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Rate the Pokemon city/town/route above!


How could I forget Spinda??!!
Dec 15, 2022
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That’s right! Rate any location from the pokemon games and give your opinion if you wish to.

I’ll start

Castelia City
9/10 it was just the right amount of big to work. Lumiose after it was too much, Nimbasa was too little

Mauville City

Even though it’s not very big I have fond memories of Mauville City 1. They give you the bicycle there and 2. I used to battle a lot with the trainers that where close by so I ended up a lot in Mauville’s pokemon center.

Fortree City
8/10 it is unique in a great way, and in between two awesome (but very impractical) routes

Anistar City
8 / 10. Plays prety big part in the story, and the fact the rocks are gravestones is cool.

Hoenn route 111
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