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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Xyz Dimension Mafia - Endgame - 23/1/2017

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If Cheff isn't scum I'll drink a tall glass of milk (and I'm lactose intolerant, so it'd definitely make an impact).

fyi i dont think this is an appropriate conclusion

too fast, too weak

Elieson II (HumanDawn, CheffOfGames)
CheffOfGames II (Elieson, WolfOwl)
HumanDawn I (Hellcrow)

22 hours (-5 minutes) left in Day 1.
So let's see:
1. WolfOwl jokevotes Elie.
2. Human puts another vote on him without giving any reason.
3. Cheff sheeps the current leading vote.
4. Elie defends Human for solidifying the wagon as he was "doing something", but targets Cheff for pretty much the same action. As Human has himself said, that's hypocritical.
5. WolfOwl votes Cheff for being willing to place the third out of 5 votes needed to hammer.
6. Cheff admits to blindsheeping and voting so that the day doesn't "go to waste", and appears to claim that with more thought, he would have voted either Human or WolfOwl; WolfOwl questions him on that.
7. Elie echoes WolfOwl's question, and Cheff answers him while ignoring WolfOwl.
8. WolfOwl continues to question Cheff, but only gets a reply to one of her questions.

Cheff is out of his depth, little point in pushing there at this point. @CheffOfGames Unvote however. As soon as you see this. And don't vote again unless you can explain it.
Elie seems off, rather sloppily defending Human for doing what he attacks Cheff as/for doing. @Elieson How/Why was Human "doing something"/generating activity with an unexplained vote? Why, indeed, does his being the second voter put him in a better position than Cheff?
Human seems to be his usual self, really. @HumanDawn You said you based your vote on Elie on wanting to spark conflict and activity, how/why did you expect that to happen with a bare, practically random vote? Are you implying Elie's that provokable, hm? Why Elie over anyone else, say WolfOwl?
Why did it take you until Cheff's vote drew attention to respond to it yourself? Now that he's admitted his vote was blind and poorly thought out (unlike how you claim yours was), what do you think of him?
WolfOwl is also looking like her usual self, the questioning of Cheff is good. @WolfOwl What do you think of Human defending Cheff? What about Elie's apparent double standard?
Ok let's see if I understand, people are suggesting no lynch because we would have a possible lylo next time? Unless they're just saying to not lynch blindly and get a lynch going which isnt? Can someone explain?

Second the whole thing with ellie, hd, cheff, and wolf seems huge I would think mafia would stay away from that meaning that maybe the mafia is someone out of the loop? Maybe the whole mafia is in the loop? But there is just one player apart from me who wasn't in the loop and didn't post much. What do you guys think?
I doubt Cheff is scum because his wagon position order clearly put disadvantage position to be in central spotlight
Assuming there is 1 scum that will be gutsy action by Cheff to blatantly vote in third position order in Ellieson wagon on and assuming there is 2 scum Cheff playing daring there to impose his vote on Ellieson wagon because he has one more friend so it will be alright for people to see at him early? that to being said i doubt Cheff is scum due of his wagon position order which clearly put him disadvantage position to be in central spotlight especially in 7 player list, Scum should be subtle in their action if not want to lose early.

I would say in Ellieson wagon the scum possible roll between Wolfowl and Humandawn
@WolfOwl has comfortable wagon position being random voter which everyone would not give deep thought on her, a perfect starter to blend for scum,i am interested to know why Wolfowl so eagerly to changed his vote to Cheff.

Humandawn because his second wagon position which not give any meaningful impact for we would impressed he just second voted Wolfowl for his placeholder vote.

I'm basing my vote on wanting to move the game forward with some conflict. If I just voted somebody else I think the potential for it would be less interesting.
HumanDawn can you explain about this quote?
i am lost what you mean there, so you said you voted Ellieson because if voted somebody else would be less interesting?
Also off topic
I agree xyz is the best summoning mechanic. (That's not pendulum).
Yes, Xyz is the best summoning method, compared to synchro and fusion, i am enjoy xyz summon than any of them, one things i likes from xyz summon is their flexibility to change monster where we can just "rank up", "rank down", "overlay rank up" and "rank switch" our monsters without bother to get another monsters to further fusion summon them or accel synchro them

also pendulum summon is disaster i told you
Pendulum is not Duel monster greatest invented mechanic it is a big mistake, thanks for pendulum now i have to unnecessary worry players to spam monsters from hand and extra deck and bewary for pendulum monsters effect in pendulum zone.
In fact Pendulum is incoherent to duel monster deck, if in the past i could just build my dragon deck with the knowledge meta now i have to considered to discarded several cards to dragon deck to adjusted with pendulum due of pendulum has distinct demand to rely on pendulum zone summon.
If you want to use full pendulum deck then discard every meta deck then use full pendulum, you can't choose either to use full pendulum deck or use 2/5 pendulum because you have to.
Okay sorry for long
i am rant there because Pendulum just so annoyed me.
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Okay so I have read some more and it has come to my attention that people are asking if it's one or two mafia.
All I can say is that it could be either. If it's one it's edo(Aster Phoenix) if it's two it can be the two fusion sisters. That's all of the possibilities I see

Also pendulum is only a threat when the deck can build alot of advantage in one turn. If a deck can't then it's over. Plus if they can't get scales pendulums lose. It's very simple to stop before it get's going, but extremely hard to stop once they do get advantage. For example amorphages suck because they can't gain advantage over decks, while pepe was extremely good at getting advantage and was prob tier 0.
Night 1 start

Elieson II (HumanDawn, CheffOfGames)
CheffOfGames II (Elieson, WolfOwl)
HumanDawn I (Hellcrow)

The blue-haired Duelist spoke first: "I'm Grace Tyler!"
The blonde spoke after: "And I'm Gloria Tyler!"
They then spoke in unison: "We're the Tyler Sisters!"
Yuya then said: "These twin sisters have wiped out most of the Spade Branch of the Resistance with their Amazoness Decks... wait, how do I know that?" It must've been Yuto, he thought.
Shun took the initiative: "We're going to need allies against them; I'm going to search for survivors of the Resistance! You take them on for now!"
Shingo took a step forward: "Sakaki Yuya, please stay out of this dangerous situation. I, the Great Entertainment Duelist Shingo Sawatari, shall Duel them in your place!"
Gong took a step forward: "And I, the manly Gongenzaka, will help him!"

No one was lynched.
It is now Night 1, it will end in 24 hours (unless all actions are sent early).
Day 2 start

Gong and Shingo were lying in ground, defeated.
Gloria looked at her sister and said: "How about we take care of that one too, Grace?"
Grace replied: "Sure, this one looks a bit more interesting."
Yuya got his Duel Disk ready: "Even Academia's Duelists can smile with my Entertainment Duel!"
... but it looks like he was wrong.
"Amazoness Empress, attack Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"
Yuya was lying in ground, defeated as well.

Dear Garcher, you are Yuya Sakaki and Yuto.

Yuya is the protagonist of the ARC-V series and Yuto is his counterpart from the Xyz Dimension (while Yuya is the one of the Standard Dimension). Yuto has been absorbed into Yuya a long time ago, but after their arrival in Xyz Dimension (Yuto's homeland), he became able to talk to Yuya via telepathy. They are both strong Duelists who are willing to protect their friends from harm. That doesn't mean they don't have their fair share of enemies, though...

As a result, you are the 1x Doctor. Once night in the game, you can select a person and attempt to protect them from kills aimed at them.

You are allied with the town and win when all threats to it have been eliminated while at least one of its members is alive.
Garcher was killed. He was Yuya Sakaki/Yuto, Town 1x Doctor.

Just as the sisters approached Gong and Shingo to turn them into cards, though, Shun appeared alongside two more Duelists.
Shun said: "It's not over yet, we'll take you on!"

It is now Day 2. It will end in 48 hours, unless HYPER-MAJORITY occurs.
With 6 players alive, 4 are needed for HYPER-MAJORITY.
This may be the last day phase of the game.
@DarthWolf13 I didn't submit a vote because I didn't see anyone worth it. I usually would push a lynch, and would have voted had I had the time to think of a vote. Plus it seemed like I was the only one talking late day.
Vote: jackatlasred
Night results, any questions?
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