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Non-Mafia BulbaRonpa: The War Room's Killing Game (MASTERMIND VICTORY)

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Hmm. Well played, @Zexy
Thanks, and sorry for the d2 thing. Also sorry to Minish and Zinn for killing early, the first was because her being low activity meant maximum chances of having not claimed if she is lynchproof or not (unfortunately I was wrong), the latter was around the same time as the Chess n2 kill, and I hoped ppl would be like "doubt scum Zexy would kill Zinn in all games" which is all WIFOMable. The Ex kill was rather strategic by then, he was right with "one of Mido/Zexy" ofc and had lots of FTEs and the capacity to use them for strats that could ruin my plan.

Also I was getting REALLY worried with the 3 no kill nights, especially since I got 2 attempts per night. 6 times you roomed perfectly. The original plan was instawin after Potato lynch, it should have never come down to having to tie with Quas and having zero idea what happens there.

I think the main town fault was listening too much to a single person strats, no matter how right they look on paper, it could always be MM who knew which hidden abilities you had no idea about.
Thanks for hosting Beryl, my game may have been short, but I had a really good time!
i'm glad!!!
I’ll be honest. The mastermind is OP. Since we have no way of finding them outside of basically random lynching, they had too many powers.
sorry about that! i tried to even it out >< i knew if mastermind had nothing special to work with the game would be stacked against them, so i probably went overboard with that...

the tie rule was that the last vote would be automatically discarded btw
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