuian Typhlosion.

After barely escaping that place with my life I retreated back to base camp and swapped out Drifblim (as I now have a Ghost Mon in the form of my Starter) and Vespiquen for Heracross and Croagunk so that'll limit my Elec weaknesses, as well as give me some Fighting-type power. Also, shortly after Staravia evolved into Staraptor. After all that I want to try to find a Turtwig, which is said to be found in Droning Meadow (according to Serebii, even though their page on said area doesn't show it), as I need a good Grass type AND something that is immune to Electric (when it's a Torterra, obviously) if I end up in another space-time distortion that's overflowing with Elec Mons. Plus having another counter to Water types would be good, as my only teammate that can fight Water Mons is Luxray.

Anyway, moving on, I did the story events where I faced off against Coin and her Toxicroak in order to recover the stolen wall piece and easily trounced her with H-Typhlosion, getting the stone wall piece back. After that I made my way to where Ursaluna is but I have to stop for now as the morning sun is striking me in the eyes in my living room where my main Switch is docked, thus preventing me from playing until it moves away a bit.
I think I've spent about 4-5 hours of in-game time searching in vain for a male Basculin that isn't overlevelled. (So far I've caught 1 male about 15 females, but the male one is overleveled) I'm completely broken. (these things aren't easy to catch even before you factor in wanting a specific gender) I feel like those odds on Bulbapedia saying the gender ratio is 50/50 must be completely wrong.

Found a shiny Remoraid though. Pretty sure I'll find a second shiny Remoraid before I find a reasonably levelled male Basculin.
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