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Mafia Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mafia - Endgame (Looking Stupid Joker!)

Well, on the bright side, I'm totally free tomorrow so I should be able to finally read through things in detail. Right now I need to decompress. Catch ya later
...aaand of course a bunch of BS came up. I think I'll just do an ISO dive on everyone and see what I can see
Problems are multiplying and I’m stuck in a very distraction rich environment so not going to be up to standard probebly


The top poster by a long shot, this one will take me all day to go through in detail, so allow me to be very general.

Sure, a lot of high-octane power wolves can spam and shit up the thread, dress it up with a veneer of analysis, and force control of a game by being the most persistent/annoying presence. But that’s not what it looks like leetic is doing. Sometimes there’s a lack of focus there, but at the point in the game where most of this takes place, I actually consider that more town, because it suggests his play is aimed at generating as much info as possible (and not rooted in pushing a specific agenda or person.) If he does home in on a single player, or a narrow set of issues, it’s usually not for too long. I’d like to think that leetic being town is fairly uncontroversial at this point, but if you still have doubts, here’s my take on it in a nutshell.

About the only tinfoil I had on him was perhaps 3P Lyncher, since the shift to going hard on neopest felt a little unnatural and looked like leetic digging for reasons to keep on the attack instead of actually pathing out a logical scum!neo case. But considering neopest was doing kinda the same thing, I think I stand by my earlier assessment of this as a heated TvT.

tl;dr I was pretty solid on town!leetic before and nothing is really changing my mind on review.



Off the bat, neo displays a penchant for brevity and a blunt, nonchalant approach. As I hope we’ve learned WRT Soulmaster, these are not necessarily scummy traits.

I don’t see any glaring gaps in her engagement (i.e near silence on any particular player or event) and she’s been capable of ramping up efforts when she needs to. Combined with my judgement of the leetic spat above, I’d put her in my town pile as well…normally I’d say with a bit less confidence, but considering the EoD I’ve just lived through, and the fact that nothing brought up against her really convinced me of scum…nah



This iso grabs me right away for #95…dare I tinfoil that Soulmaster was being set up as the designated ML from the beginning?

Upon further investigation…maybe, but not too sure that HD was in on the plan.

Sure there’s some weird defensiveness around the Caps vote, and a lot of hedgy posts scattered around, some instances of IIoA, but none of it seems directed in a way I would expect of scum. It could easily be explained away by having a more cautious style and not having much to latch on to.

Null read here



The combativeness early on does strike me as a bit odd, but it doesn’t seem like it gets in the way of productive posting, at least early on. Again, a terse, blunt style isn’t AI.

Something does stick out to me here though, I’ve searched through it all and neopest doesn’t seem to be mentioned until the latest ISO page, where she’s suddenly a top vote option. Sure an earlier bit might be hidden behind the cutoffs, but as of now it just doesn’t sit right with me how neo just seems to appear there only to be discarded for the most popular wagon.

Slight scumlean



Well, now that I’ve learned the term CWAC, I think it applies to a lot of DW’s posts.

I’ve looked at them in summary and it’s rare to find one that’s actually straightforwardly saying something about another player. It’s a whole lot of scattershot “well this, but maybe also this?” And while their engagement is pretty broad, it’s not very hard to do when, again, you’re not actually pushing


Aaaand I’ll have to come back later for FA/Reiji
Day 2 - Bayo too Broken
Day 2 - Bayo too Broken

FinalArcadia has been killed. They were...

Dear FinalArcadia, you represent Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC.

As the first game on a console to support Downloadable Content at launch, Super Smash bros 4 added new characters and stages through free updates and paid DLC. Some of the characters from previous games cut from the base game returned as well. So your group consists of Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta.

Your group is led by the Umbra Witch Bayonetta, who can use her Witch Time ability to slow down time, or in this case, skip a single phase one time during the game. You do this by replying to this PM with Witch Time: [PHASE] at any point during the game and it will skip the next phase. Since this ability can be used during the day too you can also skip a night phase with this.

You are aligned with the town and win when all the mafia have been eliminated.

FinalArcadia was aligned with the town, and was their Witch Timer (Phase Skipper).

It is now Day 2. The phase will last for 47.5 hours and end at 9pm CDT Wednesday the 22nd of December.

Good luck, town!
VOTE: neopest

Might as well spill the beans. Sorry, guys, I lied to y'all. I am the independent. I can win with either faction, so it would be wise for you to cooperate with me.
Of course, if you were paying close attention to my earlier posts it wouldn't come as a surprise

It may seem out of nowhere for me to post a gif of Indiana Jones, but consider his nickname "Indy". I was softclaiming as an Indie.
If you're gonna be that hasty, I'll have to vote you off the island! VOTE: HumanDawn
Voting off the island is a reference to Survivor. I was softclaiming my wincon as survivor.
I'm tow and DW is lih b
I'm not, but okay, prove I'm lying. Just saying "DW's lying" probably isn't super convincing to anyone.

VOTE: neopest

Might as well spill the beans. Sorry, guys, I lied to y'all. I am the independent. I can win with either faction, so it would be wise for you to cooperate with me.
Fullclaim please.
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