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Tobias vs. Mewtwo

Can Tobias Catch Mewtwo

  • Yes

    Votes: 16 22.2%
  • No

    Votes: 56 77.8%

  • Total voters


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Nov 14, 2010
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Tobias and his two legendaries, darkrai and latios, take on anime mewtwo, the coolest legendary ever to star in a movie
Mewtwo was made out of sheer badassness. No way.
Yup. Darkrai is SE, and Mewtwo is far from the most powerful Pokemon now.
Nope. Judging by how Mewtwo was portrayed in movies and the manga, it looks like Mewtwo can kick Tobias' ass.
Mewtwo is too amazing to be caught or lose a battle
How about NO.
Mewtwo's too cool to be owned by ANYONE in the anime. Tobias has nothing on the Psychic legend. >:3
Mewtwo used aura sphere gg for darkrai
Mewtwo used ice beam gg for latios
Any more questions? No? Good, Mewtwo 4Ever!!!
As shown in manga, Mewtwo + giant spoon = badass combo. Although Mewtwo itself is already badass enough XD
So yeah he's gonna pwn Tobias and his pokes.
I don't think he could have, because Mewtwo is one of the strongest Pokémon in existence, and could easily evade capture.
No he could beat out his pokemon with his moves and evade being caught.
No. The battle wouldn't even START. Here:

Tobias is about to send out drakrai!
Mewtwo teleported Tobias to a far away region!
Tobias would definitely be able to defeat Mewtwo, but I'm quite sure he wouldn't catch it...
Anime Mewtwo was amazing. He's to epic for Tobias to catch. I voted no.
Mewtwo is too awesome for the foolish humans. Screw the battle....I'm sure that Mewtwo would kill the guy before he would be able to call out his Pokemon!
Giovani failed. Enough said, but I'll carry on anyway. Mewtwo erased the memory of the one who tried to capture him, defeated and cloned (the Pokémon) several trainers at once, and would probably destroy the Pokéball from the inside.
Animé Mewtwo is way to epic for even Tobias to take on. Animé Mewtwo cannot be caught. It is simply impossible.
No. Takuto/Tobias might have legendaries but they are not as strong as the anime rendition of Mewtwo. He can't catch it, enough said.
We'd need to see Tobias' full roster to accurately state what would happen. Someone earlier said Aura Sphere and Ice Beam, and Anime Mewtwo doesn't have those. Mewtwo has Barrier, Psychic, and Shadow Ball. That's all he has ever needed. Mewtwo is intelligent, and most likely would evade capture by teleporting away before Tobias is able to catch sight of Mewtwo, since flying away is negated by Latios.
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