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Rate the pokemon attack above!


I don't like how it made Cosmog actually useful at something in battle. I also don't like how extreme its momentum building can get since it has -6 priority, moving last no matter what. Outside from that I'm at least glad this move does something good.

Baton Pass
8/10 I know there are some interesting strategies with it, but not my style of attack.

Tera Blast
10/10 A solid Dragon type move with no drawbacks, plus its also one of my my favorite moves thanks to its depiction in the XY/SM anime, going from just a turquoise energy ball in DP and BW to looking like an actual dragon-shaped beam.

Seriously, just look how badass that move is.


Dragon Claw
7/10, Neat move, but perhaps a slight accuracy buff or something could help.

Prismatic Laser
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