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Pokemon Legends: Shaymin (signups and discussion)

What is the name of Lake Valor in our story? My character lives near there, as I have stated already.
Also, Kyo left the village in order to look for his brother, who went out but never returned. Of course, he was convinced by the thieves to join them in stealing the blooms.
I will admit that I had this crazy idea for a confrontation with Kyo's brother (Have not thought of a name for him) at the lake. Like he is also looking for the petals (not really sure about the motive [maybe money?]). I think I will tone it down to more of a conversation or something. I want to try to keep in line with what you have in mind.
If this was a story that I was writing myself and not a roleplay, I certainly would do the idea.
Like, when the group arrives at the lake to look for the petals, Kyo's brother shows up also looking for the petals. There is a conversation between them. I was thinking of having a big fight between them, but I think I will hold off on that and just have there been a conversation. Well, a small fight won't really hurt.
I also, I don't really have any ideas for a name for Kyo's brother...
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By the way, I want to let you know that Sukong doesn't use Heart Charms, as he prefers to have his pokemon out and free to do what they want.
Character's name: satoshi
Character's age:14
Character's physical appearance: he looks like ash ketchum
Character's personality/known history: he is kind of like ash ketchum. he is helping shayman because he loves Pokémon
Character's known Pokémon, if any: pikachu, it was his first pokemon and ditto
Character's preferred style: pokemon battle
Character's school/sect: pokemon trainer
Do we have a weapon according to our character’s “preferred style”? ‘Cause I have a cool idea but Kai needs a shield for it, and I haven’t seen anyone else using theirs.

There's been some weapon drawing and Tsumugi has meaningfully used her lance before (and is also still getting armored up, unless this battle "ends" a certain way and I get to respond to it in time). That said if you're using it like I think you are, I think deflecting or blocking a Hyper Beam with an ordinary shield is probably a little impractical without at least medium-level ki. :p Only my thoughts, that said.

That said if you're using it like I think you are, I think deflecting or blocking a Hyper Beam with an ordinary shield is probably a little impractical without at least medium-level ki. :p Only my thoughts, that said.
Yeah yeah, I wasn’t gonna do something that crazy lol (well honestly I did think about it a bit but yknow) Thanks!

Jade Flower can summon an appropriate weapon to fight with as the situation demands while in human form. She also has access to every possible move Shaymin can learn (regardless of gen) and elemental martial arts based on flowers and nature.
Jade can also understand Pokémon as well, since she is a Pokémon herself, right?
“Well, are we all set to go?” He turns to Jade Flower and continues, “Are you sure you don’t want anything?”
While I was writing this I spent way too much time debating as to how Kai would refer to Jade Flower, ‘cause like, milady sounds too formal for him, but then just Jade Flower, or Jade, or whatever didn’t sound formal enough. Before of course just deciding to write it so that he didn’t have to lol

Can I get some of your thoughts’ in case this happens again?
Hey. I say your post in the role play thread. Torterra aren't that big. Sure, they are seven feet tall. What about the length (tip of the head to the tip of the tail)?
In fact, how did the 7 feet measurement come about? Did they measure from the tip of the feet to the top of the tree or head to tail?
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