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The Half Project: Scattered Shards

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Apr 6, 2012
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Yes, we can change the name as need be.

The Half Project: It was just last year that they were found to have restarted their malicious scheme, and yet they manage to keep obscure. Their experiments include injecting adolescents with Pokémon DNA, and locking away whatever unlucky teen or preteen survives.

Upon being found out, the Project placed a group of thirty-one runaway subjects in stasis, to freely observe and experiment with them, without having to worry about them escaping. Each one was placed in a different lab, so that each lab got one of these Merges.

You'll start out in a Lab. When you escape, will you try to free the captive rebels and the other Merges, or will you go out into the world and try to survive? Either way, you're in for a ride.

No bunnying or the like.
The general forum rules must be obeyed.
I am GM, so my word is law. if you have a question, ask however.
Please be active, as it will help us all.

There isn't a 4-move limit. I only ask you use up to 1 attack per post. Additional moves can be learned, but they must be incorporated into a Merge's appearance.
I have a plot in mind; don't veer too far off-course... But I can rectify most things like that, so this rule isn’t a biggie.
Your first character probably shouldn't be a Legendary Merge, or own one in the case of Project members. You must ask in advance in order to use Version Mascot Legendaries, Mewtwo, and Regigigas. Arceus is off-limits, as I have the only Arceus Merge, and want it to stay that way. Also, alternate forms must meet requirements. So Kyurem Merges require Reshiram or Zekrom Merges in order to change Forme.
Humanoid Pokemon are generally discouraged. I want to test your creativity! And do more than give your character the ears and tail of that Pokemon. That's just cliche.
Your Merge characters can look like their normal, human selves for as long as they like, provided they are outside of direct sunlight, in which case they will only have an hour. Regardless of the light level, they will go back to their half forms the instant they are hurt.

Standard Merge
Age: 9-19
Which Pokémon you are merged with:
Appearance before merge:
Appearance after merge:
Flaw: (This is a physical, mental, or otherwise weakness that keeps them from becoming too powerful. I'd prefer if it's brought on by the Merge.)

Age: 9-19
Pokémon A:
Pokémon B:
Appearance before merge:
Appearance after merge:
Flaw A:
Flaw B:

Reverse Merge, A.K.A. a Pokemon injected with human DNA
Designation: (Sort of like a license plate. A string of four numbers and letters...)
Appearance before merge:
Appearance after merge:

Age: (should be over 20, give a reason if you want it to be younger)
Hunter/scientist/grunt: Scientists are the ones who do the research, injection, and other scientific stuff, Grunts are the guards and caretakers, and Hunters track escapees and bring them back.
Rank: #/10
History: (not required, but recommended)
Pokémon: (should have Gender, moves, and ability, Up to six Pokémon)

Here are all of mine for the moment:
Name: Chelsea and Murphy
Gender: Female and male
Personalities: Chelsea is energetic and a perfectionist, while Murphy is laid-back, but tries hard because he has a crush on Chelsea.
Age: 28 and 29
Role: Reporters

Name: Nikita Warrenton
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokémon A: Keldeo
Pokémon B: Deoxys
Pokémon C: Archeops
Appearance before merge: Nikita had uncombed reddish-brown hair and dark, hazel eyes that can metaphorically see right through you. His teeth were, and are still, ivory. He wore formal and fancy clothing.
Appearance after merge: Nik's hair is like that of Keldeo's Resolute Forme. His eyes are that of Archeops, and his teeth are sharper. He has a Deoxys' fins on the sides of his head, dependent on Forme. He now has four arms, except in Speed Forme. The outer two are Deoxys' tentacles, while the inner two are his normal arms, albeit feathered, and with Keldeo's Resolute horn on the tip of each finger. His torso is Deoxys', while his lower legs have shinguards like Keldeo's Resolute hooves. His feet have Archeops' claws, and a sixth toe on the back, no more than a Deoxys' spikefoot. His legs are also feathered, and he has an Archeops' tail.
Personality: Nik is smooth and quite odd. He has a crush on Felicia. He doesn't get surprised easily, and isn't one for fighting. He is a bit of a braggart.
History: Nik was the child of a rich couple. He wasn't abusive of their fortune, however. He was kidnapped from his school.
Flaw A: Nikita cannot use Secret Sword in Speed Forme or Defense Forme.
Flaw B: He must be in Speed Forme to fly.
Flaw C: Nik can't use physical moves in Attack Forme or special moves in Normal Forme, besides Sacred and Secret Swords.

Name: Anthony Briarwood
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokemon A: Klinklang
Pokemon B: Shiny Genesect
Appearance before merge: Wears a vest and a white undershirt. He has dark hair and green eyes.
Appearance after merge: There is now a gear halfway through Anthony's back. His feet are parrot-like, with a wheel at the end of each toe. His nose is gone, replaced by a metal crest that starts at his lip and pokes out his hair. The rest of him is anodized aluminum cylinders and prisms. His right hand has been replaced with a gear, similar to a Klinklang's bottom gear, and his left hand's fingers are chains that can be extended or retracted, though he can switch each hand so that both can be the same. It’s just his standard orientation.
Upon undergoing Multi-Merge, he has red, metal plating on his arms and legs. He can deploy a cannon from his back, and a mask that resembles two hemispheres and an oxygen mask with two tubes, each connecting to the cannon. The lenses in the eyeholes are a bright white.
Personality: He can be vengeful and apathetic. Since becoming a robot, he's lost a bit of his compassion and humor, and is now grim and stoic, though deep down, he cares deeply about his friends, who are his only family besides his brother and sister. However, the humor he retains is mostly snark, and can be a bit rude to Ozias.
History: Tony was raised in Verdanturf Town, researching Steel-type Pokemon profusely as a pass-time.
Other: Since Kninklang doesn't have an organic brain, Anthonys' neurons and nano-processors don't get along, meaning he's not entirely sane.
Flaw A: He bursts into flames whenever he cries, and isn't 100% sane. Also, he’s prone to rapid change of emotion.
Flaw B: His cannon is powered by oxygen, making all ranged attacks fail if he can't breathe.

Name: Helen Petridis
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Gigalith
Pokémon B: Regice
Appearance before merge: Helen had brunette hair and blue eyes.
Appearance after merge: Helen's head is Gigalith's, excepting her mouth-down, which is icy and mannequin-like. Her hair hangs loosely down from under this helmet of rock. Her neck, torso and waist down resemble a Gigalith, but are much more humanoid. Ice runs down her arms until her elbows, which are rock-like and end in claws. She now has four eyes, which are that of a Regice.
Personality: Helen was normally quiet, but social, but the trauma of the Merge has made her grow distant and irritable.
History: Helen grew up with her dad, Eric, and her mother. Eric went through financial stress, and had to work for some 'secret project'. Helen was 'sold' to the lab so they wouldn't go under.
Flaw: Helen is prone to outbursts, and cannot take extreme heat.

Name: Eric
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Appearance : Has the same hair and eye color as Helen. Wears a lab coat.
Personality:He cares very much for his daughter, even sometimes going behind his colleague's backs to help her. He feels guilt about helping the lab, but needs the pay.
History: Eric raised his daughter in Oreburgh City, and worked in Oreburgh Mine. What no one knew was that the metal he mined was used to build the lab. He and his family moved to Verdanturf Town in Hoenn a decade later. He has quit and now looks after Helen and Anthony.
Pokemon:Shiny Gigalith, Female, Power Gem, Flash Cannon, Solar Beam, Earthquake, Sturdy

Name: Nel
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Which pokemon you are merged with: Rotom
Appearance before merge: Nel had grayish hair before, and hazel eyes. She was/is 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Even after the Merge, she, for some reason, wears an argyle sweater all the time.
Appearance after merge: Nel is covered in Rotom’s blue aura, with two jagged bolts of electricity pointing up, diagonally-backwards from the top of her head, starting parallel. Her eyes are that of Rotom, but her pupils/corneas are still hazel. She can cover herself with Rotom’s orange electricity, as well.
Personality: Nel is very mischievous. She will often hide in mechanical objects and scare passerby. She can be hard-headed and unmoving, as well as trigger-happy and irresponsible.
History: Nel grew up in Eterna City, daughter to a car mechanic. She would often mess with the TV in the Old Chateau and the Rotom inhabiting it. They were both kidnapped, and the Rotom's DNA was injected into her. She was a ghost for two years before being brought back.
Flaw: Sparks fly off her, and can lead to fires if unchecked.

Name: Lexi Briarwood
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Klinklang
Pokemon B: Skarmory
Appearance before merge: Lexi had dark, blonde hair and often wore metallic-colored clothing.
Appearance after merge: Lexi underwent a much similar Merging process to Anthony, and appears quite the same, though more feminine and avian. She wears a helmet that looks like a bird’s beak, and her feet have four toes, two forward, two backward, each with a wheel at the end. Two more limbs extend from her back, and at the end of each is a huge fan using a Skarmory's feathers as blades.
Personality: Lexi is bitter and introverted, preferring to be left alone. This is in contrast to the fact that she is literally weaker without her brother, which she detests.
History: Lexi grew up in her academic brother's shadow, struggling to keep her grades up. A week before Anthony vanished, Lexi left to visit her grandparents. Upon returning, she found her house burned and her parents dead.
Flaw: Lexi is unable to use electricity-based abilities unless she is in proximity with Anthony.
Other: Lexi is Anthony's sister.

Name: Allan Davis IV
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Which pokemon you are merged with: Unown
Appearance before merge: Allan is known to have brunette hair and blue eyes, but none else is known.
Appearance after merge: Allan's head is evocative of a W Unown, but with two pupils. Their general shape is black and cylindrical, (Unown cylindrical, not can-men cylindrical.) discounting their normal forearms and thighs. Their hands resemble W Unown, but without the eyes. They have no feet, and their legs end in spikes that float above the ground. They have wings reminiscent of the 'nose' of a/an F Unown.
Personality: Allan dislikes talking. They have a knack of questioning the actions of others, without thinking of the consequences of their own. Allan hates humanity to an intense degree, nigh to the point of wanting to destroy the planet.
History:Allan grew up in Viridian City. Allan was drafted into the military, and was kidnapped overseas. After the Project had temporarily disbanded, Allan opened up a restaurant in Verdanturf Town, hiding his appearance by any means possible.
Other: Allan can use all 16 different types of Hidden Power (But can only use one type per post.)

Sorry about the 'they' stuff...

Name: Felicia K. Galloway
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Thundurus
Pokemon B: Tornadus
Pokemon C: Landorus
Appearance before merge: Felicia had light blonde hair, brown eyes, and would wear relatively formal clothes.
Appearance after Merge: Felicia has the eyes of the Kami Trio. She has Thundurus' hair in a ponytail that starts with Landorus' hair. Her hair is all-white. Her skin is green, and sports violet armor on her chest and shoulders. She has Thundurus' tail, but the cord is replaced with Landorus' branchlike tail and the spikes replaced with Tornadus' whirled structures. The tail emerges from a foot-wide cloud. Her forearms are that of Thundurus' Therian Forme, and her legs are Thundurus', but in proportion with the rest of her, and her feet are of Therian Landorus. She has Landorus' stripes on her arms, legs, and back, and a beige gem in her navel. She has Landorus' Therian ears and Tornadus' Therian horns and wings.
Personality: Fecia is embarrassed by her new looks. Otherwise, she boasts an aristocratic air and gets flustered quite easily.
History: Felicia was the daughter of a wealthy businessman from Mistralton City. The day of her mother's funeral, she was kidnapped.
Flaw: Felicia cannot change into her human form ever. Incarnate Forme is as close as she gets.
Other flaw: She has the movepool of all three, but the power of only one.
Other, other flaw: She can't control the air or ground unless airborne.
Other: Felicia is the first Legendary Merge.

Name: Maxwell
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Rank: 9/10
Pokémon A: Haxorus
Pokémon B: Latias
Appearance before Merge: Maxwell wears a paintball helmet and a leather jacket. He also wears blue jeans and sandals.
Appearance after Merge: Latias wings and Haxorus blades jut from his back and head, respectively. His neck is a bit longer than before, and Haxorus’ armor pokes out on his back. His legs are digitigrade, and end in claws. His arms are that of Latias, but in proportion with the rest of him.
Personality: Maxwell is unusually caring for the Merges, mainly because he's paranoid that he'll become their next victim, and wants to gain favor with them. He is cautious, paranoid, and diligent.
Flaw: Maxwell’s sense of hearing is acute, so loud noises can disrupt him.

Name: Kathrine Alphonse
Age: (70)17
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Arceus
Appearance before merge: Kathrine was pale, with bright blue eyes and dry brown hair that reached her waistline.
Appearance after merge: Kathrine's hair is now white and dark gray. Her head, sans her face, is in the shape of Arceus' head. Her skin is slightly darker, but even paler, and her face possesses the lines on Arceus' face. Her eyes are that of Arceus, and her body resembles it's neck. Her arms are slightly longer and covered in Arceus fur, and the backs of her hands are reminiscent of Arceus' feet. Her legs are also furry, and her feet resemble Arceus', but in the shape of high heels. She has Arceus' tail, and winglike appendages in the shape of it's ring.
Personality: She is quite shy, but can be very territorial. She is wracked with inner conflict, but is stoic on the outside. Kathrine loves desserts, and will leave her friends on a moment’s notice if she’s hungry.
History: Kathrine was your average, overlooked nerd, despite the fact that she was prettier than most of the girls in her school. Her parents were relatively wealthy, but not rich. She was kidnapped, and used by the Project as their ultimate weapon. However, she and three more, powerful Merges escaped into a rift in spacetime, and caused an unintentional distortion in the fabric of reality. They slumbered there for 7 millennia.
Flaw: Kathrine’s voice may come from a different place, and her projectiles more than likely miss. Also, she is too shy to use her full power, and her unbalanced mind can cause any of her thoughts to happen.

Name: Michael, Zina, and Ben
Age: 15
Gender: Male, female, male
Which pokemon you are merged with: Magneton
Appearance before merge: Michael was lanky, and had mild, relatively short blonde hair. His eyes were blue, and he could almost always be seen with headphones in his ears.
Zina had steel-gr(e/a)y, stiff hair and hazel eyes...Can't think of anything else.
Ben was the tallest of the three, though not by much. His eye color was hazel, like his sister, and had blonde hair, though significantly darker than Michael's. He was lean and athletic.
Appearance after merge: Each has a metal sphere for an upper torso, and a large screw comprises their waist. They have horseshoe magnet-wings. Their hip-structure is another sphere. Their upper legs are screws, while their lower legs have been replaced with horseshoe magnets, meaning they cannot walk. Their upper arms are elongated magnets, while screws form the lower. They now have magnets for hands, while their thumbs are each a pair of screws. Their elbows and knees are metal spheres. Their skin is gr(e/a)y, and they have a pair of horseshoe magnets, oriented like those on a Magnemite, though each triplet has a different position for them. They have collars that can convert to helmets highly resemblant of Magnemite. Michael’s left elbow, and Ben’s right elbow connect to Zina’s legs, and their legs of those same sides are connected.
Personality: Michael is a music lover, and can be hard to find not wearing headphones. He loves bossing his more athletic brother around, and is often a jerk.
Zina hates noise, and enjoys reading. She is easily annoyed, especially by her brothers.
Ben enjoys physical activity, and is somewhat hyper. He doesn't enjoy Michael's bullying, and is much kinder than his siblings.
History: The three grew up in Accumula Town. They bickered with each other... Nothing special. Got kidnapped, used as subjects for the Merge...
Flaw: Since the three are comprised of magnets... You get the picture. And they cannot separate for very long.

Name: Isabel
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Rayquaza
Pokemon B: Shiny Rayquaza
Appearance before merge: Isabel had long, blonde hair and dark, near-black eyes.
Appearance after merge: Isabel's hair is quite a bit longer now, and forest-green in color. Her ears are now on top of her head, shaped and positioned like Rayquaza's ears. She has lost her legs from the knee down. She has a Rayquaza's tail, with Shiny fin sections. Her skin is green, and she has Rayquaza's eyes. Her torso is covered up by the armor of a Rayquaza. She has Rayquaza's markings, as well as Milena's facial markings, and fangs jut out from her mouth. She has Rayquaza's claws.
Oh, yes... She's as tall as Milena, excluding her tail, and pretending she still has her lower legs.
Personality: Isabel is stern and serious, and acts as the leader of her pack. She is reserved and charismatic, but also somewhat cannibalistic, humans being her favorite meal.
History: Isabel was raised in Verdanturf town with her sister, and was friends with Anthony, and three others, until the former two and the latter three were orphaned. At age 12, they were adopted. However, they weren't taken to a home, but a lab, where they became among the first Merges. Years went by, and they were forced to eat other Merges until she killed her sister, and ate her. Later, she was chosen as a subject for Multi-Merge.
Flaw A: Isabel can't fly, or even hover, when exposed to cold air or ice.
Flaw B: Her tail is long, making her an easy target.

Name: Colby Briarwood
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Pokémon A: Klink
Pokémon B: Golett
Appearance before merge: Colby had dark hair and brown eyes. He was quite adorable for his age, and would almost always be smiling slightly.
Appearance after merge: His hair is now twinged with rust particles, and a fin emerges from his head.. He has a Golett's straps and 'lock' on his upper torso, which is a prism, like his siblings', and two gears emerging from his back, like wings. He has a Golett's shin-plating on his legs, and it's forearm plating as well. The rest of him is quite similar to his siblings.
Personality: Colby is innocent and naive, and quite sweet. He's compassionate and kind, and will help anyone that needs it.
History: Colby grew up in Verdanturf Town. After his brother went missing, and his sister off with relatives, his house burned down, killing him and his parents in the process. A year and two months later, the Half Project revived him as a form of blackmail to get Anthony to follow them.
Flaw A: Colby is slightly prone to oxidization, and must scrape away the rust every so often, or he will be unable to use ranged attacks.
Flaw B: He will become critically injured if his 'lock' is broken.

Name: Evan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Pokémon A: Braviary
Pokémon B: Lilligant
Appearance before merge: Evan had short, almost beige, hair, and was heterochromatic, with one brown eye and one green. He had the lean, agile build of a gymnast, and was considered handsome by his peers.
Appearance after merge: His left eye is now gray, while his right is red. He appears to have a helmet, with a beaklike visor and petals frilling out from it like that of a Native American chief's headdress, but it is actually a part of his head. He is leaner and skinnier, and has a large leaf on each hip, parallel to his legs, which are digitigrade and birdlike. He has a Lilligant's collar, though the frontal petal presses against his chest. His body is covered in feathers and leaves, and he has two large wings, with a wingspan of at least 5 meters across. He wears torn, khaki pants.
Personality: Evan is a loner, and perpetually stoic. He has very little sense of humor, and his main focus is on whatever goals he sets for himself, regardless of what others ask him to do.
History: Evan was a track runner in Goldenrod City, and quite popular in school. He was kidnapped by the Half Project during one of his morning runs.
Flaw A: Evan is much weaker at night or in buildings without windows.
Flaw B: His body will reject others' healing and support moves.

Name: Cassandra (Also referred to by 'Sandra' and 'Cass')
Age: 21 (18 at the time of Merge)
Gender: Female
Which Pokémon you are merged with: Spiritomb
Appearance before merge: Sandra was slim, had bright white hair, and her eyes were also ivory in color.
Appearance after merge: Cass' body is covered in orchid smoke, excepting her left eye, her hair, and her forearms, which are composed of Keystone, and have similar carvings. Bright, green spheres circle slowly around her, but they are intangible. She also has a second pair of arms.
Personality: Cassandra has 108 minds, so it is difficult to judge what her personality is like. However, all 108 minds are obsessive, so she will absentmindedly pursue any goal she comes up with until she completes it.
History: Sandra had an average life, but no records can trace where she lived. Three years ago, she became a subject to the Merge, and later had a cellmate in Nel. The two attempted to escape, but only Nel succeeded. Ever since, Cass has been devoted to getting revenge on Nel for being left behind.
Flaw: She will sometimes argue with herself on what course of action to take, resulting in her actions being delayed.

Name: Atlas
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Rank: 9/10
Appearance: Atlas has short, dark blonde hair, and blue eyes. He disregards the other scientists' policy of labcoats, and instead wears casual clothes in the lab.
Personality: Atlas joined the Half Project, not for world domination, but because he was more interested in how the female victims would appeal to him. Yes, he's a bit of a perv, but is quite a genius as well. He has a healthy sense of humor, and is quite kind to his subjects, be they male or female. He will hit on the females, though.
History: Atlas joined recently, but has demonstrated remarkable competence, and has been promoted nonstop. However, his lust has kept him confined to the multiplex that is Lab 1.
Other: Atlas is in charge of Lab 1.
Pokémon: None, as he uses peculiar collars to get obedience out of Merges.

Name: Amy, Brent, Courtney, Darren, Elsa, Frank, Gracie, Harris, Ina, Jacob, Katie, Lawrence, Melissa, Nolan, Olivia, Patrick, Quinn, Roland, Sheila, Travis, Unova (You know, like people named after states or towns), Vick, Winter, Xavier, York, Zaria, Leroy, Iota
Age: 9, 18, 16, 12, 14, 19, 17, 14, 14, 15, 10, 11, 18, 13, 12, 18, 15, 12, 16, 9, 10, 11, 11, 19, 14, 13, 12, 18
Gender: You can tell, right?
Pokemon: Unown
Appearance before merge: They all had dark hair and brown eyes.
Appearance after merge: Each of them look much like the Unown they're Merged with. They all wear waiter and waitress uniforms. Or butler and maids... Whichever is black.
Personality: They all are quite uncomfortable with their newfound link to each other. However, their personalities are mashed together, besides that of Gracie, who maintains her personality.
History: We're still trying to sort their memories out.
Flaw: They can all feel the pain inflicted to one of them.
Other: They all have a single memory and thought-base.
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Name: Lilith Ruby Ernestine

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Which Pokémon you are merged with: Zoroark

Appearance before merge: But with the numbers 2615181511811 tattooed on her arm

Appearance after merge: But with the numbers 2615181511811 tattooed on her arm

Personality: Lilith is still extremely afraid of her “monster” side. She’s also extremely protective over the original merges and is quite skeptical over the newer ones. She is also pretty sarcastic at some moments, and also hates talking about her past. Lilith has this whole “I need to do this on my own” attitude and doesn’t want any help with it

History: Lilith used to think that her life was normal, but life has ways of hiding things. When she was merged with a Zoroark, she flipped out and escaped very violently. She killed a few scientists while trying to escape, what she didn’t know is that her mother was one of those dead scientists. After escaping with the original merges, a lot of stuff happened that I can’t put in this post. There were some times where she believed she saw her father working for the Half Project, but she always wanted to doubt it, too afraid to face the truth. Upon visiting the Unova region with the others, she made a short trip to Striaton City to see if her parents were still alive or not. Her house was empty.
When she turned around, Lilith saw her father for the first time in weeks. She chased after him, and finally spoke to him in an alley. He revealed his whole story, “Lili, how nice to see you again. Your mother is glad to see you too, oh wait… you killed her. You should be proud of your new appearance; it’s what you were meant for anyway. You were meant to be this way long before you were born, your whole purpose for living.”
Hearing that, her emotions became a frustrated mix of confusion, hate, doubt, and fear. The emotion of hate overcame all of the other emotions, and that hate transferred to her Father’s death. Since that moment, she had been hiding herself away from the other merges, fearing that they would discover what she had done. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to kill the thing inside of her, and she couldn’t bear the truth of her existence. The only way to do it… was to fall to her death.
A year passed since she died, and scientists wanted to revive her. They took her original body and rebuilt a new one from that. All they had to do now was take the knowledge from the original mind into the new one. They erased her memories, but kept the knowledge of her abilities. Lilith was nothing but a mindless and emotionless slave to them now. She was sent to bring the other merges back to the lab, or kill any of them if necessary. But not too soon, the Dialga merge restored her memories only to bring back the off and on rage monster.

Flaw: There are quite a few flaws that she has. Her monster side, the fear of truth, her way of doing things by herself, and her constant rejection of help

Other: She doesn't remember dying. And yes, there's a hidden message behing the code on her arm, it was put there by the scientists like an ID number. Also, Lilith has been devolping her illusion skills, and will be much more advanced in them. EDIT: Also, since she still hasn't told anyone about her past, she'll begin to have hallucinations about her parents because the guilt has been slowly killing her from the inside out...

Name: Caleb

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Which pokemon your merged with: Shiny Charizard

Appearence before merge: Skinny, but not as much as he was last time, wears white clothes, blonde hair and blue eyes

Appearence after merge: Black hair with orange eyes, wears a red shirt with a black jacket over it, black pants, along with shiny Charizard wings and tail with black patches of scales

Peronsality: He's not as insecure as he was last time, but still freaks out when under pressure. He doesn't like conflict, which is one of the reasons why I dragged him back into this (trollface).

History: Caleb grew up in the outskirts of Lavender Town, and was abused by his mother who worked for the Half Project. He knows that he was planned to become a merge since he was born, pretty much. He's so skinny because one of his mother's punishments, he often didn't get to eat. After he was merged, Ozias, Anthony, etc, other merges basically broke him out. After the events of the first RP, he went on his own and became a pokemon trainer, and constantly trying to find out ways to hide his merged appearence.

Flaw: Caleb still has an extreme fear of his mother, that she'll find him again and overly abuse him for running away.

Other: Well... guess who he's starting to get a crush on... :D

Name: Kaida Anguis

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Which pokemon you are merged with: Dratini (later evolved into Dragonair)

Appearance before merge: She's Albino, so Kaida's hair and skin is really, really, really white. Her eyes are a pinkish red, she wears a usual striped T-shirt with a long skirt.

Appearance after merge: Kaida's skin is dark blue, and her front has white on it. She doesn't have her legs anymore, it's a Dragonair tail that makes her about 11 feet tall if she stands on the tip. Her hair is a light blue, but Kaida's eyes haven't changed. Her ears have also been replaced by Dragonair head-wings.

Personality: She's very shy and silent. But is also really polite, and only does things if they're neccesary. Not to mention she has an extreme fear of falling and trains.

History: When Kaida was five, her family were visiting Nimbasa City via subway. But some freak accident happened where the subway was de-railed and crashed. She was one of the few survivors of the crash. For the rest of her family, may they rest in peace. The crash didn't just give her a few scratches and bruises, but it paralyzed her legs permanentley. Kaida spent months in the hospital, and she could walk or stand. She always had to be pushed in a wheel chair, but when no one was looking, she would try to stand. Which is why she has a fear of falling, because of how many times she fell. But this all started to lead to depression, then, she was taken into the Half project.

She had been with the merges for months, and finally evolved while being attacked by a magnemite merge.

Flaw: Her flaw in human form is that she can't walk, but her flaw in merge form is that her Dragonair tail is a bit long, and it can be easily stepped on and if she's hiding, it reveals her location pretty quickly

Other: Kaida is pretty weak...

Name: Aaron Ray Ernestine

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Which Pokémon you are merged with: Mewtwo

Appearance before merge: Just a normal boy with brunette hair and fair skin

Appearance after merge: Aaron.jpg

Personality: Aaron is just an idiot. Despite being merged with Mewtwo, he makes up the dumbest ideas and gets into all kinds of messes. He’s immature and waaaaaaaaaay too excited over his new powers.

History: Aaron lived in Goldenrod City for most of his life, living with his parents and his two siblings. His family was going to visit his Aunt and Uncle’s place in Striaton City because it had been years since they had contact. He was most excited about seeing his cousin, because the last time they met, they were best friends and made an excellent tag team. When Aaron arrived, his Aunt and cousin were nowhere to be seen; only his Uncle was there. When his Uncle finally got him alone, Aaron was sedated, and woke up nearly a day later, as a Mewtwo merge.

Flaw: If he overuses his psychic ability, he has a concussion and passes out.

Other: Aaron is Lilith’s cousin, but she never wants to admit that she’s related to him.

Name: Jikan Ryoko (literally means Time Traveler)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Which pokemon you are merged with: Dialga

Appearance before merge: hothothothothothothothot.jpg

Appearance after merge: Awesome sauce.jpg

Personality: Jikan has long lost his serious side, and is now mischeivious and tries to mess up time and space as much as he can. He still has OCD, but it still adds to the fun!

History: Jikan is the youngest son of a rich family, and has always been told that he would have to take over the buisness one day. He forced himself to be absolutley perfect, and not to screw up on anything. He would often freak out if he did something wrong. He lived his sophisticated and busy life, up untill he was taken by the hunters while wandering around his mansion.

Flaw: His OCD leads to a few problems, for example, if you cut off a part of his hair and it looks un-even, he'll most likely kill you.

Other: He's a bit on the line of Protagonist and Antagonist, and jumps from one side to the other.

Name: 132

Age: 15

Gender: Once female...

Which Pokémon you are merged with: Ditto

Appearance before merge: A girl with wavy blonde hair, but is kinda... how do I put this nicely... deformed....

Appearance after merge: My Victim of Paint.png (those bandages help keep her in a humanoid form)

Personality: 132 cannot remember her name, so she's named herself after Ditto's pokedex number. She's slightly insane and insecure, and also has an obsession with her appearence

History: 132 was born in a nameless town, and was born very pre-mature. She grew up with many ugly deformaties, and the "nice" kids at school bullied her for it. She was afraid to look in a mirror because of them. The bullying taught her that beauty is everything and if you don't have it, you're a freak. She was never captured by the Half Project, but she found them while they were searching for a worthy test-subject. She begged them to make her a merge, hoping that it would make her beautiful or kill her in the process. She was taken and infused with Ditto DNA, but it transfromed her into a pinkish-purple blob thing. Surprisingly, she managed to survive. They wrapped her in bandages so that 132 could retain a humanoid form.

Flaw: 132 can only transform into another merge, for example, if she tries becoming a full pikachu, she'd turn into a pikachu merge instead.

Other: NOTHING!!!!
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Do I even have to tell you? Accepted!

Though, we're serious about the Ditto thing. Can we please stick to canon?

Name: Charles 'Dale' Briarwood
Age: 38 (18 in appearance post-Merge)
Gender: Male
Pokémon A: Klinklang
Pokémon B: Registeel
Appearance before merge: Dale looked like an older Anthony, but his eyes were a dark blue. He was described as being incredibly handsome.
Appearance after merge: Dale now has the helmet his eldest son has, in Registeel's colors. However, there are a pair of red antennae sticking up from the sides of the helmet. He is nine feet tall, and possesses a bulkier, gray version of his children's bodies, brimming with hidden artillery. He has a missile rack on his back, and a gear flat across his chest with seven red lights in a hexagonal formation in the center. His hands have Registeel's glowing triangles on them.
Personality: Dale is stern and serious, though has a bit of his son's humor while relaxed. It is hard to piss him off. He loves reading, but not as much as he loves his wife.
History: Dale grew up in Sootopolis City, and was close friends with Milena's father. He married Pam and the couple settled into Verdanturf Town, with a son on the way. After him, they had two more children. His house burned down, killing him and one of his children. A year later...
Flaw A: Dale has some minor sight troubles, and his chest-gear requires to spin in order for him to stay conscious.
Flaw B: Dale's main weakness is that he will go into stasis when away from his wife or children.
Other: Guess who his kids are!

Name: Josie 'Pam' Briarwood
Age: 39 (19 in appearance post-Merge)
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Klinklang
Pokémon B: Cobalion
Appearance before merge: Pam had auburn hair and the piercing eyes of her eldest son. She was quite sexy, even after having three kids.
Appearance after merge: Pam now has her daughter's body and eyes, and is 9 feet tall. She has a blue collar(no pun intended) around her neck, and Cobalion's horns. A tuft of steel wool has formed under the collar. Her legs look quite like Cobalion's, while her feet possess wheels on the back, and two more on the front. Her skin has a very slight blue tint, and... Oh, did I mention her body is symmetrically covered in knives!? Gosh, these appearances keep getting less complex each day...
Personality: Pam is also stern, but affectionate all the same. She has a bit less humor than her husband, but still appreciates a good joke. She is serious, did I mention?
Really, personalities as well.
History: Pam was raised in Rustboro City, but showed great interest in moving to Sootopolis. She met Dale on her 19th birthday, and the two took off from the start. Once her eldest son disappeared, her house went ablaze, killing her husband, youngest son, and greatly injured her. She was kept in the hospital until taken into government care and subjected to their experimental research in countering the Half Project.
Flaw A: Pulling at her tuft of fur will temporarily mess her senses up.
Flaw B: We're not sure if this is trauma or Steel-Type normality, but Pam is deathly afraid of fires.
Other: Guess who!?
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Okay, poyekhali. I'll leave Calix, Sophia, Zero and Raine for now.

Name: Ozias Wheatley
Age: 319
Gender: Male
Pokémon: (Shiny) Gallade
Appearance Before Merge:
Ozias had white hair and florescent green eyes, often wearing clothing to match these colors. He doesn't like using this forme, however.
Appearance After Merge:
Ozias looks strikingly like a regular shiny Gallade, but with several differences. His whole face the same, and he wears Gallade's fin as a 'helmet'. The spikes protruding from his head are actually his hair, and he has hands. The spikes on his chest have shrunk and become very blunt.
Ozias generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky demeanor, but repeatedly demonstrates a vengeful and unforgiving streak as well. His strong personal sense of justice makes him quick to anger when he feels it is violated. He also has a tendency to babble, mixing apparent nonsense with vital information, sometimes acting erratically to put his listeners off-guard. He is prone to making comments that to outsiders seem obtuse or rude, sometimes to his own embarrassment. Ozias is also more extroverted and gregarious than his previous form. He shows a fondness for human popular culture to the point of unconsciously quoting it on occasion.
Ozias woke up with amnesia from his Merge at 15. After working with his friends to put a stop to the original Half Project, he went time-traveling with Celebi. It was around this time that he discovered that he was ageless. He traveled around time for 304 years, defeating maniacs that were on the course of destroying history and earning himself several aliases, not all of them positive, and returned to the present to stop a revived Half Project, with Uxie trying (and eventually failing) to wipe his memories again. Just when things began to go their way, he and his friends were captured. He put himself into a mental stasis to become semi-conscious in order to partially nullify the cryogenics.
Flaw: Ozias feeds on thoughts, and the longer he goes without, the more damage he can take from a single injury. However, this is reset once he feeds again.
Other: He now talks at about 90mph.

Name: Indigo Naples
Age: 17.98
Gender: Male
Which Pokémon you are Merged with: Sceptile
Personality: Since we last saw Indigo, he has changed quite a bit. He is significantly louder, although doesn't speak as much as others for a phobia of offending people (WTF, I know). He is still rather curious, and once his interest is piqued, he obsesses about the subject until he has learned everything he wants to know.
Appearance before Merge: Indigo has brown eyes and dark blonde hair, a strand of which covers his right eye. He generally wears a dark blue cardigan with a black shirt, and jeans.
Appearance after Merge: Indigo's hair is now green, and has become the same shape as the top of Sceptile's head. His eyes are also now yellow. He wears baggy green pants/trousers (Haha! Now you cannot criticize me for my vocabulary!) and a green sleeveless shirt that cannot quite be called a vest. He has six yellow seeds clipped to his back and a red belt, along with green armbands (not the swimming kind) on his forearms that have short, sharp leaves/blades protruding from them.
History: Indigo grew up in Unova, moving around the region continuously. At the age of 10, Ozias visited him, gifting him with a Cobalion. Overtime, he became a successful Trainer, training many powerful Pokémon and even catching the legendary Regigigas. With his two Legendaries, he entered a competition to find a Shiny Zekrom known as Viristorm. However, while searching for it, he encountered a Hydreigon which, unbeknownst to Indigo at the time, belonged to the Half Project. After accidentally smashing Dragonspiral Tower to pieces while fighting it, knocking himself unconscious, he was taken by the Project.
Flaw: Although he has incredible physical abilities as a result of the Merge, Indigo has very low stamina and so often can't use his powers to their full extent.
Other: IQ: 145. Mmhm.
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Accepted. Just make sure Ozias doesn't know Colby is Anthony and Lexi's brother until Anthony sees Colby.
Cryogenic Merges
Name: Knight Inukai
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Which pokemon you are merged with: arcanine
Appearance before merge: Knight had messy brown hair and brown eyes. He usually wore a white jacket over a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and plain sneakers.
Appearance after merge: His hair is now the same as an arcanine’s, and he has the tail of one. His fingernails are sharp like a dogs nails, and he has the stripe pattern of an arcanine all over his body. His canines grew out into sharp fangs, and his other teeth became sharper as well, though not as much as his canines. He has the muzzle of arcanine, and it’s ears as well. He now wears a white long-sleeved button up shirt with a black tie, black jeans, and black sneakers.
Personality: Knight is kind and protective towards those he cares about, but he is very sadistic towards those he doesn’t like, especially in a fight. He is neither shy nor loud, and is often polite to those who he believes deserve it. He is very loyal to his friends.
History: Born in Celadon City, Knight’s father disappeared before he was born leaving him and his mother. At nine his mother died of cancer and he was taken to a horrible foster home. Fed up at fifteen he tried to run away only to get kidnapped and injected with arcanine DNA becoming a merge. He joined the other merges in the fight against the project, but was caught with them in the Cryogenics trap.
Flaw: He has a very cruel sadistic side toward anyone he doesn’t like, especially in a fight.
Other: He can run on all fours, but prefers to run on two. His sense of smell is very sensitive.

Name: Ace
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Which pokemon you are merged with: Giratina
Appearance before merge: Ace had short messy black hair, blue eyes, and his left ear pierced. He would often wear a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. He also liked to wear a black wristband on his right wrist.
Appearance after merge: He still has his human face minus his piercings. His hair is now long and silvery grey reaching to his waist. On his forehead is the same gold band as giratina, as well as the back of his head, which extends to his mouth. His eyes seclera is black, red irises, and black pupils. He has three gold bands on his torso. His arms, sides, and back are all grey, while the middle of his torso is black, and has red stripes running across. His waist down is the same as giratina’s, but only with two legs instead of six. The wings of Giratina’s altered form extend protrude from his back.
Personality: Ace cares for no one but himself and Katherine. He does what he believes to be good for her. He can’t stand humans at all and hates them, especially if they’re part of the merge project or from Lavender Town. He never knows when he should stop talking, and will always fight if another threatens him or Katherine. He listens to no one except Katherine unless he feels it would harm her. He doesn’t trust anyone but Katherine.
History: Ace grew up in Lavender town living peacefully with his parents, until his father revealed he was in love with a man and left his mother when Ace was 10, but still lived in the town. The other kids often picked on Ace for this causing him to often get in fights. Even though he hated the town he stayed to take care of his mother as it was difficult money wise after his father left. Some of the others his age promised a total of 2000 poke world money if he stayed outside all night, something many were afraid to do because of the ghosts of pokemon tower. He was kidnapped that night, and though he screamed at the top of his lungs for help, no one came out to help him, too afraid of the ghosts, not even his father who’s house he passed right next to, a father he still visited. His mother was too far away to hear. He followed Kathrine after waking up, and followed her orders that led to them helping the other merges. He was caught in the Cryogenics trap.
Flaw: He’ll do whatever he thinks is beneficial to Kathrine, even if it means disobeying her. He never knows when to shut up.
Other: He’s in love with Katherine.

Name: Opal Sinram
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Which pokemon you are merged with: Porygon-Z
Appearance before merge: Short brown hair and green eyes.
Appearance after merge: She now has short pink hair with one point always standing up. Her eyes are the same as the pokemon she’s merged with. Her arms are covered in the blue material of a porygon-Z. This extends to her chest creating a band in the middle. She has the tail of a porygon-Z. Her legs are covered in the pink material, as well as what isn’t blue. She has a blue tail that follows her body.
Personality: Opal is calm and calculating. She is good with electronics and enjoys being around them. She hardly shows any real emotion unless the situation is extreme. She often talks in monotone.
History: Opal grew up in an orphanage not knowing anything about her parents. She never interacted with others finding them boring, but always showed interest in science, especially electronics. She would often sit by herself and take apart an electronic device, and put it back together or rearrange it. A member of the project adopted her for the purpose of the project. Not long after escaping she was recaught along with the others.
Flaw: She cannot control her powers well and finds fighting to be pointless unless her survival depends on it
Other: She can convert her body into data and enter electronic devices, and change the shape of her arms and legs. Her tail can detach and attack the opponent.

New Merges
Name: Jet Black
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokémon A: Linoone
Pokémon B:Yamask
Appearance before merge: Long brown hair, brown eyes, white long-sleeved , sneaker, and blue jeans. He was very lanky and tall.
Appearance after merge: His hair now looks like a linoones back fur, and is down to his ankles. His face is like the mask a yamask carries, but has the eyes of a yamask and can move the parts of the face. One arm belongs to linoone his other to yamask. His torso is the same way, though the linoone arm is connected to the yamask half, and the yamask arm to the linoone half. His waist down is human, minus the tail of linoone and the part of yamask that holds its mask placed over his tail. He has gained some bulk but retained is height.
Personality: Jet is shy and timid and afraid of conflict. He is very nervous and will often think someone is going to hit him. Despite this he is kind and caring.
History: Jet’s father died before his birth so his mother remarried to a man with two sons. Growing up Jet was constantly bullied and beaten by the three his mother not doing anything being inexperienced with raising children. Going to school he was bullied as well. His family was poor so someone from the project offered money for Jet to which despite what he wanted he was given to the man.
Flaw A: He is very afraid of attacks that come at him and will freeze from fear.
Flaw B: He is clumsy with his new form.
Other: He wants to be a doctor so he has some medical knowledge. He is immune to normal and ghost type moves due to what he was merged with.

Name: Gregor Lux
Age: 12
Gender: male
Which Pokémon you are merged with: diglett
Appearance before merge: Short brown hair, brown eyes. Wore a black hooded vest over a brown t-shirt, and brown cargos. He wore black boots. Gregor was average height and while he wasn’t built he wasn’t overly skinny.
Appearance after merge: He looks almost exactly like he did before, though his skin is the same as a diglett’s, he has a diglett nose, and his head has become hard like a hard hat. His hands are now large digging claws.
Personality: He is calm and likes to observe before action. He prefers quiet and will often complain at those being loud. He likes to relax by watching clouds or sleeping.
History: Gregor grew up with his twin brother Gorger and their Diglett, in Pastoria City. Their life was pretty average. They were middle class, parents married with little troubles. Him and his brother got their diglett at 9 during a vacation to Vermillion City, while they explored diglett’s cave. They took home their new diglett friend and went back to living their lives. At 12 when they were out playing late they were kidnapped by the project with their diglett, whose DNA was used to inject them with.
Flaw: Thanks to having claws for hands he can’t pick up many things, and has difficulty avoiding cutting things.
Other: Can dig at high speed. Dirt doesn’t bother his eyes now

Name: Gorger Lux
Age: 12
Gender: male
Which Pokémon you are merged with: diglett
Appearance before merge: He had shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes. He wore an organge tank top and black jeans, along with black sneakers. He was average height and while he wasn’t built he wasn’t overly skinny.
Appearance after merge: He looks almost exactly like he did before, though his skin is the same as a diglett’s, he has a diglett nose, and his head has become hard like a hard hat. His feet are now large digging claws.
Personality: He is cheerful and loves to joke. He doesn’t think before acting and rushes into things. He’s very loud often annoying his brother.
History: Gorger grew up with his twin brother Gregor and their Diglett, in Pastoria City. Their life was pretty average. They were middle class, parents married with little troubles. Him and his brother got their diglett at 9 during a vacation to Vermillion City, while they explored diglett’s cave. They took home their new diglett friend and went back to living their lives. At 12 when they were out playing late they were kidnapped by the project with their diglett, whose DNA was used to inject them with.
Flaw: He has difficulty walking and often trips.
Other: Can dig at high speed with his feet. Dirt doesn’t bother his eyes now.

Designation: 08BO
Pokémon: diglett
Appearance before merge: A normal diglett
Appearance after merge: Like a normal diglett, but with human arms.
Personality: He has a split personality: 1) He is calm and likes to observe before action. He prefers quiet and will often complain at those being loud. He likes to relax by watching clouds or sleeping. 2) He is cheerful and loves to joke. He doesn’t think before acting and rushes into things
Flaw: His split personality causes him to conflict with himself and to even have conversations with himself. He has difficulty digging like he used to due to the human arms.
Other: N/A

Reverse Merge
Designation: 6RK7
Appearance before merge: A normal murkrow
Appearance after merge: He still looks like a murkrow, but now has human legs instead of murkrow legs. He also has human arms in the area below his wings. His eyes are brown human eyes. His nails are sharp like talons

Like the raven in this-> link

Personality: He is cold and uncaring towards humans. He is confused and has trouble understanding the situation. He loves to spill human blood. He is loyal to whoever he respects.
Flaw: He can’t speak in the human language very well, knowing very little, and doesn’t understand all of it.

Later on in the RP could I have Gregor, Gorger, and 08BO combine together to evolve into a dugtrio?
But it's not a creepypasta theory, I said I read too many creepypastas because I made 132 look effing scary! D:
Seriously though, what does canon mean?
Looking at Colby's SU, it appears he could undergo evolution three times. That's more than any Pokemon can.

Also, I wonder: When Merges Evolve, do they appear any older?
When mine evolve, I try to make them still look the same age, but they're always a little taller.
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