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Rate the pokemon ability above!


How could I forget Spinda??!!
Dec 15, 2022
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I didn’t see any thread like this one in the first five pages, but if there’s one feel free to close this one mods.

The game is simple, rate the pokemon ability above and add some commentary if you want to.

I’ll start.

Water Absorb
Never effects The pokemon you're using LMAO Oh yeah and rating 2/10
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5/10 A double edged sword and water absorb does the same thing, but without losing any damage. Of course the pokemon that learn this ability don’t get water absorb, so with this ability they can benefit from HP restoration, but overall I think they are probably better off with their other alternatives.

Lightning Rod
The one time you fight against it vs Candice's Froslass and it is an absolute nightmare if you don't hit.

8/10 Useful, although I don’t know if it’s of much use in the pokemon that can learn it.

Fairy Aura
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