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Rate the Pokemon above you [v3]

10/10 One of my two favorite Hisuian forms and an integral and dear member of my Legends: Arceus team. (Specifically its Alpha variant.) I love it just as much as Kalosian Goodra, possibly more. (It's also an improvement on regular Goodra in almost every way as far as battles go.)

Hisuian Goodra.gif

Hisuian Decidueye, my other favorite Hisuian form. :D
Absolutely fantastic. It's somehow even less visually appropriate as a Dartrix evolution than Decidueye-Classic, but it makes up for it in raw visual style. The sedge hat made of feathers with a cool topknot tuft up the top, the narrower wings folding up into a shorter half-cloak giving it a much more interesting silhouette, the increased scruff over practically every point in its design. Mwah, absolutely fantastic design. Still weird that it evolves from Dartrix, but absolute perfection in its own right.

7.5/10 cute electric squirrel.


An excellent Pokemon that people pettily overlook because of its encounter rate. It's got a visage that looks rather metallic/robotic akin to a tokusatsu suit, pertaining to its unsubtle Kamen Rider pastiche, the switchblade legs that it uses to ostensibly activate "Showdown Mode" is an appealingly edgy detail to me, and, while I don't usually cite a Pokemon's viability: it's actually a deceptively strong fighter. Tinted Lens First Impression is nothing to scoff at.

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