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Contest Poliwrath or Politoed?

Do you like Poliwrath or Politoed better?

  • Poliwrath

    Votes: 60 41.4%
  • Politoed

    Votes: 61 42.1%
  • Both

    Votes: 17 11.7%
  • None

    Votes: 7 4.8%

  • Total voters
Politoed is way cuter, even if he is an average Water type. Poliwrath...kinda scared me. D8 There was cute little Polywag, and it's cute evolution Poliwhirl...a-and then, I threw my Poliwrath into the PC because I thought he would beat me up. ;A;
Waaaay cuter.
And it makes more sense too,Looks more like a frog...since poliwag is a tadpole and all,youd want to look most like a frog in the last stage of evolution.
Poliwrath. It's the original, actually makes sense as an evolution, and is just far cooler. Plus, Misty's poliwhirl was cool, but got totally fucked up when it evolved into politoed.
Poliwrath. Even though Plitoad is my least-hated split evolution, I still like poliwrath way more.
I like Pokémon that fit the design of their pre-evolutions, so I have to go for Poliwrath.
Poliwarth please. It served me really well whenever I trained one, there's just something about Physical water types like Poliwarth, Floatzel, Sharpedo and Feraligatr that's so cool.

I've never actually used Politoed, and I'm not really a big fan of it's stat allocation, but I do like it's design (The members are based on tadpoles, which is extremely strange since they never really turn into fully fledged frogs, Politoed fixes this by having a member actually become one.)
I like Politoed better. I never use the Poliwag evolution family in the games, but Politoed's design is much better. Poliwrath just looks like a stretched out Poliwhirl on steroids, making it instantly unoriginal.
Politoad.. I don't see much different from Poliwhirl to Poliwrath.. Furthermore, Politoad is a lot cuter.. Lolx..
I like them both. Poliwrath for sheer coolness, and Politoed because I have fond memories of a battle with Thornton in which I nearly swept all of his OU pokemon with a Belly Drumming Politied X3
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