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Pokemon Legends: Shaymin (signups and discussion)

Sorry, what’s an IC?
(Edit: I figured it out lol)

And yeah, I’m a little daunted by there being 200 petals to get.
Would saying Giratina's advocate be like saying devil's advocate? Do we even know about Giratina? With we being used to refer to our characters.
Sorry about the double post.
Here is what I have in mind for Kyo: The incident at Twin Leaf Village has impacted his life (as well as the incident with his brother, though to a lesser extant). He can be lazy and sometimes puts off his training. Both incidents (especially what could have happened at Twin Leaf if not for Emerald Raikou) has made him realize that in order to protect himself and others, he needs to better himself. That is kind of why I had him get caught, though I wish I did it differently than how I did.
I’m assuming from Sage Rowan referring to Mesprit as “she” that some, if not all Legendaries are gendered? For future reference, which ones were given a gender, and what is it?
So I figured I’d drop Kai’s backstory in case anyone’s confused as to why his personality seems to change randomly.

His parents abandoned him as a baby with nothing but a Turtwig in a Heart Charm (changed Kaku’s backstory a bit, sorry about that), doing that thing where they left him at the door of an orphanage. He was raised in the dysfunctional orphanage until he was 7, when he ran away to live in woods.

His time in the woods left him with an inoffensive, easygoing personality, but beneath the facade he takes a long time to truly warm up to people. There’s also the “really hates seeing Pokémon hurt since he likes the more than people” thing, but I think that was obvious enough.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that as he had a practically nonexistent upbringing and was separated from the world most of his life, so he has a fairly naive worldview and philosophies, such as how the warlord’s attack was the first time he ever witnessed death.

Sorry it took so long for me to really figure him out, I just have an easier time doing this sort of thing as I go lol. Any other inconsistencies can be attributed to me being very inexperienced with this.
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