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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Mafia Won!!! This is My Domain

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Apr 14, 2015
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It was a regular day in a regular town. A local tournament was going on when the whole group got into an argument. “Dude full power Nekroz was the best deck of all time” said one of them. “No, see PK fire is the best and most consistent deck ever,” said a PK fire player. “Consistency means nothing if you can’t get over any monsters,” said the Monarch player. “Guys we all know that the old meta could destroy the new, they had so many good cards” said a Gladiator Beast player. “No way dude you don’t understand the ridiculous boards that new decks can make.” Said three different players. “Then why don’t we find out” said the Ice barrier player. “Fine” they all said. The tournament was to be held next Wednesday with everyone using their decks at their strongest.

View: https://youtu.be/SFkdcQgNJHo

Welcome to the first Yu-Gi-Oh TCG mafia one that actually uses Yu-Gi-Oh mechanics to determine the game. What does this actually mean? Well actually it means that this game will be based on probability and luck, which I don't have any of. What does it entail you ask? Well actually it means that everyone will be getting a deck and depending on the draw you get an actual role. How does it work? Play to find out.


1. All Forum and War Room rules apply.

2. There will be no OC, Only official chats and such may be used, and will be provided by yours truly.

3. No claiming of any sort

4. Don’t use any loopholes, well just don’t cheat this will be on my discretion.

5. I’m not that keen on activity but I do ask that you can at least post 2 times a day failure to do this will result in either a sub or a modkill if they aren’t found.

6. There will be a total 48 hours for day phases and 24 hour night phases, which may be shortened or lengthened at any time by myself. Also Hammer rule applies meaning 2/3 = phase end

7. If you change your username mid-game, please state your old and new ones in-thread and mention Moi.

8. To vote, use the following format: "VOTE: <PLAYER>". To unvote, use "UNVOTE: <PLAYER>".

9. Rules are subject to change. The host(s) will make sure to mention you if that happens.

10. Have fun!

1. @Elementar
2. @Elieson
3. @Bloodstained
4. @HumanDawn
5. @WolfOwl
6. @Garcher
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If I'm in, do I have to be a specific character from the franchise or can I just be myself?
If I'm in, do I have to be a specific character from the franchise or can I just be myself?
Actually you're just yourself. A deck will be assigned to you and your roles will be based on that deck. The role will be RNG from all the choices you get.
Ok only six more spots left guys. This is staring the 20th.
Guys the sing ups are closed and we are ready to start I will distribute roles as of tomorrow some in the morrow some at night. The real opening post will come once I actually start distribution. Believe in the heart of the cards and you will win.
Night 0
The competition started everyone brought out their decks. The first match ended swiftly, the ice barrier player was completely annihilated by Monarchs. “Dude Ice Barrier hasn’t ever been Meta,” the monarch player said, looking at the Ice barrier player angrily. “You just wasted my time,” he said.

Ice Barrier was destroyed they were:

Dear Username,


You are Ice barrier, the worst deck to ever be created in the game. This is a joke obvs but honestly you suck. You can’t compete with any meta, at least not in this game. Even tho you suck so much you still have provided the meta a lot of monsters that are played. Trishula is the best one still in there, with Brionac being your best generic monster to be released.

You Have no top decks, mostly cause you have nothing to actually play. Maybe put some useless counters on monsters, that can’t be used by anything but that monster. Maybe use other effects that have nothing to do with your archetype.

“Alright Let’s get this started for real,” said the Monarch player.

Day 0 has started the phase will end in around 24 hours and is just to confirm

May the RNG gods be with you all.
Day 1

I though I started this yesterday? I guess I must of missed it.

It was time for the tournament to officially start. Everyone started pairing up and started to play. It was all up to luck who would win. The players each rolled a dice, decided who would go first, and drew five cards. Let's duel, everyone screamed in unison.

The tournament has started you may all vote now. Once again the person whit the most votes is dead and we move on.

Day 1 has started you all have around 53 hours till update. RNG has been rolled and you all will receive your roles in the night.
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