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Tobias vs. Mewtwo

Can Tobias Catch Mewtwo

  • Yes

    Votes: 16 22.2%
  • No

    Votes: 56 77.8%

  • Total voters
We'd need to see Tobias' full roster to accurately state what would happen. Someone earlier said Aura Sphere and Ice Beam, and Anime Mewtwo doesn't have those. Mewtwo has Barrier, Psychic, and Shadow Ball. That's all he has ever needed. Mewtwo is intelligent, and most likely would evade capture by teleporting away before Tobias is able to catch sight of Mewtwo, since flying away is negated by Latios.

you mean the latios that is weak to shadow ball
No chance Mewtwo would lose. He is far too strong to be caught.
ok here it is in my perspective tobias caught latios and darkrai ultimately i beleive that tobias who by the way wone every single one of his battles except the one against ash with just his darkrai would defeat and if he wanted to capture mewtwo
Let me put it this way...
Tobias: Darkrai, I choose-
Mewtwo: DEATH!

the end:flinch:
No way in hell!

Mewtwo is just too badass to be caught in the anime.
Anime Mewtwo would steal all of his pokes with those pokeballs before MIND CRUSH. Only reason it didn't work before was due to Ash's rashness/stupidity.

Manga Mewtwo is pretty much the strongest thing in any version of Pokemon ever. Game Mewtwo is even better.

So yeah Tobias is done for unless he has a Mewtwo of his own.
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Mewtwo was in a league of its own, so I'm going with the majority here
I'm going with the rest of you. Tobias would propably shit his pants when Mewtwo starts to talk.

And imagine Ash's rant if someone tried to catch Mewtwo. He would kill them with his bare hands. Or at least send Pikachu after them.
- Tobias finally finds Mewtwo on top of a cliff.
- He yells that he's going to challange him in order to capture it
- Mewtwo doesn't give a shit
- Mewtwo uses teleport and disappears
- It's silent for some time
- Tobias jumps down from the cliff

No. Mewtwo is just too awesome.
If Ash can't get it into his team even by making friends with it, then no one can...
...IMO EMO...

*And yes, Mew2 learns DOES learn teleport, but only in gen I.
Still being able to learn it: Your argument is invalid.*
he already caught two legends, plus, darkrai has a type advantage so why not?
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