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Guess What the Above Anime or Manga Is About, Based Solely On Its Title!

A historical drama about a time in history where everything was in various shades of blue

Bocchi the rock
A new animal has somehow been brought to the ecosystem and it simultaneously both mankind and nature's job to ensure this newfound organism coexists properly or it somehow becomes invasive.

Doku Doku Mori Mori.
(I had the same idea lol)

A show about a black clover being ostracized by its green clover friends and going on an exciting adventure to prove a point

Glitter Force
Yu, Gi and Oh are friends in a town where everyone's name is made of a single syllable, in fact, their entire language is composed of words with only one syllable. Despite being friends, each of the three react to this scenario differently, trying to develop a two syllable language, becoming a one syllable purist or simply living on normally. They don't know about each one's actions, and the drama is when they slowly start to realize it, putting their great friendship at risk

I want to eat your pancreas
there's an uhh... regular person and their extremely cliche yandere stalker. at some point, this stalker finds out the object of their inane devotion has diabetes, and so the aforementioned exemplification of that extraordinarily played-out trope devises a plan to cut open this person's faulty pancreas and... consume it. because this certainly will solve all of the main character's insulin-related issues. why wouldn't it?

Are You Really the Only One Who Likes Me?
A girl with very low grades in college and no perspective of a satisfactory job tries her luck in an idol contest as a slime princess and wins, starting a wacky career as a slime idol

Kaiju Girl Carameliser
a kaiju decides to try caramelising girls after hearing about the caramella girls and starts to visit many cities, their large body getting stuck in the buildings. Most are afraid of this strange, murderous kaiju, but a girl decides to teach them about what can be caramelised, and who the caramella girls are. The anime shifts into a comedic slice of life as the kaiju realizes that human lives are clearly not meant to be sliced.....I guess

The Yuzuki Family's Four Songs (Yuzuki-san chi no yon kyodai)
A musical anime mini-series, where each episode is a song revolving around the family of Yuzuki, a talented musician who wants to be a star but is confronted by her father

Good Night Punpun
It's the adventures of the titular little creature, as they explore the realm of dreams, making allies and befriending foes. The manga is full of light-hearted moments, wholesome comedy, and some underlying commentary about how we live our lives. (I need to read the actual manga, and make this fake version)

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