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Mafia Gladiator (2000 film) Mafia - ENDGAME - Commodus's Reign - MAFIA VICTORY

Not open for further replies.
She isn't, but she's extremely unlikely be the one who millerfied me (someone using three roles in one night doesn't make much sense and neither does giving me the gift without knowing what it does - and if they did know what it does then it doesn't make much sense to give me something that makes my lynch harder after framing me)
She is very likely the partner of whoever millerfied you, though. And if you really want to see what the gift is supposed to be doing, this is the correct lynch.
The gift might have more effects you do not know about? As long as she knows it would be no more bastard than the Framer we suspect there could be
have to do what I must... You should not hammer me if you think I am town cuz we lose anyway?
But it’s okay for you to mislynch me?
She isn't, but she's extremely unlikely be the one who millerfied me (someone using three roles in one night doesn't make much sense and neither does giving me the gift without knowing what it does - and if they did know what it does then it doesn't make much sense to give me something that makes my lynch harder after framing me)
What if the Millerfier was a factional ability? Space could be claiming one of her partners abilities.
I'm scumreading you, it doesn't make sense for me to coordinate something with you lol
The point is no one suggested it. So you can’t really blame one person for something no one did.
Space and Argonne- Argonne is MILLERIZER through their ability and space is either the gifted or reporter with the third action being their factional ability.

Space and Zexy-Soace claimed either Zexys ability or factional ability as her second ability.

I do see Space as mafia regardless.
But it’s okay for you to mislynch me?
They cannot prove I will secret vote for you lol, I just want to get some people off the wagon then we can try lynching Space, come on, I did not really want to spell it out...
They cannot prove I will secret vote for you lol, I just want to get some people off the wagon then we can try lynching Space, come on, I did not really want to spell it out...
….Yeah I don’t believe you. You could have tried to present a case on Space but instead you offer to lynch me. I’m just seeing what we can get out of this day phase before just hammering you. Your behavior under pressure has been scummy. You don’t look like a townie trying to save themselves. You look like mafia trying to save themselves.

The only reason I hesitate is I know your playstyle can be scummy.
You don’t look like a townie trying to save themselves.
I am not trying to be saved the Raven way, that clearly did not save Raven. I am trying to be saved the Jinjo way, and unfortunately that probably worked when it should have not...
Jinjo lived based on her role. Not her ATE.

Ehhhh eff it. It’ll be me or space. Zexy had hours to try to present a convincing case but did not and I don’t like how flip floppy he’s being instead of fighting for a proper counterwagon. Let me end everyone’s misery.

Unvote: Space
Vote: Zexy
I'm alive either because scum was worried minish had more investigative shots (which wouldn't matter much cuz everyone was vanilized) or because scum is taunting me, there isn't a secret here
Orrrr because they expect you to hard tunnel a town. I bet you it's actually that one. You don't keep a loud town clear alive just to taunt them and we both know that
Gladiator (2000 film) Mafia Endgame - Commodus Reigns
Vote Totals:

Zexy - IV (Argonne JamieIsBored, Mint Elv, Space)
Space - I (Zexy)

ENDGAME - Emperor's Reign

Senator Gracchus found himself in a rather peculiar predicament. As the battle raged on around him, he somehow managed to trip over his own toga and stumbled into the path of a charging chariot.

With his arms flailing in an attempt to regain his balance, Senator Gracchus let out a surprised yelp that echoed through the arena, capturing the attention of both the audience and the combatants. The charioteer, caught off guard by this unexpected obstacle, desperately pulled on the reins, but it was too late.

The chariot collided with the unfortunate senator, and the impact sent him soaring through the air in a truly comical fashion. His toga billowed like a sail, and his eyes widened in a mix of shock and disbelief as he sailed over the sand, arms still windmilling wildly.

The audience watched in a mixture of horror and amusement as Senator Gracchus soared in slow motion, his expression frozen in a bizarre combination of fear and bewilderment. His trajectory took him straight into a pile of discarded weapons, and he disappeared into the pile with a muffled thud.

As the dust settled, the arena fell into a momentary hush. Then, from the pile of weapons, a single sandal emerged and wobbled in the air for a moment before falling back down. The crowd erupted into laughter, unable to contain their amusement at the absurdity of the senator's demise.

The camera panned to Maximus, the heroic gladiator, who couldn't help but crack a wry smile amidst the chaos. Even in the midst of battle, the universe seemed to have a sense of humor, and for his comedic act, Senator Gracchus was spared.

Zexy has been removed from the game.

Senator Gruccus

"The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the Senate, it's the sand of the Colosseum. He'll bring them death and they will love him for it."​
Dear Zexy,

You are...

Secret Voter. Vote in thread does not count, but can be feigned. Only the vote sent to me privately in the private PM chat as VOTE: PLAYER NAME during the Day Phase will count.

You are allied with Maximus's Rebellion. You win when Commodus's Empire is defeated.

Commodus's men were defeating Maximus's men one by one, and ultimately, Cicero had to surrender in shame.

Argonne has lost in Endgame

"Sometimes I do what I want to do. The rest of the time, I do what I have to."​
Dear Argonne,

You are...

1x Publicizer - During the Night Phase, you may pick one player, and once the next night ends (ex: you use it Night 2, and the effect ends at Night 3) and you are still alive, the chosen player's alignment is revealed publicly. For only the Day Phase after you pick the player, your vote will count as 0.5x (half) and this change will not be reflected in the official Vote Counts. Note that the alignment publicized may not be accurate depending on the player it is used on. You can not use this role on yourself.

You are allied with Maximus's Rebellion. You win when Commodus's Empire is defeated.

Juba, knowing he had a wife and child waiting for him, also felt that he had to give up, at least for now.

MintElv has lost in Endgame.


"Now we are free."​
Dear Mint Elv,

You are...

1x Death Delayer. During the Night Phase, you may choose a player to give a life-extending *item to. That player, for the rest of the game, no matter what happens, if they were ever to die, it will take them two more phases to finally die (1 Day Phase counts as 1 phase, 1 Night Phase counts as 1 phase). The player of your choosing will not be notified that the item has been received and thus will not be made aware unless you publicize the information. The delay of death of the player will not be publicized once activated and neither will you be informed that the player of your choosing has had a successful kill attempt - not even through a Day Phase lynch. The player whose death is delayed will also not be notified when the item has been used. You can not use this role on yourself.

You are allied with Maximus's Rebellion. You win when Commodus's Empire is defeated.

Emperor Commodus was in high spirits at the surrender of Maximus's army, and with a gleeful smile, declared the game over and him the victor, with Lucilla awaiting him at the palace.

Space has won in Endgame.


The people are my children, I am their father. I shall hold them to my bosom and embrace them tightly...
Dear Space,

You are...

With your ability to feign innocence, you are the Godfather - Appear as Maximus's Rebellion in checks until the start of Day 2.
The Romans are eager to know what is going on, as is your job as the 1x Reporter - During the Night Phase, a text is publicized for the public to see - can include video. Your identity will be hidden, both player and name claim.
When you can not win the people's trust with your character, items of desire are your go-to as the 1x Gifter - During the Night Phase, a player of your choosing will receive a *gift with minus ( - ) 1x vote for the following Day Phase only. You can not use this role on yourself. You can use this role on a Mafia partner. The -1 vote is not publicized in the thread or in the Official Vote Count. The chosen player is notified that they will have minus 1x vote during that Day Phase only, and that it is automatically activated and can not be de-activated. Whether the chosen player does or does not use it, the 1x Gifter will remain used up.

You are allied with Commodus's Empire. You win when Maximus's Rebellion is defeated

Tigris of Gaul faught like he was in his prime, and was pleased with the end result. He was happy to still act as a contribution to the Roman Empire's entertainment venture.
JamieIsBored has won in Endgame.

Tigris of Gaul

We who are about to die, salute you!
Dear JamieIsBored,

You are...

1x RoleCop Vanillizer. During the Night Phase, you can choose a player, and by the end of the phase, that player will be informed that their role has been vanillized and roleblocked. They will become Vanilla (roleless), and will only be informed of their roleblocking if their role is being chosen to be activated in the same Night Phase. You will also learn of their role. If you were to die while the player you chose to be Vanillized is still alive, that player will revert to their original role.

You are allied with Commodus's Empire. You win when Maximus's Rebellion is defeated.

Maximus had to accept defeat in the arena, and had to bow down to Commodus and become his personal slave, to use and abuse to Commodus's every desire.

Exlight has lost in Endgame.


"Ancestors, I ask for your guidance. Blessed mother, come to me with the Gods' desire for my future. Blessed father, watch over my wife and son with a ready sword. Whisper to them I live only to hold them again. Ancestors, I honor you and will try to live with the dignity that you have taught me."​
Dear ExLight

You are...

1x Deathproof. For one attempt on your life, either by a lynch during the day or kill during the night, you will not die. You will also be informed when your 1x Deathproof has been used up.

HIDDEN MODIFIER: At the start of Day 2, you will also become a Miller. This is a natural part of your role, acting as a hidden modifier placed on you before the game began.

You are allied with Maximus's Rebellion. You win when Commodus's Empire is defeated.

It is now ENDGAME.

Thank you for reaching over 90 pages of engaging content!
1. What did you think of the game? Did you enjoy it?

2. What did you think of name claims being hidden and revealed until death?
3. What did you think of the balance of the game?
4. Is there anything else you feel I could have or should have done?
5. What did you think of the flavor text? (If you read it)
Live reactions from your host humonity to MoD Calvin:

  1. [3:45 PM]Calvin ッ:


  2. [3:45 PM]Calvin ッ:

    Just wanted to let you know you're free to post your signups

  3. [3:46 PM]Calvin ッ:

    I did mention you on the forum but saw you haven't been online since the 9th so wanted to make sure you got the message somehow

  4. [5:45 PM]humonity:

    Ok thank u

  5. [5:46 PM]humonity:

    Will post it later tonight when I am nella mia casa

  6. [5:52 PM]Calvin ッ:

    No worries no rush

  7. August 14, 2023
  8. [9:59 PM]Calvin ッ:

    I'll MoD ya game if you'll have me

  9. [11:46 PM]humonity:


  10. [11:46 PM]Calvin ッ:

    moderator on duty
  11. [11:48 PM]Calvin ッ:


  12. [11:52 PM]humonity:

    ok i will put you in the rolepms

  13. [11:53 PM]humonity:


  14. [11:54 PM]humonity:

    What apps are hosts using to randomize roles?

  15. [11:54 PM]humonity:

    to assign to players i mean

  16. August 15, 2023
  17. [12:02 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Whatever your preference is, I just use random.org personally, but I assume there's possibly an easier way of doing it

  18. [12:04 AM]Calvin ッ:

    So like my role pm list will be numbered 1-10, then for each one I use random.org and have it match a player on the player list.It's your discretion though, for example if you had a new player you'd probably be less likely to give them a really strong power role, but that depends on the host (edited)

  19. [12:12 AM]humonity:

    i am a randomer i dont pick roles for people
  20. [12:12 AM]humonity:

    Yeah that’s how i remember it

  21. [12:12 AM]Calvin ッ:

    same here, I don't really like dabbling into the games with host power haha

  22. [12:12 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Rather just keep it ful random personally

  23. [12:30 AM]humonity:

    also, typing this here so there is pre-game proof that i did not make it up
  24. [12:30 AM]humonity:

    the character of maximus will also become a miller come day 2

  25. [12:31 AM]humonity:

    it is not stated in their role pm that they will become one, but they will know when day 2 comes



  26. August 17, 2023
  27. [9:55 AM]humonity:

  28. [9:55 AM]humonity:

    This is the funniest post in the game



  29. [1:38 PM]humonity:

    Everyone talking about a Miller in game completely justifies me making them gain it in Day 2.
  30. [3:58 PM]humonity:

    “an abundance of vote modifiers or roles triggered upon death to make it more dynamic than day phases between a couple people (which has been reinforced by the zexy/jamie claims)as such, if the game might be heavily focused on Day Phases and might have restrictions of who to vote then roles like investigative ones become less likely or limited - what would the point of getting results if we can't follow up on them” (edited)
  31. [3:59 PM]humonity:

    this is actually very on point - it is how the set up ended despite not being the initial intention
  32. [8:46 PM]humonity:

    "Zexy - IV (Zexy, DawningWinds, RavenRaziel98, JamieIsBored)ExLight - III (Jinjo, Mint Elv, ExLight)"
  33. [8:46 PM]humonity:

    tfw the top wagons are voting themselves
  34. [9:36 PM]Calvin ッ:

    That's not how I saw that day phase going tbh



  35. [9:47 PM]humonity:

    i had a whole ft of zexy’s character death at the ready
  36. August 18, 2023
  37. [8:49 PM]humonity:

    holy fuck
  38. [8:49 PM]humonity:

    i am processing the night actions now
  39. [8:49 PM]humonity:

    minish has her tracker on jinjo (edited)
  40. [8:49 PM]humonity:

    jinjo is targeting exlight

  41. [8:49 PM]humonity:

    exlight is going to be vanillized
  42. [8:49 PM]humonity:

    jinjo is going to be no. 1 suspect for vanillizing exlight

  43. [8:49 PM]humonity:

  44. [8:50 PM]humonity:

  45. [9:11 PM]Calvin ッ:

  46. [9:12 PM]Calvin ッ:

    I did not expect so many 1-shots to be used N1
  47. [9:12 PM]Calvin ッ:

    This is gonna make for a hella fun scenario lmao

  48. [9:13 PM]humonity:

    OH YES

  49. [9:13 PM]Calvin ッ:

    "You are now a miller""oh wait nvm ur not"

  50. [9:13 PM]humonity:

  51. [9:25 PM]Calvin ッ:

    Just wanted to say I think you've captured the politicalness of the theme really well with your roles
  52. [9:26 PM]humonity:

    thank you
  53. [9:40 PM]humonity:

    the roles were designed around everything being tightly knit like the plot of the movie
  54. [9:40 PM]humonity:

    no cop or doctor to prevents auto clears by bulba meta
  55. [9:41 PM]humonity:

    they are a bit different
  56. [9:41 PM]humonity:

    the bulba meta is to claim miller day 1
  57. [9:41 PM]humonity:

    so i made miller hidden and revealed to the owner in day 2
  58. [10:00 PM]humonity:

  59. [10:00 PM]humonity:

    if space claims the report
  60. [10:00 PM]humonity:

    and jinjo is lynched
  61. [10:01 PM]humonity:

    space might get sussed for it kind of conflicting with publicizer
  62. [10:01 PM]humonity:

    i already knew this is possible but this has to do with the similarities of everyone's roles kind of meshing
  63. [10:02 PM]humonity:

    "would HD make Mafia have a similar role to a Townie, but is weaker and more flavor like?"
  64. [10:03 PM]humonity:

    technically space could have just written in the report "Everyone who did not vote yesterday is Town."
  65. [10:03 PM]humonity:

    and nobody would be the wiser
  66. [10:03 PM]Calvin ッ:

    Yeah I was gonna say the reporter usage was a bit off aha
  67. [10:03 PM]humonity:

    but with jinjo flipping town that would be more sus
  68. [10:04 PM]humonity:

    Maniacal Engineer sent a report to Mint Elv saying I was Mafia
  69. [10:05 PM]humonity:

    and the whole day was me telling Mint Elv that the message is obviously suspicious and the fact that she is not questioning it is shows a lack of skill from her end
  70. [10:05 PM]humonity:

    we did not even get the player who sent the message to her to claim and i still got lynched
  71. [10:07 PM]humonity:

    space getting lynched after jinjo (if she gets lynched) means jamieisbored is also dead



  72. [10:08 PM]Calvin ッ:

    Sorry but that scenario with you and mido is hilarious
  73. [10:08 PM]Calvin ッ:

    just a lack in thinking for a few moments haha

  74. [10:09 PM]humonity:

    yeah i told her i was town the entire time and she would just not have it

  75. humonity
    space getting lynched after jinjo (if she gets lynched) means jamieisbored is also dead

    [10:09 PM]humonity:

    because gifter will show up in space's role pm, and it matches with jamie's

  76. [10:09 PM]humonity:

    so jamie will be suspect number 1
  77. [10:11 PM]humonity:

    i have to laugh at how like
  78. [10:11 PM]humonity:

    no one is mentioning zinnlav at all
  79. [10:11 PM]humonity:

    nothing about her role
  80. [10:11 PM]humonity:

    nothing about her thoughts or contributions

  81. [10:11 PM]humonity:

    no RIP ZinnLav
  82. [10:34 PM]humonity:

    if jamie dies first

  83. [10:34 PM]humonity:

    space might be thought of clear
  84. [10:35 PM]humonity:

    based on the report being used as well
  85. [10:35 PM]humonity:

    people would go like

  86. [10:35 PM]humonity:

    "would space really have reporter and gifter, and would she even be able to use both on the same phase?"

  87. [10:40 PM]humonity:

    "My role also has to do with delaying death so I’m taking him as a counter claim and calling BS."
  88. [10:40 PM]humonity:

  89. [10:41 PM]humonity:

    another psuedo counterclaim i planned
  90. [10:42 PM]humonity:

    i mean
  91. [10:42 PM]humonity:

    there is no doctor
  92. [10:46 PM]humonity:

    oof this is going too sweet
  93. [10:47 PM]humonity:

    it will be interesting to see what people make of the vanillizer
  94. [10:47 PM]humonity:

    they would not attach it to either space or jamie because of their claims
  95. [10:48 PM]humonity:

    so they might actually be safe
  96. [10:48 PM]humonity:

    through PoE Dawning might really be the lynch here
  97. [10:48 PM]humonity:

    and if he is lynched, the phase will be skipped
  98. [10:48 PM]humonity:

    and jinjo's role will be proven
  99. [10:48 PM]humonity:

    further complicating many things

  100. [10:49 PM]humonity:

    see this is why i made mint elv's role completely hidden - to prevent a self clear
  101. [10:49 PM]humonity:

    i wonder if anyone will make the connection that mint elv's is hidden and the gifter's is not
  102. [10:50 PM]humonity:

    despite commodus being a godfather, his 1x gift may actually be a bigger godfather than the godfather role itself
  103. [10:50 PM]humonity:

    though godfather was mostly designed to be the moon to maximus's sun in how they both switch how they appear in alignment checks
  104. [10:51 PM]humonity:

    it is art, like zexy said
  105. [10:52 PM]humonity:

    "I was turned into a miller and then turned into a vanilla, in this order"
  106. [10:52 PM]humonity:

    does exlight realize that this was actually a natural part of his role?
  107. [1:10 AM]humonity:

    who the eff is the cop
  108. [1:10 AM]humonity:

    miller in the game but jinjo is the only cop claim

  109. humonity
    so many similar roles, but which are mafia

    [1:11 AM]humonity:

    this overlap was noted but i liked it because I calculated it could cause this drama
  110. [1:11 AM]humonity:

    even mido goes after exlight because of their death delaying roles (which is fair)
  111. [1:12 AM]humonity:

    if zexy completely forgot about roles his top two scum reads would be Space and Jamieisbored
  112. [1:12 AM]humonity:

    or somewhere in the bottom

  113. humonity
    this overlap was noted but i liked it because I calculated it could cause this drama

    [1:13 AM]humonity:

    “Too much confusion for town” well maybe you shouldn’t have claimed so much in Day 1 and even Night 1 :p
  114. [1:14 AM]humonity:

    though obviously it wouldn’t be so bad if not for the unfortunate track
  115. [1:14 AM]humonity:

    I still have hope for town to lynch dawning anyway
  116. [1:17 AM]humonity:

    “Oh fuck I super missed Min saying who she tracked yikes.” omg dawning winds put up the idea of lynching him without knowing that Jinjo targeted ExLight and ExLight claimed to be Vanillized and Framed!!
  117. [1:20 AM]humonity:

    1x Deathproof, Beloved and Innocent are I think the best roles to vanillize so 3/8 odds really if a no lynch happens day 1 which is rare which would be 3/7 with a lynch on town in day 1
  118. [1:24 AM]humonity:

    It’s so beautiful that Jinjo and Mint Elv are on the same side because both of their roles are not!Cop and not!Doctor respectively
  119. [1:25 AM]humonity:

    and they were designed to work in parallel as well
  120. [1:26 AM]humonity:

    In the case the Publicizer is targeted to be killed in the following night, the Death Delay would delay their death and make check public
  121. [1:55 AM]humonity:

    hmm yeah exlight is probably knowingly lying about his miller being something he was framed into
  122. [1:55 AM]humonity:

    it just sounds so scummy to say you are a miller now in day 2
  123. [1:55 AM]humonity:

    which is… completely the purpose of the miller role
  124. [1:59 AM]humonity:

    “I think Milleriser is probably Jinjo, I am aware of who vanilliser is and they are heavily town. If Ex wants me to, I can reveal who they are.”
  125. [1:59 AM]humonity:

    The fuck
  126. [2:00 AM]humonity:

  127. [2:00 AM]humonity:

    Omgg noo
  128. [2:00 AM]Calvin ッ:

    How many times has this game been turned upside down within the last 24 hours LOL
  129. [2:00 AM]humonity:

    i don’t understand lol
  130. [2:00 AM]humonity:

    At this point jamie is having his fun
  131. [2:01 AM]humonity:

    Even if he loses the experience should be worth it
  132. [2:01 AM]humonity:

    “No, please don’t do this to me Zexy. Allow your paranoia to be ignored for a round at least.”
  133. [2:01 AM]humonity:

    omg what is with this text
  134. [2:01 AM]humonity:

    It sounds
  135. [2:01 AM]humonity:

  136. [2:02 AM]humonity:

  137. [2:02 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Yeah such an unnecessary message to bottle it hahaha
  138. [2:02 AM]Calvin ッ:

    I thought he had it, then Dawning came in and I thought town had it, then I thought mafia had it again
  139. [2:02 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Now i think mafia just butchered it lmao
  140. [2:02 AM]humonity:

    i can’t sleep
  141. [2:02 AM]humonity:

    It is 2 am
  142. [2:02 AM]Calvin ッ:

  143. [2:03 AM]humonity:

    This is too engaging

  144. Calvin ッ
    Now i think mafia just butchered it lmao

    [2:03 AM]humonity:

    We will see
  145. [2:03 AM]humonity:

    I like putting off the wall theories as mafia
  146. [2:03 AM]humonity:

    To come off as town
  147. [7:33 AM]humonity:

    “@Space I just gave you a massive way to fully claim, you can claim reporter and 1x vote gifter if Ex doesn’t believe it was scum who gave him the gift.”
  148. [7:34 AM]humonity:

    This will conflict with reporter hmm
  149. [7:35 AM]humonity:

    I don’t really like this plan of jamie, I will need some arguments on the overall benefit of it
  150. [10:02 AM]humonity:

    space claimed
  151. [10:02 AM]humonity:

  152. [10:02 AM]humonity:

    I dunno i got a bad feeling about this scoob
  153. [1:50 PM]humonity:

  154. [1:50 PM]humonity:

    Exlight is too high up on ExLight’s read list
  155. August 20, 2023
  156. [12:13 AM]humonity:

    Damn the anti-innocent child role would have been insane
  157. [12:15 AM]humonity:

    Maybe i should have given space a framer and publicizer instead of reporter lol
  158. [12:17 AM]humonity:

    reporter has more potential for chaos if used right on the text
  159. [12:19 AM]humonity:

  160. [1:05 AM]humonity:

    “heavily relying on RNG roles”
  161. [1:06 AM]humonity:

    What are the rng roles
  162. [1:07 AM]humonity:

    i designed the game in a way to not include rng at all except for role and player picks
  163. [1:08 AM]humonity:

    “to be fair it would've been hell with all those vote modifiers lol”
  164. [1:09 AM]humonity:

    hammer is obligatory come day 4
  165. [1:09 AM]humonity:

    no way to cancel it
  166. [1:09 AM]humonity:

    Day 3 i will open up the option of shortening the day phase by 24 hours via vote
  167. [1:11 AM]humonity:

    day 5, if we ever reach it, is going to be hammer and once you vote, you can not unvote
  168. [1:12 AM]humonity:


    Gladiator (2000 film) Mafia - Day 2 - The Emperor's Mercy
    This doesn't feel like playing mafia anymore and instead it feels like I'm playing town of salem having to argue so much about roles and mechanics just like what they do in town of salem.
  169. [1:13 AM]humonity:

    in-thread play should be what mafia is about
  170. [1:13 AM]humonity:

    if there are these reactions then my game set up has succeeded
  171. [1:14 AM]humonity:

    Zexy was literally on JamieIsBored Day 1 and Space Night 1

  172. @humonity

    [1:19 AM]Calvin ッ:

    odd post
  173. [1:19 AM]Calvin ッ:

    thats exactly what it should be lmao
  174. [1:19 AM]Calvin ッ:

    ill have to catchup to your messages after this quest

  175. Calvin ッ
    thats exactly what it should be lmao

    [1:26 AM]humonity:

    people not host metaing enough that this was the end goal with the similar claims
  176. [1:27 AM]humonity:

    i am surprised that jamie went full on with the vanillizer
  177. [1:27 AM]humonity:

    And space with her gift and reporter
  178. [9:01 AM]Calvin ッ:

    im ngl mate your game has made me really want to play mafia again, and i've had no want to touch the game in like 5+ years ahahaha

  179. [9:01 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Besides hosting that's kinda my gimmick i guess lol
  180. [9:02 AM]Calvin ッ:

    I don't think I could deal with some of the players though
  181. [10:10 AM]humonity:

    thank you so much
  182. [10:12 AM]humonity:

    this game reminded me of how good hosting is
  183. [10:12 AM]humonity:

    i think the activity might be a bit overboard
  184. [10:12 AM]Calvin ッ:

    ye the activity is crazy
  185. [10:13 AM]Calvin ッ:

    but thats probably a good thing really tho
  186. [10:13 AM]humonity:

    i think it’s the intrigue



  187. [10:13 AM]Calvin ッ:

    wouldn't have had a flip flop town earlier without the activity really
  188. [10:13 AM]humonity:

    the town does not even know who their character is

  189. humonity
    What are the rng roles

    [11:53 AM]humonity:

    oh right jamie's claim lmao
  190. [9:04 PM]humonity:

    It’s day 3
  191. [9:04 PM]humonity:

    And anything can happen
  192. [9:04 PM]humonity:

    Day 3 and only 2 people dead out of 10
  193. [9:23 PM]humonity:

    “Ah shit, I just re-read this. So I can‘t potentially save someone tonight.”
  194. [9:23 PM]humonity:

    jamie, you wouldn’t be able to save anyone anyway because all roles are vanillized until the end of night 3
  195. [9:33 PM]humonity:

    Votes on mint elv damn
  196. [9:33 PM]humonity:

    Exlight really holding the grudge strong
  197. [9:33 PM]humonity:

    Well I actually do see his pov
  198. [9:34 PM]humonity:

    Mint Elv has a battle but I think in the end her vote will go to either Space or Jamie
  199. [9:35 PM]humonity:

    “I'll be assuming a PoE among Minish/ Jinjo/ Mint/ Zexy. I believe Jinjo/Minish, Jinjo/Zexy, and Mint/Zexy are unlikely to be a team.”
  200. [9:36 PM]humonity:

    damn even mint is in the PoE
  201. [9:36 PM]humonity:

    this is the start of day so exlight is unlikely to hold these same opinions
  202. [9:37 PM]humonity:

    I think Mint Elv / Zexy / Exlight will have a vote on mafia at some point
  203. [9:38 PM]humonity:

    People are assuming Mint Elv is a Poisoner… and… I did not think of this as a possible interpretation of her claim at all
  204. [9:47 PM]humonity:

    Poisoner actually makes sense in the game because it’s something Commodus does
  205. [11:03 PM]humonity:

    “I hate how awfully calm Raven is” - ExLightI like Raven’s attitude
  206. August 21, 2023
  207. [3:04 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Agreed, in a game where we have some personal vendetta going on we just have Raven whose kinda chilling
  208. [3:04 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Jamie playing a good game imo
  209. [3:05 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Even though I thought he shot himself in the foot earlier, hes a town read for most of the players

  210. @humonity
    Exlight really holding the grudge strong

    [3:05 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Sounds like Ex ahahaha

  211. @humonity
    this is the start of day so exlight is unlikely to hold these same opinions

    [3:06 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Town will flip flop, as they have about a million times this game lol!

  212. @humonity
    People are assuming Mint Elv is a Poisoner… and… I did not think of this as a possible interpretation of her claim at all

    [3:06 AM]Calvin ッ:

    That would make a bit of sense aswell though, given the theme / era I suppose if you can call it that
  213. [8:36 AM]humonity:

    “I honestly just find it weirder how it doesn't track kills but maybe HD saw how things went in the last game when I spotted scum and wanted to avoid something similar? lol”
  214. [8:37 AM]humonity:

    publicizer, innocent child, and tracker that tracks kills? Naaah
  215. [8:40 AM]humonity:

    “Scum with a 1x double vote is busted already, I don't think HumanDawn misses the spot this badly when making the setup” - exlight
  216. [8:41 AM]humonity:

    It was meant to counter the 1x gift if it were to be used on Tigris (scum) that make them have -1 vote
  217. [8:42 AM]humonity:

    Annnd also for the late game to save Town from losing (edited)
  218. [8:43 AM]humonity:

    Mafia wins when there is no chance for Town to counter them
  219. [8:46 AM]humonity:

    “I’d be shocked if Jamie is mafia. If he is then he deserves the win. He’s played well outside of the whole lying about his role thing.” - mint elv
  220. [8:46 AM]humonity:

    muchos agreed
  221. [6:16 PM]Calvin ッ:

    "I have already said how letters in the middle of the arena feel like more Emperor Commodus stuff over good guy Maximus"
  222. [6:17 PM]Calvin ッ:

  223. [6:21 PM]humonity:

    I didn’t know that only the Emperor in Rome knew how to write in 180 AD…
  224. [6:21 PM]humonity:

    (setting is fictional of course but come on)
  225. [6:55 PM]humonity:

    “Also with how vote-centric the entire game is and knowing I am the town secret, I think scum has more use for the double vote. “
  226. [6:55 PM]humonity:

    but it is not space with the gift that gives -1 to votes
  227. [6:55 PM]humonity:

    If raven is lynched i will get to make an epic ft title
  228. [7:42 PM]humonity:

    “I admit that I'm a little off atm, I don't know what's wrong with me myself - I mean, I get what's wrong with my play style, but I don't know what's wrong with my head atm. The fact that there is so little mechanical investigation involved and the general lack of the traditional roles and night actions that I'm used to is probably not helping it either.”
  229. [7:42 PM]humonity:

    good you learn
  230. [9:20 PM]humonity:

    hagen dies
  231. [9:20 PM]humonity:




  232. [9:20 PM]humonity:

  233. [10:55 PM]humonity:

    "Great they get to join the crap show :ROFLMAO:"
  234. [10:55 PM]humonity:

    well mido
  235. [10:55 PM]humonity:

    exlight is cleared
  236. [10:55 PM]humonity:

    jinjo is the cop role of the game
  237. [10:56 PM]humonity:

    minish is confirmed tracker - what benefit does scum need tracker for?
  238. [10:59 PM]humonity:

    gifter can at least be used on scum for -1
  239. [10:59 PM]humonity:

    vannilizer helps mafia destroy op roles until the vanillizer dies (edited)
  240. [11:51 PM]humonity:

    the ff
  241. [11:51 PM]humonity:

    is exlight legit believing he is millerized
  242. [11:51 PM]humonity:

    i have a feeling argonne might actually be nk'd tonight
  243. [11:53 PM]humonity:

    do people think the publicizer is that strong?
  244. [11:54 PM]humonity:

    it has a delay to it, the vote of the caster is nerfed
  245. [11:54 PM]humonity:

    and the caster must survive 2 nights and 1 day
  246. [11:54 PM]humonity:

    that's two potential nightkills of either the caster or the person chosen to check to die
  247. [11:55 PM]humonity:

    death delayer and beloved were meant to help it, with beloved also nerfing everyone else for a while
  248. August 22, 2023
  249. [12:19 AM]humonity:

    “Zexy and Mido are blatantly scummy in my opinion and I'd prefer to lynch them starting with Mido.”
  250. [12:19 AM]humonity:

  251. [12:20 AM]humonity:

    tbf i can see the zexy scummy stuff
  252. [12:23 AM]humonity:

    “Space, Mido, and Jamie are never the players who millerfied me because they all used actions that proved their roles, unless there were major shenanigans here. So whoever did it to me has to be either Zexy or Mint Elv.”
  253. [12:23 AM]humonity:

    Oh my god i cant watch
  254. [12:23 AM]humonity:

    No wonder Jamie is against killing Exlight
  255. [12:33 AM]humonity:


    Gladiator (2000 film) Mafia - Night 3 - Hagen Dies
    I publicize someone's alignment but it only happens if I'm alive the next phase after its used so ExLights alignment should've been publicly available today.I make ICs cause I'm cool like thatmkay, yea I'm publicly known to be town by nowthere's some discussion on whether or not your role...

  256. [12:34 AM]humonity:

    So close exlight
  257. [12:34 AM]humonity:

    I like how calm exlight is in this post
  258. [12:35 AM]humonity:

    I feel like he finally has someone who is willing to listen to him without judgement
  259. [7:13 PM]humonity:

    “The problem with Space is that almost everyone at some point was like "I would not mind lynching Space" but no one ever VOTED for Space. Me included :(
  260. [7:14 PM]humonity:

    yes zexy because i made space’s role an ultra godfather
  261. [7:15 PM]humonity:

    Space flipping as reporter would kind of clear argonne even more
  262. [7:15 PM]humonity:

    I made the roles similar, but not the mafia’s
  263. [7:15 PM]humonity:

    That would be a tad much
  264. [9:10 PM]humonity:

    “Hammer counts your in-thread vote, not your secret vote.Secret vote counts outside of hammer.”
  265. [9:10 PM]Calvin ッ:

    gotta catchup to your messages again
  266. [9:10 PM]Calvin ッ:

    what are you doing to me HD
  267. [9:10 PM]Calvin ッ:

  268. [9:13 PM]humonity:

    ? I dont understand

  269. humonity
    “Hammer counts your in-thread vote, not your secret vote. Secret vote counts outside of hammer.”

    [9:13 PM]humonity:

    Of course I wouldn’t let secret vote be provable :p

  270. @humonity
    ? I dont understand

    [9:13 PM]Calvin ッ:

    gotta catchup like 30 messages aha

  271. [9:15 PM]humonity:

    “Why have a Deathproof and also someone giving Bulletproof?”
  272. [9:15 PM]humonity:

    Why have Deathproof, Death Delayer and Bulletproof? :p
  273. [9:16 PM]humonity:

    Then again, why have 1x Tracker, 1x Delayed Public Cop , and 1x Innocent Child
  274. [9:21 PM]humonity:

    “My role is so obviously a counter to the milleriser.”
  275. [9:22 PM]humonity:

    Assuming there is one then the Beloved would be the counter
  276. [10:05 PM]humonity:

    Best play for Day 4 might be to let Jamie proce his BP role and Mint Elv to use her Death Delayer - No Lynch it.
  277. [11:34 PM]humonity:

    “It would make me read Space more town, and get rid of a Bulletproofizer before he gets to give out the BPV, but honestly atm I think it is Space/Jamie”
  278. [11:34 PM]humonity:

  279. [11:34 PM]humonity:

    I wonder if Exlight will say anything about his role now
  280. [11:49 PM]humonity:

    “I'll probably end up voting Zexy”
  281. [11:50 PM]humonity:

    Exlight with the bait for space to vote zexy
  282. August 23, 2023
  283. [8:30 AM]humonity:

    damn, mafia won lol
  284. [8:31 AM]Calvin ッ:

    oh wait
  285. [8:31 AM]Calvin ッ:

    that hammer makes it equal?
  286. [8:31 AM]humonity:

    after a nightkill yes
  287. [8:31 AM]Calvin ッ:

    oh ye im an idiot
  288. [8:31 AM]Calvin ッ:

    I thought you meant like right this second
  289. [8:31 AM]humonity:

    only possible delay is from mint elv's role

  290. [8:31 AM]humonity:

    which scum knows about
  291. [8:32 AM]humonity:

    but even if they delay and one of their own is lynched next phase
  292. [8:32 AM]humonity:

    the town player would eventually down
  293. [8:32 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Don't know if she'll target the right person though
  294. [8:32 AM]humonity:

    it won't matter because even if she does the mafia will realize
  295. [8:33 AM]humonity:

    and if one of their own dies, the death delayed person would die on n5 anyway
  296. [8:33 AM]Calvin ッ:

    yea thats true
  297. [8:33 AM]humonity:

    and the mafia would choose someone else
  298. [8:33 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Jamie has played a decent game
  299. [8:33 AM]humonity:

    if mint elv did not claim i would extend the game
  300. [8:33 AM]humonity:

    jamie played a great game
  301. [8:33 AM]humonity:

    but town played a not so great game tbh

  302. [8:34 AM]Calvin ッ:

    prolly best performance i've seen since coming back, granted thats like 3 games tho, and yeah town was off for sure

  303. [8:34 AM]humonity:

    yeah jamie was mega active

  304. [8:35 AM]humonity:

    and his gambit played off
  305. [8:35 AM]humonity:

    i can't believe people did not connect his role with space's

  306. [8:35 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Really thought he shot himself in the foot during that whole scenario aswell, bc of that
  307. [8:36 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Back when game was in a state of paranoia for like 24 hours

  308. [8:36 AM]Calvin ッ:

    Well, that's been the whole game tbf

  309. [8:38 AM]humonity:

    he got very lucky because of one particular thing though

  310. [8:38 AM]humonity:

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