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What does the above human Pokémon character remind you of?

The tcg card where he's in a toilet

Edit : I got ninja'd

His japanese name is a real (but rare) last name. And he's the best yo

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Had to look up who she is so right there that’s not a good sign…but eventually…

Oh, the Battle Maison. That was cool; wish I did that more often. Only did triples when I played Gen 6 in the past.

Depressing relatability. I get the feeling he even might've been created partly because the devs at Game Freak want to vent out their turmoil under the current conditions of their work environment.

How underneath her girly girl exterior she has that nasty temper and is also highly intelligent, as she is actually the head of Cipher's R&D team and it was seemingly she who was responsible for the complete resistance to purification XD001, otherwise known as Shadow Lugia, displayed initially. (Also her Shadow Delcatty I always remember too.)

Oh yeah, and the Cipher Admin encounter theme always comes to mind whenever I remember her or Snattle:

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