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Rate the pokemon ability above!

5/10 I guess it can be useful if it raises the stat that you need in the moment.


it would be great if not for the fact that most mon that get it are strong against electric type attacks anyway... you can make use of it if you switch a mon about to get with with one out and switch in a mon with volt absorb but that can be prediction reliant.
so. good on paper but gimmicky and given to the wrong mon. if you wanna make it 10/10 give it to pelipper and gyarados O_O

9/10 In the case of defense or speed is a win, in the case of attack stats it might depend on which one the foe raises for it to be useful to you.

1/10 even if it makes sense lorewise I think it’s pretty pointless and not worth the effort to create a moveset around it.

8/10, works for the Pokemon (then again, it's also its only ability so-) Either way, regieleki is already somewhat strong being a legendary so it benefits them either way

Delta Stream
6/10, Auto Toxic Spikes is nice, especially on such a bulky mon, would probably bump it up if it was on other mons like Clodsire.

Sand Stream
6/10. Devastating for the user, especially if they're holding a Smooth Rock. But like any weather-summoning ability, it can be cumbersome on other members of your team if they're not immune to or can't otherwise use it to their advantage.

5/10. Potentially useful enough to rid the opponent of abilities at your Pokemon's expense (Ex. Speed Boost, Snow Warning...), but it can also give them an advantage if their own ability hinders them (Ex. Truant, Slow Start...)

Flash Fire
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