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Unovia's Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Log #32-Sailng Southern Hoenn
Sailing Southern Hoenn
From Mossdeep City, I sailed south to Route 128, with Kyogre still flooding the Region. From there, I sailed into the unknown, crossing through Routes 129, 130, & 131, coming across Sky Pillar, though it is inaccessible for now. Continuing onward, I arrived at Pacifidlog Town.

Pacifidlog Town

I explored the town, listening to several stories. I also took the opportunity to heal. Continuing through there, I passed through Routes 132, 133, & 134. On Route 134, I found myself on an island I want to call Heartscale Island, where there were 3 Heartscales. Hearing a rumor that the Heartscales regenerate, I decided to rest on this small patch of land.

My Team
At this point, my Team is Level 61. I had Armaldo in my Team at this point.

The Next Log
In the next Log, we are going to sail this same area, this time with Walrein, where we will explore the underwater parts of these Routes, doing a few battles there, a lot of those being Divers. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #33-Underwater Journey
Underwater Travel
After I explored Routes 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, & 134, I finalized going back to Slateport City. From there, I repeated the same travel, placing Hariyama in the box and putting Walrein in the party. I explored all of the areas I was able to find that were Divable, getting members of my party to Level 62. I ended up stumbling into the area where I could access Sootopolis City. For some reason, it was very hard to find that opening, but I did eventually.

Sootopolis City
I arrived in Sootopolis City, where I healed up. It took me a while to find the Pokemon Center, so I caught a Magikarp that would soon evolve to be a Gyarados, which I named Rage. It will eventually be my Waterfall user. Before I went to Cave of Origin, I flew to Fiery Path.
Fiery Path
Why am I going back to Fiery Path? I wanted to catch a Slugma that I named Hatcher since it has Flame Body. I will eventually be getting a Togepi Egg, and I want to hatch it easier, since it took a while to hatch the Wynaut Egg. Once I did that, I flew back to Sootopolis City.
Cave of Origin, Sootopolis City
I put Hariyama back in my party, switching out Walrein. Once I ran into Kyogre (Level 45) and it became Primal Kyogre, I masterballed it immediately, naming it Primal. As I left, I got the Blue Orb for the Primal Reversion, I saw the two Team Leaders and Steven leave. Once I was able to move, I flew to Lavaridge Town.

Lavaridge Town
In Lavaridge Town, I collected the Togepi Egg. In the next Log, we will go after Wallace for our 8th Badge, complete with a Togekiss. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #34-Togepi Egg
Ok, so I know the next Log (Log #34) was planned to be the Sootopolis Gym, but I decided to do a post about the Togepi Egg first.

Lavaridge Town
In Lavaridge Town, I collected an Egg from an old lady in the town.

Littleroot Town
In Littleroot Town, I got my Pokedex updated to the National Pokedex. This would allow me to properly record the Togepi when it hatched. With Latias, Slugma, and the Togepi Egg, I began to race around the Region.

Mauville City
I was tasked with going to New Mauville by Wattson. I quickly ran through there, getting the items, and resetting the computer in the abandoned location. I checked in with Wattson, where I got Thunderbolt. I continued working to hatch the egg, eventually hatching it on the Cycling Road. I ended up with a Hustle Togepi, where I had been hoping for one with Serene Grace, giving it the name Angel.

Around the Region
I flew back to Oldale Town, put Slugma and Latias in the box, then put my Main Team with me. I let Togepi soak up the Levels as I traveled. I had also given Togepi the Soothe Bell, allowing for a lot of Happiness to flood into Togepi. Togepi became a Togetic at Level 19. At this point, I wanted to find a Shiny Stone, eventually finding one on Route 121. I evolved my Togetic into a Togekiss, then used my Heart Scales (I have 7) to give Togekiss Aura Sphere.

Final Moveset for Togekiss
Aura Sphere
Shadow Ball
Dazzling Gleam

Eventually, Togekiss got to Level 31, halfway to my Main Team, which is Level 62-63. It should not take too long to get Togekiss to the rest of the squad. In a few days, I will catch it up, and we will set up to our next post.

My Planned Final Team

Next Log
In the next Log, we will take on Sootopolis Gym for our final Gym Badge. Until the next time, we will see you!
Gym Analysis #8
Welcome to Gym Analysis!
In this show, we will be discussing upcoming Gym Battles, looking at:

  • The Type of Pokemon used by the Gym Leader
  • The possible options for me, as the Trainer, to use, including the pros and cons of each option
In this eighth episode, we discuss Wallace, the final Gym Leader. Wallace is a Water Type Trainer. Wallace will have 5 Pokemon, though for this fight, I will have all 6 of my Pokemon in Team. Of his Team, he has 2 Main Threats, those being Whiscash & Milotic.

Pikachu is the obvious starter here, and could sweep most of his Team (Luvdisc, Sealeo, & Seaking), but who would I want to use as an alternate for Whiscash. Honestly, I am leaning toward Togekiss, since Togekiss is one of my most varied battlers. Depending on how Pikachu does against Luvdisc, Sealeo, & Seaking, Milotic might face down Pikachu.

Level Cap is going to be Level 63.
Log #35-Sootopolis Gym (Gym #8)
It took me a few days, but I finally got Togekiss to Level 63. I went after the Sootopolis Gym Trainers between Levels 46-48. There was a lot of Trainer grinding around Mauville City and Eastern Hoenn. Basically, if I found a trainer, I battled them. The Sootopolis Gym Trainers were not that hard to train against, giving me much experience. Once Togekiss matched the rest if the Team, I brought the rest of my Team to face Wallace. I absolutely HATED the ICE PUZZLES, but I eventually got to Wallace.

VS Wallace
I started the battle with Pikachu against Luvdisc (Level 44). One Thunderbolt took it out. He immediately sent out Whiscash (Level 44), and I switched to Togekiss. Togekiss used two Dazzling Gleam attacks, and Whiscash used Waterfall. Whiscash fell shortly. Next came Milotic (Level 46). It took two Discharge attacks from Pikachu to take take out Milotic, who tried to use Hydro Pump but missed. Pikachu swept Sealeo & Seaking (Level 44) quickly. As a result, I won the last badge of Hoenn.

In the next Log, I want to go after the Regis before I go for the Victory Road. Until the next time, we will see you!
Gym Leaders In Review: Nuzlocke Edition
Welcome to the latest episode of Gym Leaders In Review (GLIR), the next episode of a series that you, the fans, really seem to like. In this episode, we cover the Hoenn Gym Leaders in a Nuzlocke Edition.
In this listing, we give a ranking with a total of 9 Points. 3 for Puzzle, 3 for Trainers, and 3 for Leader, for a total of 9 Points. In addition, we will discuss the Gym Leader Level & the Level Cap I had.

Gym #1: Rustboro Gym
Gym Leader: Roxanne
Gym Level: 14
Level Cap: 14

Puzzle: 1
Trainer: 1
Leader: 2
Total: 4
Gym #2: Dewford Gym
Gym Leader: Brawly
Gym Level: 16
Level Cap: 18

Puzzle: 2
Trainer: 1
Leader: 1
Total: 4
Gym #3: Mauville Gym
Gym Leader: Wattson
Gym Level: 21
Level Cap: 25

Puzzle: 2
Trainer: 1
Leader: 2
Total: 5
Gym #4: Lavaridge Gym
Gym Leader: Flannery
Gym Level: 28
Level Cap: 33

Puzzle: 2
Trainer: 1
Leader: 1
Total: 4
Gym #5: Petalburg Gym
Gym Leader: Norman
Gym Level: 30
Level Cap: 36

Puzzle: 2
Trainer: 2
Leader: 2
Total: 6
Gym #6: Fortree Gym
Gym Leader: Winona
Gym Level: 35
Level Cap: 48

Puzzle: 3
Trainer: 2
Leader: 2
Total: 7
Gym #7: Mossdeep Gym
Gym Leader: Duo Tate & Liza
Gym Level: 45
Level Cap: 58

Puzzle: 2
Trainer: 1
Leader: 1
Total: 4
Gym #8: Sootopolis Gym
Gym Leader: Wallace
Gym Level: 46
Level Cap: 63

Puzzle: 3
Trainer: 2
Leader: 3
Total: 8
My Plan Moving Forward
For the Sealed Chamber (Route 134) Sidequest, I am going to need the following Pokemon & Types:
1. Pokemon that can Surf (Swampert)
2. Pokemon that can Fly (Togekiss)
3. Pokemon that can Dive (Walrein)
4. Pokemon that can Dig (Don't have one right now, but I think I am going to catch a Trapinch, then train it up to a Flygon). Alternatively, I might give Dig to Armaldo.
5. Catch a Relicanth
6. Train my Wailmer to a Wailord (Level 40)

That's just what I need for opening the Chamber. Not sure how I will catch the Regis, though I think a major element will be the Quick Ball (thank you Fallarbor!!!)

Wish me luck Folks!
Log #36-The Regi Hunt
After roughly a week of training, I got all of the requirements, though Trapinch was still a Trapinch...couldn't get it to Flygon, oh well. Anyway, lets get started!
Route 134
Route 134 really was a tough location to get to the Divable spot. After a few tries, I got there, opened the three doors, then left.
My Team for Route 134:

Relicanth & Wailord have to be in their right places for this to work. Once the doors were open, it was time to do some hunting.

Fallarbor Town
I got my Main Team out:

Then I loaded up on Dusk Balls & Ultra Balls. From there, I began the journey to the 3 Tombs.

Route 111 Desert
In the desert of Route 111, I found my way to Regirock (Level 40). I used Banette to bring the health down, and after a few Dusk Balls, I caught it, naming it Boulder.

Route 105
On the islands of Route 105, I found my way to Regice (Level 40). It was a bit tricky to catch, and I used Pikachu to get it. A few Thunderbolts got it down and able to be caught. A few more Dusk Balls and I had it. I named it Iceberg.

Route 120
In a hidden area of Route 120 (this one took a bit to find), I found my way to Registeel (Level 40). Registeel took a while to catch, but eventually I mangaed to in a Dusk Ball. I named it Iron Giant.

Route 105 (again)
I had to put some of my Team members in the box so I could do the hunt for Regigigas. To get Regigigas (Level 50) to appear, you have to do the following:
1. All 3 Regis must be in the Team.
2. Regice must be nicknamed, and given a cold item. I gave it an Icy Rock.
3. You can only go after Regigigas the day after you catch the last Regi in the trio. I caught all 3 in the same day, so I didn't have to wait too long.

Regigigas took a bit, and actually burned through all of my remaining Dusk Balls (20 or so), then it was captured in an Ultra Ball. All Regis are done at last! In the next Log, we will finish the Trick House (I have been doing this steadily as I had the skills to use).

Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #37-The Trick House


Trick House
Rooms 1, 2, & 3 were done earlier in the journey, but I don't remember when, but I think it was when I was training Togekiss.

Room 1
This room featured the use of Cut. It didn't take too long to get through.

Room 2
This room featured the use of Rock Smash. It didn't take too long to get through.

Room 3
In this room, I could have used Flash, but it was not required. Didn't take too long.
Room 4
Here was where things started to get tricky. This one requires Strength. I am going to post the video I used for this (the video covers all of the Rooms. Room 4 starts at 10 min in):
Room 5
This room was a question and answer format. Some were a bit odd, and hard to determine, but overall, not too bad.
Room 6
Room 6 has spinning tiles, and if you are following the video, it opens at 15 minutes. It was not as exhausting as Strength Room, but it was very tough. Thanks to the video, I got through it, completing the Trick Room.

The Next Log
In the next Log, we will go for the Hoenn Victory Road. Until the next time, we will see you!
Of all the rooms in the Mystery House, how would you rank them (from worst to best)?
I am Ranking them Easiest to Hardest:
Easiest has to be Room 3, since I didn't even need Flash.
2nd Easiest is Room 2, since I didn't have to worry about Geodude flying out of the smashed Rocks.
3rd is Room 5, since it was just a bunch of questions.
4th is Room 1, since I actually needed Cut (Nincada at that time) to get through it.
5th is Room 4, because the Strength Puzzle was very hard, and stalled me out on a number of occasions.
Most difficult was Room 6, due to the Spinning Tiles. I hate Warp Panels & Spinning Tiles, so this is easily the most difficult one.
Log #38-Victory Road
Hoenn Victory Road
When I took on the Victory Road, my Team was Level 64. Because I was so high above the Victory Road, I was able to clear it out easily. One of the Trainers was Vito of the Winstrates. Eventually, I arrived at the end of the Victory Road, where I battled Wally. By the time I defeated Wally & the Victory Road, my Team was Level 66.

Fallarbor Town & Lilycove City

Of highest importance was setting up Hariyama's moveset, specifically getting rid of Rock Smash & Strength. I exchanged it for other good moves. I also made sure that the others had strong moves, perfect for the League.

Around Hoenn
I traveled across Hoenn, rebattling many trainers. At the end, my Team was Level 70.

Ever Grande City

I made sure to stock up on healing items, 25 of each that I bought. In the next Log, I take on the Hoenn Victory Road. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #39-Elite Four & Champion
Hoenn Elite Four.jpg
Hoenn Elite Four

Hariyama, Camerupt, & Pikachu swept him easily.
Banette Mega Evolved & easily swept her through Shadow Force & Dazzling Gleam.
Camerupt & Pikachu bested her, but the first Froslass with Confuse Ray almost defeated Camerupt.
Togekiss easily bested him with Dazzling Gleam.
Surprisingly, Steven wasn't that difficult, with Skarmory & Cradily being the most difficult of his Team. I expected some problems with Mega Metagross as well, but my Mega Swampert took it out easily, winning me the battle. I am now Hoenn's newest Champion! My Team was Level 72.

Bonus Battle: May

In the post credits, I battled May and easily bested her, setting the stage for the Delta Episode. In the next Log, we will take on the entire Delta Episode, which will end the game. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #40-Delta Episode
Delta Episode

During the Delta Episode, I got the Team from Level 72 to Level 76. Occasionally, I would take a short break to balance out my Team so I had a bit of strength. This meant battling all of the trainers on the mainland of Hoenn. Eventually, I captured Rayquaza (Level 70), which I named Team Sky. I used Rayquaza to go for Deoxys (Level 80), which took quite a bit to catch, and I named it Meteonite.

I liked the Delta Episode! I know I said that the Delta Episode would be the last episode of the Nuzlocke, but there are 2 more Logs. In the next Log, we will follow Wally to the Battle Resort. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #41-Battle Resort
Battle Resort
I collected a Chikorita (Level 5), got my Team to Level 80, then followed Wally to the Battle Resort. Here I got the Mega Stone for Camerupt and helped Looker with his Amnesia. Once I explored the whole island, I decided to take on the Elite Four. In the final (and I mean it) Log, we will take on the Elite Four.

Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #42-Hoenn Elite Four Redone
Hoenn Elite Four.jpg
Hoenn Elite Four
In the Hoenn Elite Four Rematch, the Levels were between Level 71 & Level 75, and each one had a varied Team that had a few Pokemon from different Regions as well as Mega Evolution. Sidney had Absol, Phoebe had Sableye, Glacia had Glalie, & Drake had Salamence. It was super challenging, but I managed to beat them all again.

Steven had dropped Cradily for Carbink, but it was not too difficult overall. My Team was Level 82-83.

Back Home

Back home, I got Oshawott (Level 5) from saving Professor Birch, and it was the last Pokemon I collected in this run. We have officially beat the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke with only 3 Deaths!

We will set up the next Playthrough soon. Until then, we will see you!
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