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Throw off a cliff/Marry/Make out with, Pokémon Anime Edition!

Marry: Marina she is so Hot
Make Out With: Typhlosion
Throw Off A Cliff: Jimmy.

Cynthea, May, Elesa.
Marry Cynthia,
Make out with Elesa.
Throw May off a cliff.

Next one:
Prof Birch, Max, Jessie
Marry: Palpitoad
MOW: Ash
TOAC: Cilan (Sorry i reall do like you but had to choose.)
Charizard, Scraggy, Muk. HAVE TRY WITH THIS.
Marry Garbodor
Make out with Marlon
Throw Cameron off a cliff

Alder, officer jenny and misty
Marry Alder
Make out with Officer Jenny
Cliff Misty

Ash's Sceptile, May's Venusaur, Meowth
Marry Meowth he is just so Funny
MOW Sceptile he is a good fighter
Cliff Venusaur sadly but I still like you
Colress, N, Dr. Zager
I do not what the next one is but, I will say

Pete Pebbleman, Parker, Meloetta.
Okay this is difficult for me but.......

Marry Parker (gay?)
Make out with Meloetta(while Parker is on a voyage)
Throw off Pete Pebbleman from the edge of the cliff where Red stands in Mt. Silver

Next: Don George, Stephan, Machamp.
Marry: Don George because he so handsome and he looks so good and I liked the Concept of a Pokemon Battle Club that looked good to me.
MOW: Stephan He is good looking, FAT, but good looking and pretty muscular and His Battle at the Unova League Was Really Good To Me.
Cliff: Machamp They LOOK SO CREEPY with the 4 ARMS that they have it is a little creepy for but get to jump off a Cliff For Me.

Palpitoad The White@ Ash's Palpitoad, Brock's Crogunk, AND Misty's Politoad Ok SOOO GO GO GO.
Marry Mistys Politoad (it is a girl right?)
Mow Palpitoad.
Cliff Croagunk. He looks terrible.
Next: Virgil, Skyla and Charizard.
Marry: Charizard I just love him and is soooooo cool.
MOW: Skyla she is pree\tty hot and cool looking to me.
Cliff: Virgil he is ok but I did have to choose ok.

Meowth, Giovanni, And Persian.
Marry: Cilan's Crustle, It is just so cool and I loved Dwebble. When they had showed IT I instantly fell in love with Dwebble and Crustle and I use them in a lot of my Games NOW.
MOW: Iris's Dragonite, It is cool looking and someone was finally able to use and show a Dragonite a lot.
Cliff: Ash's Pignite sadly I think, I do like Pignite but the other two I like better than him so Sorry.

Ghestis, N, Brad.
Marry: Harley he is weird and so I am with some aspects of Myself.
MOW: Roark I have no problem with him and I do like him and his Rampardos.
Cliff: Trip Now that I think of it, he was a Terrible Rival and the only thing I like about him is that he is Voiced by Jaime McGonnigal.

Again, Meowth, Giovanni, Persian Gooooooooo.
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