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Tell us what you think of the character above!

bugsy is terrific; my fav bug-type gym leader in the series (second fav bug expert behind guzma)! i love his design; it really explains his character without being generic, and his personality is really cute and OKAY LOOK HIS ACE IS A SCIZOR DAMMIT

i love her too!! really adorable design, fun personality, top-notch choice in both type specialty as well as pokemon themselves. there's something about johto gym leaders that hit different fr fr

speakin of johto gym leaders, morty?
I think she's great... How can ya tell? Her shift from a mystical girl in the battle tower to a police agent working with Looker is out there, but really works. Love when Game Freak revisits random characters to flesh em out more. But yeah, Anabel's great, love her personality and vibe and all that.

Speaking of characters that randomly got revisted, Ingo
Never played Gen 5, so don’t know anything about him there, but he was pretty interesting in Legends. Interesting how he couldn’t remember anything from his previous life but you, the player, technically could (I remembered playing Brilliant Diamond lol). Maybe that’s from old age. Love how he’s a warden, I like the bossy Irida rather than the jerk Adaman, so he’s got a good one in the Pearl clan, and I’m happy for him to have elevated to the role of Warden. Also gotta love how he looks thanks to his clothes being worn down. Looks cool

Love the enthusiasm. Love his history with Guzma. Love him appearing as the final challenge before you become Champion in Sun and Moon.

The Masked Royal
Tbh he’s just your typical mysterious wrestler. Love how in the anime his own wife, Professor Burnet, was a big fan of the Masked Royal, when he was actually her own husband!

Professor Burnet
She's cool. She's got a fun personality and her and Kukui are a super cute couple. Another cool case where they made a deep cut and resurrected a random character out of nowhere. Her original Dream Radar design is a bit lacking, but I really dig her SM one.

...Confused who do you mean lol. Anyway, for both of them: yeah!! All of the main characters in Adventures are well characterised and full of personality in my opinion! Love the manga, I think it's great, and one needs great characters to have a great manga, right?

For another manga character... May Oak?
Not a fan of Adventures!Lance and I love Lance in general. I just don't like him being a villain... despite redemption later on. He did horrible things, an outright distasteful bastardization of Lance. Just not my cup of tea.

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