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Which BMGf member do you associate with the user above?

Dragonitewhy, because Sunlight reminds of me of the rainbow light his previous prof had.
Laika, because you've pretty much be the reason the KoP thread does still work after all, plus you've been next to each other when I was reading the v1 list of titles

97SaturnSL1, because both are F&G regulars and are both in the same country.

Except that 97SaturnSL1 actually isn't! :))
DarkBlastoise. Pretty obvious why; I am not creative at this.
Ebail. Back when he was "The Miz", that Miz was enough for me to ship you off :))
Don'tRunWithScizor or whatever his name is now. Once had the username "Kakuna Matata" as well. ._.
GatoRage because of Feraligatr in ^'s signature. Also Swanna because well, there is one in ^'s signature banner.
I say Laika, because your avatar looks somewhat similar with one of his old ones.

Nope, it's just that I'm associating whoever I don't know with Laika :))
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