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Rate the pokemon attack above!

8/10 It’s a great ground type attack, but it may attack your teammates in a double battle, which means you always have to coordinate your teammates around this attack.

Last Resort
5/10 a bit too limiting for a Normal type move that is already a suboptimal coverage option. The idea is decent, the execution a bit lacking, but with a buff it might be salvageable

Trump Card
7/10 not a huge fan of moves that hit later, but it is much cooler than Future Sight

Psycho Boost
9/10 I like the perfect and exclusive accessibility for the entire type, wish other types would do it too

9/10 I absolutely love the idea behind this move. If only it worked as intended and not break with Regieleki and Deoxys Speed

4/10 Not strong enough for it to warrant a two turn wait plus it’s type doesn’t help matters either.

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