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Last Poster Wins [v5]

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Sep 3, 2004
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I felt like being random. Also Kthleen hit the jackpot. Or something.


Be the last poster to remain in this thread to 'win'.

You can run over, steal, do whatever you can to take the win from the last poster. Go nuts, be creative. You're here to win.

Keep in mind:
I reserve the right to lock this thread at any time.
Don't intentionally spam things like one word memes or double post or this thread will be closed.

But above all this is just a game, have fun with it!

As the last poster right now, I win.
EDIT: You must mention winning the thread somewhere in your post. Otherwise, the purpose of this game is lost.

Edit September 6, 2012: Yup that was a fun run, thread's closed. Please hold tight, this will be right back but do not make a new thread or it will be deleted.
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Kthleen won. =P
..and now the win belongs to ME. *crowd cheers*
Ceiling Cat owns your soul for me and I retrieve the win.
*Is the man behind the man, and therefore controls this thread and the win.*
You're the first person I'm arresting on this new thread. I win.
You're the first person I contradict in this thread. I win.
Muha ha ha, but as they always say, lightning doesn't strike twice! [redirect'd]

Unless is precision guided.

I win
And here I expected Rayne to cheat by posting last just before closing it.

Whatever. As of now, it's my win.
Wait, who won the last one?
(< Should probably check first post.)
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