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Pokemon Legends Arceus Travelog Thread

Finally started perfecting the final group of Pokemon for Obsidian Fieldlands (except for legendaries as I'm saving them for last), but Aipom's trees are such big thorns on my side. Thankfully, I found out which specific trees Aipom hide in, which happens to have them jump out 100% of the time whenever the tree is shaking, so I guess that balances out (I still hate having to go back and forth to the village just to get a chance to have the trees shake).
It has taken me a while, but I'm pretty far into the game now. I'm set to go into the area that the story says has the last noble. But I'm working on clearing the hairstyle and clothing sidequests first because appearance is important! :p Disappointed in the lack of longer hairstyles beyond the default and team one so far.
I have been getting the entire Obsidian Fieldlands Pokedex perfected and found guaranteed ways to catch some of the more annoying Pokemon, Blissey being the only one of her family to be perfected now. I also learned that the Path of Solitude is meant to be the final challenge for the Pokemon, so that explains the absurdly high levels, so that will hopefully won't drain my resources as fast. After perfecting Blissey, only the Togepi and Machop lines remain.
It has taken me a while, but I'm pretty far into the game now. I'm set to go into the area that the story says has the last noble. But I'm working on clearing the hairstyle and clothing sidequests first because appearance is important! :p Disappointed in the lack of longer hairstyles beyond the default and team one so far.

I did the outfit and haircut missions, as well as others, only after finishing the game. Still, I never changed the outfit or the character's appearance, Lol.
I remember catching Skorupi during a massive mass outbreak using nothing but Ultra (and Feather?) balls and sticky webs. And a lotta dodging.

Also, I had some fun with Pesselle’s easy errand. Maybe due to my ADHD.
Machamp is now the only Pokemon left to perfect in the Obsidian Fieldlands dex (again, excluding legendaries and mythical because I intend to do them last) before doing the Plate quest there. After taking a look at the other sub-regions, only the Crimson Mirelands pose a similar (but lesser) challenge, thus making the rest become easier due to sharing Pokemon between them.
I finally perfected the entire Obsidian Fieldlands dex, after which I caught Mesprit and caught all of the Unown of the area, now I'm officially done with the area until a certain sidequest comes along. Now my perfecting operation has been moved to the Crimson Mirelands.
Only one Alolan Vulpix? If I want to evolve her to use her as a team member than I no longer have an adorable Vulpix to send out and gush over. :cry:

No breeding in this game, really? =(
Currently streamlining the process to perfect the rest of Crimson Mirelands's Pokedex by targeting the type-specific research tasks so I don't have to keep switching out members of my team every single time.
I've finally continued my main playthrough in Legends: Arceus (technically I did play it a bit some time ago but forgot to mention what had happened since then). I've been doing various massive mass outbreaks looking for certain Mons, along with doing any space-time distortions, so I can fill out the remaining spaces in my dex. Since due to the Daybreak DLC I can now find Mons like Wyrdeer (which I'm still looking for) and Ursaluna without needing to actually evolve them myself. I've also ultimately made a final team using only new Mons (be it regional variants or flat-out new ones), so while it does mean I no longer have a Mon to inflict a guaranteed status ailment (in my case, it was my Alpha Torterra with Sleep Powder), I do still have my methods, be it using an Agile Style Quick Attack from my H-Typhlosion (yes, I kept Quick Attack, as it's good for abusing extra turns) or hope for a status ailment roll on Sneasler's Dire Claw (which tends to come up pretty often). I also completed the wisp quest and got Spiritomb (I had to look up where the wisps were as I was literally flying aimlessly in each area looking for them).

Oh, also, I beat Volo and Giratina a while ago. Volo was pretty easy (though having two Mons at Level 100 certainly didn't hurt, while the rest were pretty overleveled), as I beat him without a single casualty. Giratina, on the other hand, was bit of a handful. Granted, it wasn't too hard, but taking down its Origin Form did take a group effort between Ursaluna and Kleavor. But my team championed the day and Volo cut ties with me. Shame, really, but I will say I liked him better than Kamado, even when he ended up the Big Bad of the game I found him more interesting and a better designed character than Kamado. I still have a few holes in my dex (specifically, Umbreon, Wyrdeer, Weavile, the Forces of Nature bar Landorus, and Arceus itself) with about 85% of them having Research Level 10 entries. Overall this game has been a blast. It needs a bit more polish but it's easily one of GFs best in a long time. I hope that several elements from this game migrates over to Scarlet/Violet and beyond (such as the seamless transition into battle, no random encounters, Effort Levels instead of EVs and IVs, and so on). While I'm apprehensive of Gen 9, as I still feel it's coming too soon, if GF takes what they learned from Legends: Arceus and uses it in Gen 9 then that'll put most of my fears to rest. And I hope Legends becomes its own little side series, as the concept and possibilities are just ripe with potential to further expand on the franchise's lore.

My final team:

Pyro (H-Typhlosion, male, Lv100)
Aerrow (H-Decidueye, male, Lv80)
Riptide (Basculegion, female, Lv100)
Hatchet (Kleavor, male, Lv100)
Lilith (Sneasler, female, Lv99)
Moonbay (Ursaluna, female, Lv81)
I beat the final fight against Arceus the other day, so I'm done with the game for now. I don't really want to do the Path of Solitude stuff, so I'm going to leave it aside. This game reminds me of Pokemon Snap, where it feels more like a chill collectathon rather than an action based RPG like the game box says on the back. It was fun.

Volo wasn't too bad, nor was Giratina (no-miss Dragon Pulse probably helped with the latter). I had all Pokemon at research level 10, at that point and was still underleveled, which was surprising to me. I'm honestly kind of disappointed that he turned out to be almost the same as Cynthia party-wise. I'd rather have had a party that was less predictable to go up against.

On my last day, I managed to get three shinies (Piloswine, Riolu, Misdreavus) within a half hour of each other, which is something, for sure. I probably used up my luck for the next decade with that.

Also, the quest to get the Incarnate legendaries is the bane of my existence, and I think all 4 of them are probably my least favorite Pokemon in existence now.

Overall, I liked the game. It has some glaring flaws, but it was fun.

My final team was:


All around level 70.
After clearing KHIIFM and dealing with the debut of Generation VII Pokémon in GO (especially with Pa'u Oricorio, which wasn't expected for Australia), I've been working on my Dex to complete it and obtain both Arceus and the Shiny Charm, along with getting all the wisps to obtain Spiritomb. I've caught all 242 Pokémon, and my final registered Pokémon before the fight with Arceus was Samurott.

It took me seven attempts to defeat Arceus, and is no doubt one of the hardest bosses I've ever faced. Having a two-minute long unskippable cutscene beforehand only added to the frustration. But in the end, I won! I give my credit to years of playing the Kingdom Hearts and Jak and Daxter games, which both have difficult battles and requiring insane skills and perfect reflexes. Also, having five Survival Charms helps.

Since my last post, I caught another ten Shiny Pokémon: Roselia, Pachirisu x2, Chatot, H-Sneasel, Golduck, a second Riolu, Glameow, Croagunk, and Cleffa.

I am now a Tenth Star member. 242 seen, 242 caught, and 211 completed, with six (discounting Unown and Arceus) being perfect entries.
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