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which pokemon in legends arceus do you think makes no sense to be hostile?

Now something I have to note: Wild Riolu and Lucario were a lot more mellow than I expected. It actually got me a little sad because they're not this sociable in SWSH during the present day... What did we end up doing to this species that made them distrustful of people?
thats a good question...why do they behave differently in different timelines?
but aren't they pretty much zombies though? i'm no expert but i'm pretty sure the fungus would probably drive them into attacking anyone around them that isn't a Paras and Parasect
There might be one but the name of the mushroom canonically are called "tochukaso", a medicinal mushroom that grows on caterpillars. They don't appear to cause any behaviour change in their host.
Drifloon. Surprisingly aggro for something that likes to lure children away. Guess we're too old for it

And they're everywhere!

If I was developing an aggro mechanic, I would make any non-alpha want to shy away if they sense your Pokémon is ~40+ levels above them.
Stunky. Skunks are pretty easy irl, so I thought Stunky would behave similarly. But no, they're out for blood.

I get why Ursaring is aggressive towards the player, but I just don't see why Teddiursa is also aggressive to the player too. And no, I'm not basing this off its looks. If we take a look at real-life bears, the cubs are more often than not very cowardly, so Teddiursa should've actually been one of those Pokemon that runs away rather than attack.
Okay what's interesting is that Teddiursa does actually run away. I did some testing on it and there's a small group of Teddiursa that spawn near the Bogbound camp that become scared when they see you. The ones in mass outbreaks behave similarly. I think it's only the ones that are with the Alpha Ursarings that act aggressively. In fact, I think they might only start being aggressive when the Ursaring sees you. I was just doing some testing and this Teddiursa saw me before the Ursaring did. It had a little exclamation mark and called out when I landed near it, but it did not get aggressive till the Ursaring did.

Edit: Just did a little more testing with it. It looks like the Teddiursa near Ursaring call out, then get aggressive before the Ursaring does, but I do think it still is in response to the Ursaring because on the few times I reset and tried it again, the cry it lets out causes the Ursaring to look the Teddiursa's way, then the Teddiursa goes aggro.

So basically they're like "Look Mom/Dad I can be scary too! Which is pretty freaking cute so I can forgive Teddiursa for being aggro.
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One other Pokémon that did really surprise me was Starly. That's the species which attacks you at the beginning of the modern-day Sinnoh games so it was sorta odd that they're the first example of something that runs from you this time. I thought Shinx would be the runner and Starly would be the attacker.
Late to this, but I just wanted to flag that our Paras memes actually scored some news coverage:

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