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Rate the pokemon attack above!

6/10, cool animation. not cool recharge, but I guess it's fine not seeing Ultra Necrozma spamming 160 BP attacks every single turn in battle.

7/10, I like the name, and from what I remember it's basically a dragon type Prismatic Laser? Either way, pretty good.

Giga Drain

It has a powerful attack base of 100, so it is a good attack to have around. It gets a 33% boost against pokemon who are weak against fighting, so it’s pretty much a guaranteed stab in most cases.

Tera Starstorm
10/10. Perfectly designed move with no flaws whatsoever. It's a perfect manifestation of what the Pokémon series needed since its inception and has became a rather legendary move because of it. May this move never be removed from the face of the franchise, for it's one of the best, like nothing one ever was.

Light That Burns The Sky
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