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Post your current Ctrl+V (v2)


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Dec 12, 2011
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I looked and didn't see one.

The rules are simple. Just post whatever is on your Crtl+V(Paste Button). It is funnier is it is unplanned so try to make sure it isn't.

EDIT: If it is a image please spoiler it whether it was part of the Crtl+V or not.


Did this last night. I was the only one on that forum.

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Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)

1. @ Zenax;
2. @ VeloJello;
3. @ Sputnik;
4. @ Feralize;
5. @ FinalArcadia;
6. @ Hitomi;
7. @ Akuraito;
8. @ Rio Kamishiro;
9. @ Ryoga Kamishiro;
10. @ GliscorMan;
11. @ Master Mew;
12. @ Human;
13. @ Laterose;
14. @ Leavanny Duo;
15. @ Elysion;

[Spaced so nobody actually gets tagged. ^^;]
Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)

http: // www . upokecenter . com / games / dungeon2 / guides /wondermail .php
Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)

Spoiler'd since it's an image.
Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)

"Naturally Hans is wet, he's standing under a waterfall."
Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)

Name: What does your character go by?
Gender: Male, female, etc.
Age: How old is your character? Preferably around high school age.
Appearance: What does your character look like?
Likes: What does your character like?
Dislikes: What doesn't your character like?
Family: List stuff like whoever your character was raised by here.
Favorite Thing: What does your character like best?
Patron: What being gives them their powers? Is it an evil god, like Loki, or perhaps they're descended from a lesser demon. Or maybe they found an enchanted sword forged by an abomination from beyond time and space.
Powers: What powers do they get from their patron?
Skills: List one thing outside of their powers that your character is especially food at.

Minion Sign-Ups: Basically, if your power lets you summon some manner of creature, you can fill these out. It's not required, though.
Name: What is your creature's name, and what is their species called?
Appearance: What's your creature look like?
Powers: What can your summoned beastie do?
Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)

1. Explain why this trading link has change

hahahaha school work
Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)

Most people don't realize that two large pieces of coral painted brown and attached to the skull with common wood screws can make a child look like a deer.

I swear there is a good explanation for this. Seriously. :I
Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)

*Goes to college. returns to find out cop has been killed*
Re: Post your current Ctrl+V(v2)


(Translation: "Bitch please." Yeah, don't ask.)
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