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What question would you ask the avatar above?

If you had to pick only one of the monsters you tamed that are standing alongside you, which one would you pick? probably gabumon because its digivolutions are a lot stronger than the current ones, its generally my last resort because of how strong they are, especially whn it goes into a jogress or an x-antibody... and kami forbid if it went into an x-antibody jogress!
are you part of an army?
What's your dimensional travel method? Generally that dimension's god/deity/creator will either throw me into a dimension against my will, open a portal, suck me into said portal against my will, yeet me into a dimension after Iask them, or I walk into one of their portals... sometimes the creatures I meet just happen to have dimension-hopping powers though... or I get summoned by someone in a different dimension.
Have you ever said goodbye to someone?
Do you even need that sword when you have three kinds of summonable entities at your disposal? Yes, because it lets me summon them while attacking allowing me to do more funny combos, also if they all are defeated then I can attack myself while they heal.
is that a shuriken hair tie?
How long have you known them (Lucario and others)? I met lucario in 2015/2016, I met illuminoct (top left) in 2015 but he went missing then I found him again in 2018, gabumon (bottom right) in 2022 and utopia (not pictured) in around 2012-2014 (when did Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal run?)
do you ever say goodbye?
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