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Unovia's Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Nice. What Pokemon has impressed/surprised you the most at this point? What has disappointed you the most?
Swellow has disappointed me quite a bit, since it is the most likely Pokemon to faint (depending on the fight). Armaldo has surprised me, mainly because of how tough it was to train.
What Might We Find: Route 121
Welcome to this episode of "What Might We Find". In this episode, we discuss Route 121, the Route before Lilycove City. Route 121 also houses the Hoenn Safari Zone, but we are going to ignore that for now. What are our options for Route 121?

Route 121
Gloom (30%)
Linoone (30%)
Shuppet (30%)
Other (10%)

In our next Log (27), we will reveal our capture. Stay Tuned!
Log #27-Route 121 & Lilycove City
Route 121
I first went into the grass, catching a Shuppet that I named Zipper Doll. It was Level 28 when I first caught it, so I retreated for a while. Once I got Shuppet to a Banette (Level 37) and trained up to Level 41, I put Banette in the Box, then took out my Main Squad. I took on the trainers, and they all got to Level 50. There are 2 future areas. The first of these is the Safari Zone, which I decided to pass up for now. The next area I passed by was Route 122, which would eventually lead to Mt. Pyre, but I wanted to get to Lilycove City first so I had a good place to heal for training Banette. I want to get Banette to Level 50 before I go to the next Log.

Lilycove City
I traveled into Lilycove City to heal and check out the city. While here, I saw some Team Aqua grunts, who told me that they were setting up an area just outside of Lilycove. Looks like I will have to beat their brains out soon. Heading toward the Lilycove Department Store, I bested May, then checked out the shopping, though I decided not to actually shop for a bit.

In the next Log, we will go onto Route 122 on the way to Mt. Pyre, and will also tackle Mt. Pyre. When we go to Mt. Pyre, I plan to do 3 Captures, those being Inside, Outside, & at the Summit. Until the next time, we will see you!

My Team (Notice I have 7 Team Members right now)
Are you going to do the Safari Zone?
Some people do one encounter for the entire Safari Zone
Others I heard have each zone be its own separate area.
1. I will do the Safari Zone.
2. In ORAS, there are 4 areas, and so I will likely get 4 Captures in this setting, with each area as its own thing.
What Might We Find: Route 122, Mt. Pyre, Hoenn Safari Zone, & New Mauville
Welcome to this episode of "What Might We Find". In this episode, we will cover Route 122 & Mt. Pyre, the Hoenn Safari Zone, & New Mauville.

Route 122 & Mt. Pyre
Mt. Pyre is going to have 3 captures. This is divided into Inside Mt. Pyre, Outside Mt. Pyre, & the Summit of Mt. Pyre.
Shuppet (65%)
Duskull (35%)

Meditite (40%)
Shuppet (40%)
Other (20%)

Meditite (40%)
Shuppet (40%)
Other (20%)

Safari Zone
It has 4 areas. Of these, Gloom and Doduo are most common with 30% among all areas.

New Mauville
Magnemite (50%)
Voltorb (50%)

I will unveil the captures in the next Log (28). Stay Tuned!
Well, I have a feeling that Shuppet will be one of the encounters, seeing as the thing appears in all three areas of Mt. Pyre with a high encounter chance in each area.
Log #28-Route 122, Mt. Pyre, Hoenn Safari Zone, New Mauville, & Team Aqua Hideout


Mauville City.jpg
Route 122 & Mt. Pyre
Once I got Banette to Level 50, I put it in the box, got my Main Team, then headed on the water, Surfing to Mt. Pyre. In Mt. Pyre, I allowed myself to capture 3 encounters. The first was inside the area, where I caught a Duskull I named Mask. Battling a few trainers, I collected 2 Mega Stones, including one for my Banette. On the outside, I captured a Meditite I named Chi. Once I got to the Summit, I captured a Chimecho I named Chime. All during this time, I continued to battle trainers & Team Aqua members. At the end, I battled and defeated Admin Matt. Even though Team Aqua got away with the Blue Orb, I got the Red Orb. I left Mt. Pyre, heading to the Hoenn Safari Zone.

Hoenn Safari Zone
In the Hoenn Safari Zone, it was hard to find my way, though I did catch a Doduo I named Multimind and a Psyduck I named Momo. I quickly left because this area needs a walkthrough to figure it out. I may be back soon.

New Mauville
Because I wasn't sure if I could explore New Mauville, I headed there, and while I couldn't go beyond the opening, I was able to catch a Magnemite I named Grav. With no way to do anything here, I left.

Slateport City to Lilycove City
I headed to Slateport City, where Team Aqua was supposed to head next. Captain Stern got his submarine taken by Team Aqua, and I got help to go back to Lilycove. In Lilycove City, I found my way to Team Aqua's Hideout. I used my Team to beat down all of the Team Aqua grunts and Admin Matt, yet Leader Archie got away. Once they were beaten here, I warped around, getting a Nugget & most importantly the Master Ball. My Main Team was now Level 53. I then took a little bit, going back to Routes 110, 117, & 118 to train Banette to Level 53. To help train Banette, I also gave Banette Dazzling Gleam for training balance and gave it the Mega Stone. Right now, my Team has 2 Megas so far.

In the next Log, we will:
1. Explore the other side of Route 123
2. Leave Lilycove City for, and explore, Route 124
3. Go onto Route 125, including Shoal Cave
4. Explore Routes 127 & 128

That is a LOT to do, but we will get it done.
Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #29-Route 123, 124, 125, Shoal Cave, Routes 127 & 128

Shoal Cave.jpg

Route 123
Across the way from Mt. Pyre was Route 123. This is the other end of the Route, the other half being connected to Route 118. Here I battled many trainers. Back at Lilycove City, I captured a Wailmer I named Bounce. Then I continued exploring.

Route 124 & Mossdeep City
This water Route is east of Lilycove City. I battled a few more trainers. I eventually found my way to Mossdeep City. I explored Mossdeep City for a bit. The Gym Battle awaits, but for now I continued my exploration of water Routes.

Route 125 & Shoal Cave
I did some more exploration, eventually finding my way to Shoal Cave. In Shoal Cave, I captured a Spheal I named Otter. I did some exploration of the caves, then Escape Roped out. I finished doing some exploration of Route 125, settling back on Mossdeep City.

Routes 127 & 128

South of Mossdeep City there was Route 127. On this Route, after a long time, we suffered another death, the 3rd Death of the Playthrough. Swellow died to a Tentacruel from a Swimmer, who had a few lucky shots and some confusion hits. This means I don't have a Flyer in my Team at this time. I used Swellow to Fly back to Mossdeep City, replacing Swellow with Banette.

3rd Death: Bluebird the Swellow (Level 55)

Continuing onto Route 128, I did a few more battles. At this point, my Team got to Level 56, which will be my Level Cap. I Surfed back to Mossdeep City, preparing to take on the Gym. In the next Log, we will take on the 7th Gym. Until the next time, we will see you!
Gym Analysis #7
Welcome to Gym Analysis!
In this show, we will be discussing upcoming Gym Battles, looking at:

  • The Type of Pokemon used by the Gym Leader
  • The possible options for me, as the Trainer, to use, including the pros and cons of each option
In this seventh Episode, we are looking at the battle against Tate & Liza, the only double battle Gym in any game. Tate & Liza are Psychic Type Gym Leaders. They will have 2 Pokemon, meaning that I will only be able to use 2 Pokemon against them. Let's look at my available options, which will be more complex, due to needing to be a complimentary duo.

My Pokemon are:
Swampert, Hariyama, Pikachu, Camerupt, Armaldo, & Banette

Steps to Determine:
1. Eliminate Hariyama, since it is a Fighting Type.
2. Eliminate Pikachu because it will not be effective against Solrock & Lunatone.
3. Eliminate Swampert & Camerupt due to having moves that would damage each other.

This leaves Armaldo & Banette. Armaldo has Steel, Water, & Bug moves, while Banette has Ghost moves and Dazzling Gleam, which damages both opponents, an important element, especially if things get tricky.

Log #30-Mossdeep Gym (Gym #7)
Mossdeep Gym
Going into the Gym, I brought Banette & Armaldo into the Gym to do the battles with the trainers, with Spheal (at this point, Sealeo), in my Team to gain experience. Between the two battlers, the duo got to Level 58, which brought me to raise the Level Cap to Level 58.

After I defeated the trainers, I left, giving Latias Fly so I could go back to Route 117 & 118 to train. Once I got the rest of my Main Squad to Level 58 and Sealeo to Level 40 (who will be my Dive user once I can), I reduced once again to Armaldo & Banette to take on Liza & Tate.

Vs. Duo Liza & Tate
They opened with Solrock & Lunatone (Level 45) and I opened with Armaldo & Banette. I Mega Evolved Banette, then took them down in a simultaneous OHKO with Shadow Ball from Banette & X Scissor from Armaldo. 7 Badges down!

...And the World Begins to End...
Upon leaving the Gym, a beam of light comes out of the ocean, leading to earthquakes. Steven meets with me, gives me Dive, then says that the light came from Route 128. Luckily, I have explored there already, so it won't be that hard to get there. Sealeo will be my Dive user, which means I will have to leave one of my Team Members in the Box. I am still not sure what the member will be yet. In the next Log, we will head out to the Seafloor Cavern on Route 128. Until the next time, we will see you!
My Plan Moving Forward
OMG! Thank you to the 2,000 Views I have had this Playthrough!

Forest Ranger.jpg
Ok, so I know the next part of the Playthrough is The Seafloor Cavern on Route 128, but in order to do this part, you need a Pokemon who can Dive, which I will use Sealeo for. Sealeo is also going to be my planned Waterfall user.

Because of this, I am creating a Second Team that are going to be replacements for my Team as needed. This Team will be made up of Pokemon that were in my Active Team but I then retired use of as my Team grew.

Second Team (Retired Crew)
Beautifly-Level 18
Mightyena-Level 28
Machoke (My future Strength user)-Level 38
Crobat-Level 38
Latias (My current Fly user)-Level 30
Sealeo-Level 41

The Plan
My intention is to Fly around the Region, getting this Team eventually to match the Main Team at Level 58, then I will head off to the next part. The question is, what Pokemon in my Main Team will be boxed to make room for Sealeo/Walrein (Sealeo evolves at Level 44)? I am leaning toward it being Armaldo, since it has a 2x weakness to Water, which considering we are setting up for a few Water fights (Archie, Primal Kyogre, & Wallace), it makes the most sense to be dropped temporarily from this fight with Archie coming up (don't worry, it will be back on the Team after Primal Kyogre).

In the next Log, we will head to The Seafloor Cavern on Route 128. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #31-Seafloor Cavern
Ok, so this took me 3 Days to set up, so, I am glad to be typing again. Over the process of getting Sealeo, now Walrein, up to Level 58, I got my Retired Crew between the Levels of 43-52, then I got my Main Team, except Armaldo. Let's get started!

Seafloor Cavern
Heading south from Mossdeep City, I eventually arrived onto Route 127, specifically the Underwater portion. Riding Walrein, I found my way to the Seafloor Cavern, where unfortunately, I had to give Hariyama Strength (the alternative would have been to travel by sea all the way back, since I didn't bring Latias for Fly).

After figuring out the puzzles, I got to the deepest part, where Archie was summoning Kyogre. I battled Archie, easily defeated him with a combination of Swampert & Pikachu, and he summoned Kyogre anyway.


With Kyogre now free, the torrential downpour has begun. After I talked to Maxie and Steven, they headed off to Sootopolis. With no way for me to Fly, I Surfed back to Mossdeep City, where I decided to get Latias and Fly to Route 117 to do some more training, getting my Main Team to Level 59.

In the next Log, we will go from Slateport to Pacifidlog to open all of those Routes up. Until the next time, we will see you!
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