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Guess What the Above Anime or Manga Is About, Based Solely On Its Title!

a person born to a group of people called "the dawn," whether they be a tribe, clan, community, or something darker like a cult, goes on a journey of self-exploration and tries to figure out what it means to truly be "of the dawn"

made in abyss
You go along with this wacky lil' banana fish dude and his misadventures through his strange world of animal-food hybrids, bringing a comedy/wholesome type vibe.

Komi Can't Communicate
A space opera anime featuring a spaceship by the name "Sonic X" that can exceed sonic speed.

Hmmmm, something that wasn't mentioned yet... what about Komi Can't--- I mean Free!
A guy is born with the power of absolute freedom, able to do whatever he puts his mind to without drawbacks. But this eventually corrupts him and turns him into the main antagonist of the story

Spy x Family
A group of popular female singers are going on tour for a massive celebration for their five years of performing. But things go awry as a passionate fan was declined by the group after asking to join their group, her disappointment becoming resentment as one by one she slowly kills each one, hence this being their last tour.

Dragon Ball Z
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