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Review XY003: Keromatsu VS Yayakoma! Aerial Battle Maneuvers!!

Can anyone tell me what happened in the first 3 minutes of the episode and in the end when Serena was talking to Platane hakase? I missed those bits :(

And anyway, I'm hoping Satoshi keeps this up and battles like he did in DP. That would be so awesome :3 And it's amazing how not annoying Eureka is. She's just cute! Why can't real kids be like that...
I never would have guessed Wigglytuff as the new Pokemon Center Pokemon, I suppose it did get a Fairly retyping (which I expected for Chansey), but it's not really used as the healer on a team in the games.

Froakie continues to be interesting - I loved its reaction to Oak's Rotom. Froakie stepping infront of Pikachu to battle Fetchling on the surface is very similar to Oshawott jumping out of its ball to fight battles it wants to go in, but the way Froakie was given a reason to want to be personally involved is far better than it doing it because it thinks it can get an easy win.

I can't wait to actually see Serena introduced properly - though hopefully they find some way to keep her in contact with her Mom a lot - those scenes are great.

I'm liking how Ash and Bonnie reacted to Clemont's invention in this episode, even though the Beedrill swarm is one of those plot devices I wish were left in the Decolora Islands (along with all Ursaring, Beartic and any inkling they have to do similar with Pangoro).
Ok, is it just Me, or was it kind of Obvious to some People that James was going to Catch the Inkay because to Me, it was VERY OBVIOUS.

Professor Oak Cameo Nice, and the Best apart was the Now Funny Rotom.
Of course it was obvious - Jessie came there with Wobbuffet so James was always going to get the first capture.

Hopefully we get to see him trying to hold it upsidedown to evolve it.
Of course it was obvious - Jessie came there with Wobbuffet so James was always going to get the first capture.

Hopefully we get to see him trying to hold it upsidedown to evolve it.

LOL that would be a Site to See
glad clemont is already blowing things up only 3 episodes in. loved his confused little "naze da???" when his invention ("its ugly" said bonnie) blew up. i hope he continues to be confused by his own failures. pretty pleased he and bonnie will have many gags to choose from rather than just one over and over for 3-4 years.
So Ash's Fletchling knows Quick Attack like EVERY OTHER Bird he has Gotten except for Noctowl, it also knows Double Team and Air Cutter, Nice Move Set.

Ok, so Nurse Joy's Helper is a Wigglytuff now Ok.
This was a very different capture ep. All the things I've wanted to see are here, only we still have to wait to see how Serena is going to fit into the plot.
I'm surprised James caught the Inkay. I saw Inkay as more of a Jessie pokemon, but it's fine. I hope Jessie catches a Kalos pokemon soon.

Ok, so Nurse Joy's Helper is a Wigglytuff now Ok.

Chansey is not in the Kalos dex. I guess the anime writers want to make the anime consistent with the games.
Chansey is not in the Kalos dex. I guess the anime writers want to make the anime consistent with the games.

Audino is in the Kalos Dex, though, and the previous Nurse Joys used one, so why they didn't use one of those instead of Wigglytuff is strange.

Anyway, Ash wouldn't be Ash if he didn't catch the early regional bird Pokemon. XD

James and Inkay should be an interesting combo. And, if James does evolve it, I wonder how the anime will depict its evolution process? Will he hold it upside-down when the time comes, or will the anime just evolve it in its own way as per usual? And it's nice that James got his first catch of the region so early, since back in BW he caught Yanmask fairly late, back during Ash's third Gym battle.

I am so glad to see Clemont blow something up already. It's only episode 3, and already something goes kaboom other than TRio's balloon/mechas. I'm gonna love that gag. And I'm liking Bonnie a lot. She didn't give off the annoying vibes that most little kids (and Iris) tend to emit, so I'm quite pleased with that. She is actually quite enjoyable. My kid cousins could learn a thing or two from her!

Froakie is quite a smart cookie. It even created a dummy version of itself using its "Frubbles" to trick Fletchling into attack that so it could land a surprise attack. It was also the first Pokemon to ever identify TRio through their usual disguises back in episode 2, something that even Pikachu hasn't been able to do in over 800 episodes. Very clever. It really wants to prove itself, and it's doing a good job. I'm impressed.

Overall, a very good episode. The anime is off to a blazing start, and I'm very pleased.
I'm liking a lot Serena's scenes, because they work well, meaning that she can carry her scenes without the need of the series protagonist. Of course it's making things more interesting because that way, we're waiting for her to finally meet with Ash.

As of Ash's group, it's awesome. The scene where they decide to travel together is pretty exciting, it reminded me a bit of BW006. It also seems that they will provide a lot of gags, which means we'll have variety. Ash fangirling over Clemont's inventions, Bonnie fangirling over kawaii Pokémon, etc. However, I'm a little scared because Clemont was running as fast as Ash and Bonnie, while in the last episode we saw that he isn't as good at it.

This episode also has really good interactions between the characters, Pokémon included. I love it when someone in the main group interacts with a Pokémon that is other Trainer's, and that happened a lot here. Froakie seems like the caretaker of the group now, and it's so far, more likeable than Oshawott, who just seemed to want everyone's attention instead.

The only things I didn't really liked in this episode were Bonnie crying: it was a little excessive; and the terrible video call quality with Oak: the screen is too tiny and weirdly placed. Also, about that last scene... Rotom is funny, but I hope we still get to see Muk from time to time. Rotom and Muk could be good friends as well...

And it's amazing how not annoying Eureka is. She's just cute! Why can't real kids be like that...
A lot of real kids can be and are like that indeed. I like her because of that, it's not that she's not like a real kid, it's that she's not the stereotypical annoying kid.
Ok, My Review. I thought the Episode was a Pretty Good Episode, probably NOT as Good as Last Week, but his Episode Kicked Ass.

Ash is Definitely Smarter I Think Now, he was Planned and REALLY WAS Determined to get the Fletchling. And whenever he has his Hat backwards then Sh*ts a bout to go Down.

Froakie really is just a BadAss and is even Better than Oshawott was I Think, he used his Bubbles to Make himself to Co fuse the Fletchling just Superb.

Serena about to Start her Journey just AWESOME. She has Good Character I Think and her saying GoodBye to Ryhorn was Sweet. Ok, she gets from Her House to Sycamore's Lab VERY QUICKLY, WOW.

Bonnie and Clemont were Good. Invention KABLOOEY BOOM, HILARIOUS. Bonnie Bonding with the Deddnne was Cute.

Team Rocket were Good. Really Happy that James got the Inkay. I WILL LAUGH SOOOOOOO HARD IF James turns the Inkay Upside DOWN JUST TO EVOLVE IT INTO Malamar.

Professor Oak Cameo was Ok but the Best Part was Rotom

Overall, a Good Episode, I will the Episode an 8.6 Very Entertaining.
Really entertaining episode, Ash and Team Rocket have a nice mix of being serious while having a comical side too, nice job writers. Ash was pretty cool here, he did a real good job in trying to catch the traditional bird Pokemon of the region, he really knew what to do and loved him getting all excited over these inventions, LOL every time that comes up he reminds me of Luffy from One Piece, priceless.

Interesting how Team Rocket didn't run into Ash's group this episode but did some thing good, glad James caught the Pokemon instead of Jessie, I don't think he caught any in BW and hardly did any thing in that series so this is nice. Looks like the writers know when to have Team Rocket attack Ash and his team, this was an important plot so they kept them away, bet they'll only run into them during filler episodes when needed :)

Animation once again georgous, know it won't stay like this forever which is understandable, hope we see this kind of animation when needed like gym battles such.

The group interactions have been nice, so far Bonnie hasn't been annoying at all in my opinion, love how Ash doesn't care if these inventions explode all over the place or mess up his hair, he's been pretty cool this series so far. Have a feeling Serena will won't like it thoughXD Speaking of which, her crush on Ash is becoming more obvious each scene we see her in, still it's nice to know they are child hood friends now, think this episode pretty much confirmed that for us. Too bad we have to wait till the gym battle for them to meet, the shipper inside me is dying for that :(

Over all, good episode and I'm loving this series. These new people really know what they are doing here :)


Some one brought up a good point,loved Ash turning his hat backwards again in moments he should like back in his final battle in the D / P league.
It's possible that the Joys of Kalos use different Pokemon in each PC... next week, she could have a Pippi or a Miltank.
Whoa, that Wigglytuff was huuuge!

I like that both Musashi and Kojiro have Pokémon whose names are puns in the Japanese version.
Yeah. I don't know if they're supposed to be that big or if it was just a giant. It's been so long since I've seen one in the anime, I can't really compare.
What is the white stuff froakie is throwing? It can be bubble. It must be fling he is using. is it?
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