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Pokemon Legends Arceus Travelog Thread

I haven't posted on this thread before, but might as well post what I have been doing (which is a lot).

After beating the main story and getting through most of the Requests. For now, I'm focused on perfecting the entire Pokedex (except for the Path-related ones, I will never consider them part of the perfecting process). Anyways, getting through each Eeveelution now, slowly replacing each after perfecting their entries.
I've started checking out massive mass outbreaks now that I finished what I was doing before (for the time being).

As in, I caught the forces trio, thought I had a lot of trouble with Tornadus because it didn't ever seem like a blizzard in the Icelands wanted to last more than like ten seconds and I'm still finding that stealth spray sometimes doesn't work. :/ But I'll finish their dex entries and go for Enamorus once I finish with the massive mass outbreak stuff.
I've started checking out massive mass outbreaks now that I finished what I was doing before (for the time being).

As in, I caught the forces trio, thought I had a lot of trouble with Tornadus because it didn't ever seem like a blizzard in the Icelands wanted to last more than like ten seconds and I'm still finding that stealth spray sometimes doesn't work. :/ But I'll finish their dex entries and go for Enamorus once I finish with the massive mass outbreak stuff.
The genies are extremely annoying to get. Enamorus is slightly easier than Tornadus and Thunderus.
Again, didn't play much last week because of work, maybe did one fly around the area with massive mass outbreaks per day. Saturday I really dove in though to see what I could get, and I also worked a bit more on Pokedex page completion. I ended up finding a shiny Rhyhorn and Crobat from flying over different massive mass outbreaks. The Crobat is actually the first shiny I've ever gotten from the Zubat line, so I can now officially say I've crossed that shiny milestone. On Sunday I focused a bit more on completing Pokedex entries and finished off the rest of the Eeveelutions, as well as perfecting Eevee's page. I think Eevee is the first Pokemon I perfected (besides Unown). Bidoof was real close though. I am one heavy specimen away from perfecting its entry.

Today I did another massive mass outbreak fly over, and while flying over the last one, I heard the shiny noise. I freaked out because I knew the last one I was going over was the Zorua one. I quickly went down and found the shiny and I am so happy. Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark have amazing shines (I am honestly not sure which I like more), and I have wanted both of them desperately since the shiny models were revealed. Since I love Zorua's a lot, I am going to keep this little guy a Zorua. In that same outbreak I also managed to find another Zorua who was the same height and level as the shiny, so I'm calling them twin brothers and am working on coming up with names for them.

I decided I really wanted to finish completing the dex entries for all the Obsidian Fieldlands Pokemon today because I was only 10 away, so I finished working on that today. Cherubi was an absolute nightmare for that. I had only ever seen and caught one from a tree, so I just thought I would use Absorb 10 times to complete it. But apparently, I am going to have to look into how the dex page works because that didn't work. So, I checked trees in the known Cherubi locations, including the place where I had caught mine (and had caught the one I have in my other save file), but no shaking trees there, 3x in a row. Then, I did two runs in the Highlands, checking all three places they spawned and seeing only two shaking trees (both Wormadam), till I finally find one in a tree by the Lonely Spring. Cherubi, you're adorable, but you suck so much.

Then, while going up to catch Chansey to finish up its dex entry as one of my last ones, I hear the sparkle sounds. I look around everywhere and I just can't find it, and I'm super worried it was a Starly or Chatot and it ran away before I saved it. So I nervously reset, and thankfully heard the sound again... and then again less than a minute later. It was a shiny Remoraid, going in and popping out of the water. I caught it, making that my 30th shiny of Legends Arceus. One box full of sparkles.

Pokedex: Ninth Star Member
242 Caught, 242 Seen, 170 Completed.
Been meaning to update my progress for quite some time but I've been both writing and helping my folks so my attention has been divided.

Anyway, after finally moving on with the plot Kamado has his paranoia freak-out and banishes me when the rift gets worse. Like that'll help, sumo boy. Truth be told, I never liked him so I was itching for some payback. So I embarked on the journey to obtain the Red Chain (I'm glad there is a way to get the Red Chain without hurting the Lake Trio, unlike what Cyrus did) thanks to the guidance of milf Cynthia... I mean Ms. Cognita, and a little help from Cyllene's Abra, Adaman, and Irida. I chose Irida to accompany me (I know how the final boss goes so I wanted Dialga to be the final boss since I like it better). After the Red Chain was crafted it was time to save Kamado from his own stupidity and boneheaded plan to try to eliminate the deities Dialga and Palkia. Beat up Beni (who I also don't like... especially since he's a one-note cook) and then beat some sense into Kamado. Although I did take a few detours first and investigated several space-time rifts for items and Mons. Then I beat up Kamado.

Then it was time for the first fight against the deities, starting with Palkia. Gaia my Alpha Torterra has really been pulling his weight and then some in these end-game battles. It also helps that he has access to Sleep Powder to make any catches easier. Plus the Mon is just a freakin' tank. It takes several hits to take him down, even super-effective ones. Anyway, caught the first deity only to run into the second one, which was even more frenzied than the first, resulting in a tactical retreat. Then came the hunt for the Origin Ore, leading up to yet another battle with the Miss Fortune Sisters. One flattened Charm later it was now time to craft the Origin Ball. After taking care of any last bit I made my way back to the Temple of Sinnoh and it was final boss fight time. I actually defeated Origin Dialga without needing to battle it, just by throwing the balms. To put it simply, it was much easier than Noble Avalugg, especially since I had plenty of space to move and its attacks were telegraphed a mile away, resulting in me beating it in one go and catching. Now its on to the post-game stuff.

As it turns out, yeah, the Daybreak stuff is only accessible in the post-game. Bummer, as I would've liked some other files to gain access to more late-game Mons earlier like the Sword/Shield DLC but I digress. Anyway, started the whole massive mass outbreak bit (and had a funny moment with Mai... looks like she doesn't know her Munchlax as well as she says, and its look showed it all when she mistook a H-Zorua for it). Now I'm hunting the remaining plates, having gotten the Stone and Fist Plates so far. I also completed a few requests and caught several Mons, many of which were ones I didn't have yet. As a result of certain catches I'm beginning to wonder if I should swap out Hawkeye the Staraptor for a different Flying Mon, as my choice is between an Adamant Alpha Gliscor and a Naughty H-Braviary. What do all of you think? Also, I got my rank up to 9 Stars, though getting to 10 Stars is veeeeeery slow going. Anyway, I'm stopping for the day, as I've been playing for a sizable chunk of today. My team is as followed:

Pyro (H-Typhlosion, male, 92)
Gaia (Alpha Torterra, male, 88)
Hawkeye (Staraptor, male, 84)
Riptide (Basculegion, female, 85)
Hatchet (Kleavor, male, 86)
Lilith (Sneasler, female, 83)
I have been perfecting the Pokedex before going on to the Plate quest where each of the lakes need to be visited. Obsidian Fieldlands was up first to get its entire Pokedex perfected since it shares a lot of Pokemon with the other subregions (except maybe Alabaster Icelands) and what do you know. So I decided to do the lakes of the subregion I finished perfecting. I'm also about to get Abra ready for his Path of Solitude battle.

Speaking of Path of Solitude battles, I'll focus on their requests after perfecting the Obsidian Fieldlands Pokedex, which will come after Blissey's and Magikarp's Path of Solitude battles.
This update is a little earlier than I expected, but I just had so many interesting things happen to me over the past couple of days I just had to post. I've been doing massive mass outbreaks and working on my dex over these past couple of days. Yesterday I completed the dex entries for the rest of the Pokemon in the Crimson Mirelands, and today I did so for the Cobalt Coastlands.

The shiny craziness I had yesterday started with a Shiny Hisuian Decidueye from a Dartrix outbreaks. Nothing too crazy, though it was the only Decidueye from it. I've been really wanting a shiny Rowlet from these games, after I evolved my Rowlet I masuda'd for in Gen 7 and kind of regretted it. So, at least it's nice to have Hisuian Deciueye now so I don't feel the urge to evolve the Rowlet whenever I get it.

Things really started getting interesting when the next massive mass outbreak I did (later that day, after I finished working on the dex entries, and finding a random Gastly in the Icelands). Again the last outbreak I check, this time a Ponyta, gives me a shiny. I already had a Shiny Ponyta (not from the quest), so I was like "cool, have one for a Rapidash now". I wasn't planning on sticking around for the rest of the outbreak, but I caught one more Ponyta just because, and another shin popped up. Second time getting two shinies in one run, and first time getting two shinies from the same outbreak. I was really excited about that. I decided to only evolve one, because I do eventually want to go for that static Alpha Rapidash.

But the real crazy shiny happened today. After finishing off the Coastlands, I decided to do a massive mass outbreak in the fieldlands. While running through the map, I heard the sparkle and saw it was a shiny Wurmple. Taking a peek at the map, I saw there were 5 outbreaks I wanted to check through fully, so I decided to leave it there because guaranteed I was going to have to reset at least once or twice, so I decided to just rely on my save at the camp and would go back for the shiny when I was done checking through the outbreaks. I did as so, reset again so I could save all my items I used, and went back to the spot. No shiny noise, no purple Wurmple. I got a bit nervous and checked back on the screenshot I took of the Wurmple to see if I could locate where t was, to see if I just found the wrong place. No, I was in the right place. I started getting more nervous, I reset again. Still no shiny. I reset again and this time did the run through the outbreaks I had checked before finding the shiny, still no shiny. I decided to just sit there and hope that it showed up, but as more time went by, I was worried I had somehow failed it, even though I knew shinies are generated when you enter the area. I thought it was a glitch, and my Purple Wurmple was gone. But, as night hit in game and the storm almost cleared up, I heard the shiny noise. I have no idea why it took that long to spawn. It was midday when I found it initially, but I'll take it.

Pokedex: Ninth Star Member
242 Caught, 242 Seen, 207 Completed
I'm at 241 seen, 240 caught, and I think 118 completed? I'm only missing Spiritomb at the moment (since Arceus is obviously very last), but it's not easy finding all those wisps...
I finally have over half of the Obsidian Fieldlands Pokedex perfected, working on the Pikachu line right now. Also, Abra's Path of Solitude is so easy if you use Teleport first, then just keep attacking with Shadow Ball and Iron Tail.
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Getting closer to at last collecting all the wisps, I have 91 (and I've gotten all the ones in Jubilife and the Fieldlands now), but in the meantime, I just got a shiny Roselia! My third pre-Shiny Charm shiny that isn't the guaranteed Ponyta now, not too shabby!
Getting closer and closer to perfecting the entire Obsidian Fieldlands Pokedex. I'm aware that there are two legendaries that also count as being from that Dex, but I will save perfecting all of the legendaries and mythicals for later, since now there is a perfect excuse for me to make an entire team of legendaries and not get judged for doing so.
It is finally completed! These past few days I worked on completing the dex entries for the rest of the Pokemon in the Coronet Highlands and Alabaster Icelands, and then the remaining Pokemon. I had intended to finish off the rest of the separate areas yesterday, but then I realized I had evolved my only Magnemite and needed another one, and for the life of me I couldn't get another distortion to spawn. So I just took a break from it.

Today after checking a regular mass outbreak and getting a Shiny Cascoon (only need Silcoon now), I went back to the Coastlands and ran around till I found a Shiny Staraptor, and then ran around some more till finally, a distortion spawned. I was so thankful I found one Magnemite in it, and I finished off its dex entry, as well as Mamoswine who was my last one for the Icelands. Then, all I had to do was complete tasks for 11 more Pokemon, so I went over to the fieldlands and wrecked the Bidoof, Wurmple, and Shinx population there, till everything was complete.

After getting my final star and obtaining the shiny charm, I did a couple of victory laps, one in the Fieldlands and one in the Icelands (cuz there was a Zorua outbreak). I didn't get any shinies, but it was just nice to run around the world and reminisce. I have had so much fun with this game, it's truly one of the best, and I really hope we see more like this.

With that, I think I'll end this travelog here. Who knows, maybe I'll post again if some funky stuff happens or if I get a day with really good luck, but for now, this is the end.

Pokedex: Full Star Member
242 Seen, 242 Caught, 242 Completed.
Only 12 groups of Pokemon in the Obsidian Fieldlands left to be perfected before I continue on the Plate quest in the same subregion.
I got Spiritomb and got to Arceus. I wasn't sure if I had to just catch all Pokemon or complete their entries in order to be able to encounter Arceus, tbh, but it's the former, so that's nice.

This encounter was not fun though, I'd say the only other time I felt this much frustration at a battle in this franchise was Ultra Necrozma in USUM. Please tone it down next time, GF. That said, I did clear it after a while, so that is done, and if I feel like it, I can go complete the Pokedex entries I haven't finished next.
Been meaning to update for some time now.

After completing the Daybreak DLC I spent some time catching various Mons that I needed for the dex in several massive mass outbreaks. As a result I've gotten complete 10s on Mons like Togepi/Togetic, the Oshawott line, the Rowlet line, the Zorua line, the Clefairy line, and more. I also finally found all the Unown, which gives me a perfect on their dex and it means I can now catch regular and Alpha Unowns in Solaceon Ruins. In the process I caught 4 new shinies: Piloswine, Zubat (as per tradition), Paras, and Kricketot. I'm still hunting for the wisps but I've got all the wisps in Jubilife, the Crimson Mirelands, and Cobalt Coastlands.

I've swapped out Staraptor for the Alpha Gliscor I had mentioned before, although I do know that now I have 3 Mons with a weakness to Water. Also, Pyro and Gaia have reached Level 100, with everyone else in the 90s. As a result I swapped out Gaia for one of the Rowlets I caught in a massive mass outbreak (as he had a good nature) and have raised it up to a H-Decidueye, though he's very much behind on the rest of the team (only in the 40s), so I've been using him to not only fight anything that looks at me funny but also collect materials for some extra EXP. One reason why I swapped out Torterra for him was to address the trio of Water weaknesses I had created, as Torterra is neutral to Water while H-Decidueye is resistant, though I did lose Sleep Powder as a result, which was a game-changer in several catches. But I still have Lilith's Dire Claw for easy status ailments so it's not too bad.

I'm still doing the plate quest, having caught the Lake Trio and Heatran (which was an annoying fight, as it took me a bit to realize I had to use the Balls of Mud in the area to break his barrier before I could actually hurt him, so that required some trial and error, though I fortunately didn't black out). Now it's off to find Cresselia for the next bit. I also completed a few more requests and I now have access to the Path of Solitude and whatnot, though I'll deal with that after I complete the plate quest, finding the remaining wisps, and Volo's fight, since they take priority right now. Slowly but surely I'm getting the game completed, which I don't think I've completed a Pokemon game (or, more specifically, the dex) since ORAS or maybe SM, one or the other.
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