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Review BW092: Satoshi, Iris, and Shooty! The Last Battle!!


Jan 2, 2003
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Satoshi, Iris, and Shooty! The Last Battle!!

Animation - Team Kato
Screenplay - Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Storyboard - Shigeru Ueda
Assistant director - Shigeru Ueda
Animation director - Atsushi Ogata

The Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup continues with a battle between Satoshi's Waruvil and Iris' Kairyuu!
Huh. Pretty nice battle between Ash and Iris. But the battle against Trip felt more like the "Let's see how much we can make that snake look awesome at the expense of Ash's battling skills" show.

All in all, I hope Alder destroys Trip next ep.
Huh. Pretty nice battle between Ash and Iris. But the battle against Trip felt more like the "Let's see how much we can make that snake look awesome at the expense of Ash's battling skills" show.

All in all, I hope Alder destroys Trip next ep.

At least Satoshi gave it a valiant effort by trying to speed up Chaobu with all those Nitro Charges, Jalorda was just too fast for Chaobu in the end and his speed was an answer for everything in Chaobu's arsenal. I'm glad to see Satoshi at least used some nice logic. XD

Kairyu going batshit crazy...looks like the plotline isn't done for yet.

Waruvial was amazing.

So, looks like Kairyu will listen when battling weaker, smaller opponents, and a Ground-type like Waruvile. But, when he evolved his battling instincts took control of him and he realized that upon being struck by that Dragon Claw and evolution.
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Well, this was a better episode than last week's. I loved the music, even though I was listening through KeyHole. The battle between Satoshi and Iris was pretty good. The other one not so much. At least Satoshi did use a bunch of Nitro Charges, but it would've been nice if he had been able to hit Jalorda at least once.

But I, too, am hoping to see Shooty get flattened by Adeku.
It's disappointing that the final, deciding battle of the entire tournament, one in which the main character of this show participated in and lost, was buried in between two battles the way it was. It just didn't feel feel like it was given the attention it deserved because it was rushed through so much.
Best Ep of the tourney, which isn't saying a lot. Still pretty poor episode. Ash/Iris battle started well, except for the part where Dragonite was magically listening to Iris, because that makes perfect sense. Then the Evo. One of the more believable/deserved Evos of the series IMO. Liked the Addition of Dragon Claw too. Krookodile is looking like Ash's strongest this region, with one of the most diverse and best move sets, and thank fuck it finally got a 4th move. But then Dragonite got all pissy again, and Iris got all Irisy. And did Dragonite intentionally get hit by crunch so it could feel more pain? or was that just an accident lol, because that would be odd. And then yay Iris finally was knocked from the tournament, and I can sleep easy lol.

That final was god awful. Ash kept calling the same moves, Pignite kept missing, because apparently Serperior is some sort of speed demon. The whole time I wanted him to use Fire pledge, and then he did, and it just dodged it anyway haha. Didn't even land a hit. ugh

I get that they were trying to make Trip look like a threat and all, but this tourney only made Serperior look like a threat, not really Trip as a whole.

Lets hope Alder wrings out that snake : )
Yeah, the battle with Iris was very well executed. Especially Dragonite stopping obeying mid battle once it got hit hard - I like that. An aspect I didn't think of earlier was the comment Trip made about the weakness that Dragons have to Dragon types in response to Iris' fear - considering it took a dragon move to really throw Dragonite is very good writing in that context.

I suppose they had to do a really good job with that battle, because the one afterwards was pathetic. Couldn't Ash just land something at some point? Though I think it brings into focus the problem with Pignite's lack of a diverse moveset, the fire attacks weren't working but he had nothing to fall back on, while Serperior had a great variety of different attacks to work with on top of the huge speed advantage. It'd be nice if Ash takes some time to work on both speed training and move diversity before the league - the problems that Pignite is facing are almost identical to what were the problems that Chilli's Pansear was having.

Favourite shot this week was the reactions from the Pokemon to Dragonite being hit with dragon claw - the whole spectrum of emotions there.

Something I was also disappointed about was no interaction at all between Ash and Trip after the battle - not even a handshake or something. Ash should have been able to recognise how well Trip has trained Serperior or make one of those 'I'll beat you next time' comments to set up a future battle - a Pikachu fist-pump, or something.
Taken by itself, this was a solid episode. The battle between Iris and Satoshi was great, loads of drama. I liked seeing Waruvial and his newly evolved glasses. XD It made sense, we saw him train, we saw him get stronger and stronger and to see him evolve here was not only justified, but actually rewarding. The battle looked great, I liked that we saw some strategy on Satoshi's side prior to the evolution, that it wasn't a total blowout and that Waruvile could have fought back without evolving. Though, the first part of the battle made me realize just how much I was bored with its moveset so, I'm glad he learned Dragon Claw. Battle between Satoshi and Shooti felt rushed but still looked good, wonder how Jalorda kept pulling a Houdini and how Satoshi will handle that in the League, but I'm slightly more interested in their upcoming matchup so the battle served its purpose. Satoshi was pissed at the end, which is pretty much a stronger reaction than he had to shooti all season long, so that's great. Both of them could've interacted more.

Now, I said taken on its own, this was a solid episode, because well... some of the elements about it that worked were dampened by the bs that happened in previous episode. Iris losing control about Kairyu mid-battle, not quite understanding what's wrong, losing the battle because of it (actual consequence!) and then feeling like she wasn't a great trainer, actually being introspective, reflective, vulnerable. All of these things and seeing in the future how she'll bounce back from it are the building blocks to making Iris an actually interesting character. But, honestly, all I could say while watching her lose was, "finally". This should've been Iris' first round, start off well, lose control and lose, but yeah, I can't really feel all that bad for Iris because she still made it to the semis with zero training whatsoever, flattening characters that had either been steadily training and growing or had more battles under their belt than Iris, characters with an actual storyline that doesn't magically disappear and appear like all Iris' Pokémon "disobedience" storyline. Because she and Kairyu were so overly glorified in the past few weeks, it really made this moment, which could have been incredibly compelling, feel kinda moot.

Also, another thing I disliked about the episode: Cabernet, Langley, Dent and Hikari. Or rather, the underusage of them. Dent's no longer a participant, let's I don't know, have him interact with Cabernet so we see some development there. Hikari's been through what Iris went through, so of course, let's have her stand there and say nothing. Less Shirona would have helped this episode tremendously.
Wow....Ash wins by doing what the others should've done in the first place, take advantage of Dragonite's blind fury. So Serperior is fast, too. Woop de doo. Anything to keep the status quo.
How did Krookodile's voice sound?
It sounded like the voice Krokorok had when it evolved in the Ducklett ep, before they changed it to a slighter lighter tone in subsequent appearances. And it says 'Biru' instead of 'Wabi' now.
Well, I'm glad to see Iris' frustration when Dragonite went berserk. I'm even happier to see her lose. I wish one of those stray Flamethrowers roasted her. Every time I see Iris and Georgia together, I feel more and more sorry for Georgia, dealing with someone who's ego is bigger than her hairstyle. Krookodile's timely evolution was one of the more justified mid-battle evolution of the series. Dragonite's face when Krookodile evolved was priceless, followed by an epic smack of Dragon Claw. I was so glad to see Dragonite still not listening to Iris... well, except for the first half of the battle. Guess we can expect more work on that (despite the fact Iris did no work at all with Dragonite to begin with).

Cynthia was her usual beautiful, wonderful self, though she had a surprisingly amount of screen time this episode. Not that I'm complaining. Any episode with Cynthia in it, no matter how much time she has on screen, is still wonderful. To me, anyway. Guess I still can't get enough of her.

Okay... someone please explain to me how Serperior could pull those Houdini-like moves!? I know it's the fastest of the Unova starter trio, but come on, it was like a phantom today. I don't think even Ghost-types have that ability, or at least to that degree. Poor Pignite, I felt so bad for him. No matter what he tried, Serperior just found some way to avoid every and all his attacks. Why is Trip's overgrown vine snake so insanely powerful? It moped the floor with a Darmanitan, a Heatmor, a Crustle, and now a Pignite like it was child's play! I sooo can't wait to see Adler flatten Trip and his slippery serpent. That kid is in need of an ego deflating. I hope when the League comes around, Ash trounces Trip. Paul was one thing, being a veteran trainer, but Trip has gone too far, being a bloody newbie on the field, yet still being able to dominate so viciously.

Overall, it was better than the past episodes of this flimsy tournament. Still seemed a bit unbalanced at times, but at least it fared better than the last couple of episodes.
Honestly I wasn't too big of a fan of this episode. The results of the battles were fine, but not so much the battles themselves.

My problem with the Krookodile vs Dragonite battle is it was far too one-sided in Dragonite's favor, and only managed to turn around once Krokorok (and his sunglasses apparently) evolved. Seems like the only to beat a Deus ex Machina like Dragonite is to pull a Deus ex Machina powerboost. The end of the fight though was very satisfying though, mostly because we got to see Dragonite finally be defeated, and seeing Iris miserable about her loss after two episodes of undeserved victories! Seeing Langley be proved right about Iris not being able to control Dragonite was also enjoyable.


Hold on, I need to go get a bucket for Iris' tears of defeat!

Sadly, the second battle wasn't any better. Again, it was a total one-sided curb stomp, and frustrating to see Pignite get it's rump roast completely handed to him. It unfortunately portrays Ash as not being able to win a tough fight unless he pulls a DEM, which he'll most likely have to do in the league to beat Trip. I know Seperior is fast as hell, but it wouldn't have killed the writers to let Pignite get at least one hit in. They seem to have been going way too far to paint Serperior as ungodly strong, beating nothing but fire types and bug types. It feels like an over-compensatory way to bounce Trip back as a legit threat.

I'm fine with Trip winning and Ash being miserable about it though, as it sets up their inevitable confrontation in the league, but the complete lack of interaction between the two just shows moreso how weak and forced their rivalry is. I'll be looking forward to seeing Trip get beaten in next week's episode.

As I mentioned, besides Dragonite losing, the best part of this episode for me was the fact that the losers of the battles were actually miserable about their defeats, as opposed to almost every other battle in this region where the trainer is just stupidly happy that they tried their best and all that cheesy sportsmanship crap. It lets you feel sympathetic towards them (or in Iris' case, karmic satisfaction) and makes you want to see them succeed next time.

Hmm, I wonder how good Iris' tears would go with vodka or brandy...


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This is a joke,right? Ash has gone through five regions, won the battle frontier and orange league, and still hasn't battled any of the champions. Meanwhile a newbie who has only gone through one region not only beats ash but gets to battle the champion? This is absurd, people criticise the Writing for the Kanto episodes but compared to this, Kanto was genius.

I love dragonite but I can't stand Iris's for some reason. They can't seem to be able to pull of the disobeying Pokemon thing convincingly anymore.

I am shocked as to how horrid the writing has been this season. The writing for Sinnoh was outstanding, I am speechless as to how bad this series has been.
Not a bad episode. I liked some parts but not others.

It was good to see Dragonite all cocky to begin with, then getting a serious slap in the face and having a tantrum when it realised that the krok was tougher than it expected. It having a tantrum was unexpected though, but it was good to watch.

Krookodile is awesome. The evolution didn't really feel forced either. And at least the sunglasses match its colour scheme now, so I don't mind them as much (though they do annoy me, please get rid).

I didn't like how Pignite couldn't land one single hit on Serperior. I get that it's supposed to be really fast, and I don't even care that Ash lost/Trip won, but seriously, not a single hit even when it's surrounded by fire? Not one? Kind of infuriating for me to watch really.

I just hope Alder and Bouffy knock Trip down a peg or two.
Honestly, Dragonite vs Krokorok/Krookodile wasn't just the best in the episode or the best that the Junior Cup has had, it's the best in BW series 2 and that's not saying much...

Of course the writers had to balance out an awesome battle with another shitty one. Pignite vs Serperior was awful and I am fed up with all of this Trip over-glorification. Alder needs to sweep him, but even that might not happen when the writers love Trip this much...
Can anyone tell me what everyone was saying after Iris's loss, when Dragonite was in its slump? Like, what was the gist of Cynthia's pep talk?
I like how Axew was like all disappointed with Dragonite losing or ashamed it really shows how much he's growing.
While I watched this episode, my first reaction was, "Why is Dragonite obeying Iris's commands during this battle?"

Seriously, the majority of the plotline for the previous two episodes was Dragonite not listening to Iris. As good as the battle between Dragonite and Krokorok/Krookodile turned out to be, it was still disheartening to see Dragonite willingly obey its trainer in the first half when very little resulted out of their relationship during the previous episode. This felt like shoddy writing to me. Furthermore, I was disappointed of this match-up entirely, considering that Krokorok and Dragonite only had access to two attacks that could inflict damage against one another. (Despite being an aspiring Dragon Master, Iris never commanded Dragonite to use Dragon Rush in this match.) A battle with above-average writing and decent animation was set back by the numerous instances of stock animation, which was a minus for me.

Outside of these minor complaints, the writing in this battle was still better than all of the battles in this tournament so far, and even that of most of the battles in BW so far. Even though Dragonite had an overwhelming advantage against Krokorok, Krokorok's attacks inflicted some serious damage against Dragonite, and the pokemon effortlessly dodged Dragonite's projectile moves. I am glad that Dragonite wasn't made overly "invincible" during this battle as the writers had made it out to be during its first two fights. Still, Dragonite had the upper hand during this battle, and was a worthy opponent for Ash and his Krokorok before the Unova League. Krokorok's determination to win gave it enough strength to evolve into its final form and learn a new attack, which happened to be Dragon Claw. Considering all of the battle experience that it had while it fought against Brycen's Beartic and a slew of fully-evolved pokemon belonging to COTDs, Krokorok's evolution here was justified.

Of course, the ending result of this battle wasn't "typical." After Dragonite got struck by Krookodile's Dragon Claw, it snapped and began to launch its attacks without targeting the opponent. For the first time in this tournament, it also felt like Iris was truly disheartened that her Dragonite wasn't listening to her commands. Iris was nearly tearing up from not being able to control her Dragonite and seeing it attack the crowd. For these same reasons, Dragonite's rage cost Iris the battle, as the pokemon didn't even bother to fight back against Krookodile. If only the writers had Iris react like this two episodes ago... Again, these events might have left a greater impression on me if the writers weren't so inconsistent with Iris and Dragonite's relationship. We also didn't get an explanation of Dragonite's rage, and judging by its reactions after it lost the battle, it appeared that the pokemon didn't know itself.

The second battle in this episode (Serperior vs. Pignite) was also impressive. I appreciated the change in Trip's battle strategy here as opposed to that of his previous matches. Instead of lowering the opponent's defenses and then going on the offensive, Trip had Serperior dodge all of Pignite's moves to tire the pokemon out. We also got to see Serperior's Dragon Tail attack for the first time, which added some variety in this match (compared to Serperior's previous ones). It's nice to see Ash and Pignite struggling here, and I certainly didn't mind Serperior dodging everything Pignite had (considering its speed).

This was the best episode of this tournament arc so far, but again, there were some elements here that left a bad taste in my mouth. I can't believe I am saying this after all of the complaints I've posted about this tournament so far, but I want to see Trip and Alder's battle during the next episode so badly. A Trip and Alder matchup was hyped up ever since BW031. Oh, and there is that inevitable depature from Dawn as well.

I like how Axew was like all disappointed with Dragonite losing or ashamed it really shows how much he's growing.

Axew was just disappointed that its trainer lost, not necessarily because it was worried or ashamed with Dragonite in particular.
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