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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Mafia Won!!! This is My Domain

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Night 1
We have reached the hammer state

Thread locked and update is here

Everyone decided to watch their opponents carefully, and study them. The turns were elongated and many just kept on playing. Hardly anyone had gotten past the first duel when the halfway mark had touched, and no one had been eliminated.

No one was lynched everyone is safe

The night phase has started everyone has till the end of the night to submit actions.

It will be over in 34 hours or when all actions are in.
Day 2
It seems the meta stroke first. "Attack Aether" and the Lightsworn player was left with no lifepoints. "Damn It you're lucky I wasn't" said the Lightsworn player as he got his deck and left. With this one less participant was left in the game.

Dear Elementar,

You are Lightsworn,


The most annoying deck in history. You are composed of monsters that get effects when milled. These monsters travel through dimensions helping good win the battle vs evil. You have won many games and to this day you try and be in the meta. You have been chosen to represent good since the light of destruction booster pack. Judgement Dragon is your best card being able to nuke the entire field.

You are town and win when all mafia are eliminated.

Oh yeah this is kind of important. Since you mill so much you are doomed to die. You die if you don’t Vigilante kill after 2 nights.

Your top decks are

Solar Recharge – mill 3 to get a level 4. In this case you re-roll

Lightsworn Garoth – You are bulletproof and lynchproof tonight and tomorrow since you both mill and draw.

Lightsworn Lumina – You are lynchproof tomorrow since you get to mill at end phase

Lightsworn Wulf – I’ll just assume you milled this card and you survive the night so you’re bulletproof this night.

Judgement Dragon – A dragon that delivers judgement, reason no idea. You get a vigilante kill.

Elementar was destroyed he was Lightsworns part of the past-meta

"Who's next?" The Monarchs player said.

It is now day two, you guys have 35 hours till end day, hammer is at 4 since there are 5 left.
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So Elementar died either because scum or because his own effect he didnt vigilante kill last night?
What a sad loss to lost Judgment Dragon.
I doubt my favorite ace monsters Stardust Dragon/ Hope are included in the game consering the player lists
Think the Elemental Heroes will show? They were among my favorite when I played the game.
Who know?
But judging from the role revealed to us so far the GM seem more included a meta based deck rather anime based
Stardust or Hope ability probably revolving negate effect and attack.
Elemental probably attack but would be interesting if their added fusion considering that is elemental hero trademark strategy.
Anybody have idea what would be Monarch ability?
Since Monarch is the scum he obviously has kill ability but what other additional ability Monarch would have?
from what i recall Monarch playstyle always revolving to insta destroy enemy from card summon activation effect.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Blue-Eyes White Dragon won't be in the tournament. Suppose I should vote before it's too late.

VOTE: HumanDawn
Don't too overprotective to protect us newbies we could be the scum, you know ?
i also i am not exactly newbie tbh just new to this forum
I had played plenty MG before in other forum.

Vote Bloodstained

Sorry, I would vote HumanDawn i had suspicion on him but i made my mind to you
because simple what would happen if you actually the scum?
Someone with scan ability should check between Owl or Bloodstained tomorrow.
Assuming HD will be lynched tomorrow then he's not turning baddie, and assuming Elieson wasn't lying and he was off yesterday then he probably not scum that will left the potential scum either Owl or Bloodstained.
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