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Pokemon Legends Arceus Travelog Thread

I haven't done too much lately due to having to help my mom after her surgery but I do have some bits to report.

For starters I finally got my Weavile. I had forgotten that you could just buy a Razor Claw from the merchant who trades Merit Points for certain items. So, when the lightbulb finally went off I just grabbed one of my regular Johtoian Sneasels, bought a Razor Claw, and rested until nightfall to evolve it. Poof! Instant Weavile. Can't believe I forgot about that merchant. And here I was stockpiling Merit Points and forgetting what they were used for.

Anyway, I also went to the Alabaster Icelands to try to find Tornadus but since he doesn't show up during Massive Mass Outbreaks I decided to make use of the time and finally get a Wyrdeer. So I took my strongest Stantler (one that would know Psyshield Bash) and grinded it on a couple of MMOs, specifically Gastly and Machop. I guess you could say I was... "Bashing through the snow. In a one Stantler open sleigh. Over the fields I go. Laughing all the way." ...I stop now. But, anyway, in all seriousness after using those Gastly, Machops, and the occasional Haunter, I used Agile Style Psyshield Bash enough times to get my Wyrdeer. So that's two more Mons off my checklist. I also caught a few more Alphas, most notably Alpha H-Sneasel and Alpha H-Avalugg, both of which I didn't have yet.

After the MMOs ended another blizzard appeared and I started to search for that blasted nature genie but couldn't find him. I guess I need to come back when there isn't anything else going on in the area to find him and his stormy counterpart (I already have Landorus who I stumbled upon by chance while looking for something else). But both of those Forces of Nature, and their new sister, are next on my checklist, as I pretty much have everything else in terms of the dex (sans Arceus itself, obviously). But they'll have to wait until next time.
I did most of the Ursaluna line, now I just need to finish Ursaluna itself to perfect the entire line. After which I will move on to the next Pokemon line to be perfected.
Postgame update: I've almost completed the dex; only some Legendary Pokémon are left. Defeated the post-game boss. My team:
Columbo the Typhlosion
Ranger the Weavile
Skatha the Garchomp (alpha)
Gorochu the Raichu (alpha)
Merlin the Alakzam
Miles the Floatzel (alpha)
All had the important effort levels at 10
I led with Skatha, who took out Spiritom fairly easily. Volo sent in Togekiss. Skatha lands a Poison Jab then goes down. Gorochu comes in, uses Calm Mind then a Thunderbolt to KO. Volo sends in Garchomp who uses Earth Power, Gorochu survives thanks to EVs+Calm Mind. I switch in Miles, who uses Bulk Up and Ice Punch to KO Garchomp.
Volo sends in Roserade, who uses Petal Dance. Miles tanks it then uses agile Ice Punch+Ice Punch to KO.
Volo uses Lucario who KOs Miles. Columbo switches in and takes them with a Flamethrower. Arcanine comes in and hits, Columbo switches out for Gorochu, who uses Calm Mind+Strong Thunderbolt to win.

Giratina comes. I mess up and use strong thunderbolt, it paralyzes.
Giratina misses like five turns to Paralysis while Gorochu takes them with varying Agile Thunderbolts and Iron Tails. Giratina revives in Origin form and knocks out Gorochu.
Ranger shows up but misses thanks to Giratina being concealed. She gets two good Night Slashes in but goes down to Aura Sphere. The Concealment fades, Columbo comes in and KOs with a Strong Shadow Ball.
I have finally perfected the Lickytung line, only three more lines to go before catching Azelf as well as the rest to the Unown I haven't yet caught in the Crimson Mirelands.

Also starting to dread the Cobalt Coastlands because it's so hard to surprise swimming Pokemon.
I just beat Volo the other day my Team is gardevoir lvl 70 garchomp lvl 89 cresselia lvl 81 giratina lvl 70 gliscor lvl 84 and gallade lvl 74
Trying to beat Volo with my team. Samurott, Togekiss, Gallade, Arcanine, Sneasler, Goodra. I uh..lost to him 7 times now. Giratina's gonna be a pain I know it. I'm gonna start perfecting my Pokedex afterwards.
Just perfected the entire Turtwig line, the only ones left are Gastly and Murkrow lines before doing a general cleanup of the Crimson Mirelands.
Finally done all of Crimson Mirelands, that means that the Gastly and Murkrow lines are perfected, caught all of the Unown of the area, and finally caught Azelf.

Now comes the inevitable Cobalt Coastlands starting with the most annoying Pokemon line to perfect: the Quilfish line.
With the new update for HOME coming (just a few hours now), I decided to jump back into the game after another hiatus to finish the Dex and obtain the Shiny Charm. I managed to finish this achievement on Saturday night. The last completion was Shaymin, the last non-Mythical was Regigigas, and the last non-special was Overqwil. I also caught a Shiny Munchlax in a mass outbreak while working on the Dex, and a Shiny Tentacool shortly after obtaining the Charm.

Currently, I'm working on perfecting entries, and have just perfected Gligar. Aipom will likely be the last, given the need to find 15 of them in trees; I'm currently at 2/15.
Started the Cobalt Coastlands, got lucky with the Quilfish line being surprisingly quick, and now doing the Spheal line with Spheal and Sealeo now perfected. Taught my Walrein Rock Smash so I don't have to rely on Pokemon I caught in the Crimson Mirelands (because I moved on from that area completely).
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After such a long perfecting process on the Cobalt Coastlands, every Pokemon before the Machamp line (which was perfected a long time ago as part of the Obsidian Fieldlands dex) has finally been perfected. Chatot is the next Pokemon that will be perfected.
(My 1st playthrough) Defeated Electrode today. Also, a Very curious happening...

Before that I was in the marshlands hunting for alpha Petilil. There was also a Murkrow swarm so I also went for it and caught a shiny one!

Soon as I get back to town, there's a Staraptor swarm in the fieldlands. And guess what else I found? A shiny Ponyta!
Not the one from the quest--I actually have two now in the same game.

I put aside my "raise every shiny" rule for guaranteed ones, but I also like using only new mons in the first run, and now I wonder if I should give up on Arcanine AND Braviary this time
Perfected Chatot, and the entire Duskull line from three days to today, Piplup and its line are next to be perfected.
Been meaning to update for a while now. I completed all the dex entries for every Mon (as in Research Level 10) in my main playthrough and managed (by the skin of my teeth) to "defeat" Arceus, effectively beating the game. Those survival charms really saved my bacon in that battle. But getting those damn Forces of Nature was a royal pain in the arse. Not just because of how cowardly they are but the fact that you're at the mercy of RNG when it comes to when they spawn due to being connected to certain weathers. Yeesh, that was a lot of effort for not a huge amount for a reward but whatever. I never liked those genies from the get-go, but they just took "roaming legendary" to an obnoxious degree in this game. At least now I can transfer Enamorus to Bank and check her off my list of new Mons.

Moving on, I'm not really bothering with the whole "Path of Solitude" and whatnot stuff as that's not my cup of tea. The special match-up battles (like Abra VS Mr. Mime or Wormadam VS Togekiss) those are... okay, I guess. Not exactly my thing but they do make me use Mons that I'd normally not use (especially since it helps get data for the dex, due to the research tasks being a thing). But overall I've enjoyed my playthrough of Legends: Arceus. It's definitely one of GFs best games. There are some annoyances, I won't deny that, and the Daybreak update certainly fleshed the rather barren post-game up quite nicely. Overall, a good game, one that I enjoyed quite a bit despite some of the headaches it caused.

And, as such, I ended up starting a new playthough of Legends: Arceus this evening because I needed a change of pace from the other games I've been playing. I'm only at the part where I choose my starter and I'm actually not sure which one to go with this time. I've done a few playthroughs in the past with different starters. Cyndaquil has been my preferred choice due to the lack of Fire-types in the game (it is Sinnoh, after all, just under a different name/era), and because Fire is my preferred starter type. But I'm not sure which one I should go with this time. Maybe I'll start a poll in a blog or something to help me decide, especially since I'll be busy tomorrow, so I won't get any opportunities to play. Maybe I will do a blog poll to spice things up. Until next time.
For Chem Nation's Birthday, I caught a Shiny Alpha Staraptor and a Shiny Alpha Staravia. And, the next day, I caught a Shiny Alpha Starly.
I have now perfected every water-dwelling in the Cobalt Coastlands, the Magmar line is next. Thankfully, I have a headstart due to the Magby mass outbreak.
Everything in the Cobalt Coastlands regards to the Pokedex is perfected (except for Heatran because I plan to group all of the Legendary and Mythical Pokemon together so I can make teams only including them).

Before going to the Coronet Highlands, I'm going to actually perfect the entire Porygon line because they are not in any subregion's Pokedex, saving Spiritomb for before the Alabaster Icelands and of course, Unown for after it since I always finish catching all of the Unown of the subregion after perfecting all of the non-legendary and non-mythical Pokemon (since they will be perfected for last).
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Just got a Wyrdeer Level 32 after using Agile style 20 times that had been mastered, now have 2/7 Hisui specific Pokemon sent from Legends: Arceus to Home for my Dex.

Also evolved my Haunter into Gengar using the Link Cord, still getting started assembling team but have some decent ones now. Trying to get Ursaluna next, starting with a Teddiursa Lvl. 23 I caught in the wild at Lvl. 20 so far.
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