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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

After sleeping on the last chapter's ending I decided to tweak a few things to make more sense. Not big but still ultimately the same ending. I did add a horror-like stinger for the next chapter since I have a clear idea on what the new case is about.
Despite the absolute nightmare that was yesterday (even for Monday standards), along with getting up too early today, I was able to write the next chapter of Shooting Star Rider ("Freya's Fiery Fervor"). Could probably use some more tweaking, though, especially since I'm still recovering from yesterday's events. For the most part, the first half introduces several Chekhov's Guns that become important later on (along with a major Easter Egg regarding one of them, which is the most plot-oriented one), thus helping set up future events. It also explores Freya's battling ability, her team (or at least part of it), and her newfound crush on Geo, along with the fact she took inspiration from him when battling Roark (yes, I had three chapters in a row dedicated to battling Roark, albeit with different characters doing it each time). Gave her some interesting Mons you wouldn't expect, but given the fact she's based off of the female Cooltrainer from the Stadium games (albeit with a more "interesting" design, if you catch my drift) I felt it would be fitting for her to have Mons that wouldn't fit the mold for someone as attractive as her. The next chapter will focus a bit more on Vivi, Victor, and Weavile, showing their hidden depths more.
@Greninjaman It's in the spoiler since it's not fun.

First, while I was able to get my taillight fixed, I had to go 20 miles to get it done because both the mechanics I wanted to go to and the one dad wanted to go do were booked up. But the car survived the trip. Or so I thought. Then dad lost his car's keys (the only one he had), requiring it to be towed so a new set could be programed at the dealer. I've been badgering him for months to get a new set of car keys made (he originally had 2 sets but lost one) just in case this happened (and given how frequently he loses things it's a reasonable possibility) but he held off saying "it's not an emergency or anything". Well, his poor judgment struck again, as now he has to get a new set made.

And then he asked me to drive my car down to him so he can borrow it so he can keep doing his stupid substitute teaching job. I was hesitant but since the car did survive the trip to the repair shop I felt maybe it would be okay. Nope! As dad was dropping me off so he could borrow my car I heard a hissing noise and smoke started to come out of the hood. Now MY car has broken down, exactly what I feared would happen!! And he did this despite mom telling him not to get me involved so we wouldn't run that risk. But he does so anyway. So we're without any cars. Dad wanted to stay with me overnight so he could still go to that damn subbing job, which is when I pretty much put my foot down and told him "NO!", forcing him to cancel it and so he could get a cab home (which was late, I might add). Which also resulted in him raiding my snack cupboard and ate three bags of snacks (a bag of cookies, a bag of yogurt-covered pretzels, and a bag of honey-roasted peanuts). So now dad needs to wait until the new car keys for his car are programed (which should be sometime today) and has to take a cab down to pick up the car. Honestly, dad's judgment has gotten worse and worse by the day, and he still prioritizes what he wants over the family's needs.

But that was my Monday, a misery even for Monday standards.
I was having trouble focusing on my writing this evening and couldn't get more than a paragraph done. I start at my new job tomorrow so I'm chalking it up to nerves. Hoping I'll be able to focus more next time.
Is this your first job? If so, then it's understandable that you would be nervous. We all have been there.
Made some edits and changes to Orion's Pokemon List. Removed one (Rampardos), replacing it with another Fossil Mon (Aerodactyl), along with adding in Gyarados, Granbull, Hitmonlee, Steelix, and Claydoll. Since he's been to other regions prior to the story is why he's got such a large team, and he rotates them depending on his needs at the time like his inspiration: Paul. Plus the more "meaner" appearance of these Mons fits with his aggressive yet calculated style, while also matching his general attitude. Will try to rotate these guys in as much as possible to show them off. But I think this is the final version of his team.
Finished the opening scene and briefing for the new case. Team's in town ready to investigate starting with the hospital to get info from the victims. They're actually in pretty good shape all things considered for my fic's standards, guess I'm feeling generous :LOL:.
Made one last edit to Orion's Pokemon Team, adding in Nidoking to his ranks. This is because I've decided to make Nidoking the "rival" to Geo's eventual Infernape a la Paul's Electrivire. As a result, it shares a few moves with Electrivire (specifically, Thunder and Protect) and tends to be a Grade A jerk to everyone who isn't Orion, his team (sans Chimchar before Geo obtains him), and Orion's brother (who I have yet to name). Plus it partners well with his Nidoqueen, and unlike her, Nidoking has the benefit of Sheer Force to boost his attacks (though no Life Orb to further abuse it... at least not yet, anyway, as I haven't decided on if he'll get one or not since Held Items are a thing in this series). Okay, now I'm done editing Orion's team.
Forgive the double post but because I was having trouble sleeping I did a bit of work to try to tire myself out and came up with a new Pokemon Team. This time for Sirius (Sinnoh), who is Orion's older brother (notice the theme naming in the family?). Unlike Orion, Sirius is a pleasant person who is a Pokemon Breeder and a former Gym Challenger, and he's very much aware of how cruel his brother can be, along with being the one who reveals why Orion is the way he is. He also gets along with Geo and co very quickly and doesn't hold the same "excuse" that Orion has for his behavior despite coming from the same background. He also takes care of Orion's reserves when he rotates them, along with helping him trigger any trade evolutions, so he and Orion are at least on good terms despite Sirius not agreeing with his brother's "methods", as he also agrees with Geo's philosophy about how strength isn't everything and bonds are more important. So, in short, he's everything Orion isn't despite coming from the same background and history.
I have been writing a Kanto journey for my protagonist. But I am stuck where he arrives in Lavender Town and visits the Pokémon Tower (renamed to be Memorial Tower). It was already 2 - 3 months ago. I kept trying to progress in the story but there was no luck. I was either going to delete all the Lavender Tower arc to replace another one that flows in the story, or I would need to eventually come up with a working idea to go further.

I stopped trying today (at least for now). Kanto journey is on hold. I decided to begin another character's Alola journey (as Alola is a very self contained region that does not have much connection with other regions). It felt so refreshing and good to have an idea that works. I worked on the characteristic details of the main characters, and I will start writing the first chapter probably tomorrow.

Good to be back to writing, y'all!
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