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Unovia's Pokemon Diamond "Nostalgia Run"

Log #58-Catching The Guardians
As you all know, there are three Lake Guardians. These are Azelf at Lake Valor, Uxie at Lake Acuity, and Mesprit at Lake Verity.

I decided that I would go after Azelf and Uxie first because they are stationary encounters. Because I was at Lake Valor following a rest after beating Team Galactic, I decided to face Azelf first. Azelf was a lot more problematic than I thought. At first, I tried to use my HM Squad to capture it.

When that failed, I got my Main Team out to capture Azelf. I Paralyzed Azelf using my Luxray and its Spark attack. Azelf was successfully paralyzed, letting me throw Dusk Balls out to catch Azelf, which it eventually was.

Flying to Snowpoint then heading to Lake Acuity, I once again Paralyzed Uxie and captured it using Dusk Balls.

With both captured, I traveled to Lake Verity, where Mesprit made itself known and then forced me to chase it around Sinnoh. I was a bit frustrated with it, but I had quite a few Max Repels. At first, I thought I could catch it in a Quick Ball. Several Quick Balls in, I decided to try to Poison it, maybe slowing it down. When you are chasing Mespirit, it does not lose HP even when Poisoned. Finally, I came to a decision. I could either use the Master Ball on Mespirit or Cresselia. Deciding to bypass Cresselia since it is not really required to go to Fullmoon Island, I decided to use the Masterball on Mespirit on Route 212.

Now the three Lake guardians are in my possession. In the next Log, we will travel to Route 222 & Sunyshore City. Until then, we will see you!
Log #59-Route 222 & Sunyshore City
For most of the game, Route 222 and Sunyshore City was blocked, citing a blackout. Due to beating Team Galactic, enough time has passed to fix the blackout. first was Route 222. There wasn't much here, except a few battles with some fishermen. The wild Pokemon here are in the 40's, creating a good location to train as needed. Eventually, we passed into Sunyshore City.

As we took the first steps into Sunyshore City, we ran into Flint, who is one of the Sinnoh Elite Four and is also Volkner's (the Sunyshore Gym Leader) best friend. Apparently, Volkner is depressed because he can't find a strong challenger. Flint asks me to give Volkner a challenge that would inspire him to continue as a Gym Leader. Volkner is considering taking on the Elite Four.

After that request, Flint departed, telling me that he expects to see me soon at the Pokemon League. I explored the rest of the city. Apparently, Volkner keeps himself busy by working on the city itself, with the raised walkways being solar panels. Wanting to get Volkner to go to his Gym, I headed to the lighthouse, where Volkner was. We talked a bit, then he departed.

in the next Log, we will take on the Sunyshore Gym. until then, we will see you!
Log #60-Volkner (Gym #8)
Now is the time for the final Gym, Volkner! I went in with my full team for training.

Caesar (Infernape)-Level 51
Sphinx (luxray)-Level 51
Josephine (Skuntank)-Level 51
Roosevelt (Roserade)-Level 50
Bubblegum (Gastrodon)-Level 50
Valkyrie (Staraptor)-Level 50

Gym Puzzle: It is a Rotating Gear Puzzle. Correct movement of the gears allows for walking along passageways. It is one of the most challenging Puzzles.
Gym Trainers: They are surprisingly strong, with a variety of types and higher level Pokemon, being in the mid 40's.

Gym Leader: Volkner is a tough battler. Unfortunately he only has 2 Electric Types. He opened with Raichu (Level 46) and I opened with Bubblegum. Raichu liked to hit me with Brick Break. 3 Mud Bombs took out Raichu. He brought out Octillery (Level 47) and I changed to Sphinx. One Spark took out Octillery with an OHKO. Then came out his Luxray (Level 48), and I switched back to Bubblegum. Luxray could not do anything against Bubblegum, who OHKOed it. Volkner finished with Ambipom (Level 47). Valkyrie took out Ambipom in a Close Combat OHKO.

Volkner gave me the Beacon Badge. The Gym Challenge is over! After beating Volkner, I met with a Johto Gym Leader who gave me Waterfall. In the next Log, we will discuss the Sinnoh Gym Leaders In Review. Look forward to that! See you shortly!
Log #61-Sinnoh Gym Leaders In Review
Gym #1 (Roark)
Puzzle: 2
Gym Trainers: 2
Gym Leader: 2
Total Score: 6
Review: This is the first Gym of Sinnoh, which unlike the 1st Gyms of most Regions, has a bunch of walkways if you want to explore every inch of the Gym. The trainers are still not difficult, though they set you up for the battle with Roark. Roark is a surprising Gym Leader, mainly because he has 3 Pokemon. In the end, it is still not difficult, but more difficult than most 1st Gyms.
Gym #2 (Gardenia)
Puzzle: 2
Gym Trainers: 2
Gym Leader: 2
Total Score: 6
Review: I like the Gym Puzzle for this Gym in Platinum (the Flower Clock) better, but this one is still challenging, mainly because the trainers are part of the puzzle, requiring clues to get through each part. The trainers prepare you for Gardenia. Moving to Gardenia, the only major threat that she has is Roserade, which if you are not prepared can cause some issues. She wasn’t tougher than Roark, however.
Gym #3 (Maylene)
Puzzle: 3
Gym Trainers: 2
Gym Leader: 2
Total Score: 7
Review: I like the Gym Puzzle for this Gym in Platinum (moving the punching bags) better, but this puzzle is still challenging, mainly because you have to figure out a path that is not initially straightforward. I like the “Karate Quads”. Moving onto Maylene, her team is mediocre, until you see Lucario, which is the first time any Player would have run into this Pokemon. Being Steel/Fighting, if you were just trying to sweep with Flying Types, you would be sorely mistaken. Lucario can easily sweep, but the fact that she is relying on Lucario to hold up her team is a bit disappointing, hence her score. She is still tougher than Gardenia or Roark.
Gym #4 (Crasher Wake)
Puzzle: 3
Gym Trainers: 2
Gym Leader: 2
Total Score: 7
Review: The Puzzle here was very challenging with the raising and lowering of the water. The Gym trainers are not too tough, but provide for good training. Wake himself has a very threatening team if you do not have any Electric or Grass Types, though at this point if you don’t, I would really start to question your team composition. His Floatzel, which is supposed to be his star, is the most bland of his team, with the only claim to fame here for it is that it is fast, being able to very likely move faster than your Pokemon. His Gyrados and Quagsire are more of a threat than anything else, with Gyrados only weak to Rock Types (Why would you bring Rock Types into a Water Gym?) and Electric Types. Quagsire is a major challenge, based purely on typing (Water/Ground), meaning that the only type that can seriously damage it is Grass.

Because he is the same level as Maylene (Level 30), his score is the same as hers, especially since the Player may have found him before her. Unless you were not running with solid types, like Grass and Electric, Wake is not too tough.
Gym #5 (Fantina)
Puzzle: 1
Gym Trainers: 2
Gym Leader: 3
Total Score: 6
Review: The Puzzle here is VERY WEAK! Seriously it was not appropriate to have a Math puzzle easily solvable using the Poketch in the Ghost Type Gym! I think her Platinum one was FAR better. Her trainers were not too tough, but they allowed for a lot of valuable experience. Ghost is a tough type to take down in general. Moving on to Fantina, her Pokemon are very bulky and slow to take down. Dark Types are the obvious choice here, such as Skuntank or Drapion, but Pokemon that can learn Dark Type moves (like Luxray) can be very helpful here as well. Otherwise you will be in trouble! Her Pokemon are also very fast, meaning you will be taking hits from them first before you can attack. The only reason she gets a lower score than Maylene or Wake is because of her Puzzle score.
Gym #6 (Byron)
Puzzle: 3
Gym Trainers: 2
Gym Leader: 2
Total Score: 7
Review: The Puzzle here is as tricky as the one in Wake’s Gym, being an elevator puzzle. The Gym Trainers have a diversity of types, being Rock or Steel, though there is even a Water Type user here. Byron was not too difficult, especially since his Ace, Bastiodon, is his anchor Pokemon, since the rest of his team went down very easily. His Bronzor would have been better with Heatproof, and would have made it more challenging than it was. He was as strong as Maylene and Wake.
Gym #7 (Candice)
Puzzle: 3
Gym Trainers: 2
Gym Leader: 3
Total Score: 8
Review: I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS PUZZLE! Took me watching a video to figure it out. The trainers were not too difficult. Their difficulty was due to the varied types that they were using, requiring me to save so I could determine what Pokemon to use. Moving onto Candice, her difficulty is due to three factors. First, she has 4 Pokemon, more than any other Gym Leader so far. Second, both her Snover and Abomasnow can set up Snow Warning, allowing for “Chip Damage”. Third, she has a varied assortment of Pokemon, three of whom are Ice, and then there is that random Medicham. Her battle is not too tough overall, however, once her difficult elements are factored in.
Gym #8 (Volkner)
Puzzle: 3
Gym Trainers: 2
Gym Leader: 3
Total Score: 8
Review: Volkner is my favorite Gym Leader, and my favorite Electric Type Gym Leader. The Puzzle is a Rotating Gear Puzzle, and was really challenging to figure out. The Gym Trainers had all sorts of Pokemon. Unfortunately, there were not too many Electric Types in this group.

Volkner in Diamond & Pearl had only 2 Electric Types. I honestly like his team in Platinum better, but he was certainly the toughest Gym Gym Leader in Sinnoh. Still a very tough battle, despite the team he uses.

In the next Log, we will use our newly acquired Waterfall to climb some wild water. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #62-Climbing Waterfalls
I switched out my Main Team for my HM Squad, giving Floatzel Waterfall. With my squad, I flew to Routes 208 and 210, taking on those Waterfalls and gathering a few items. With those done, I decided to do some backtracking.

At Pastoria City, I grabbed my Level 5 Abra from the PC, switching my Floatzel for it, giving it the Experience Share.

I used Hotel Grand Lake to train Abra to Kadabra. At that point, I gave it Flash. That's right! We are going back to Wayward Cave.
Now, I know the Player is supposed to travel through here much earlier in the journey, but I didn't. I wanted to grab Earthquake and complete my meeting all of the Stat Trainers. Once I got Mira to the exit of Wayward Cave, I took on my major quest:

Grab Earthquake!

It took me a bit due to the challenge of the bike jumps. Eventually, I did find Earthquake, then quickly found my way back out.

Earthquake is going to be on my Gastrodon shortly. In the next Log, we will go through Route 223 using my Main Team. Until then, we will see you!
Log #63-Route 223
Departing Sunyshore City with my Main Team, I decided to beat all of the trainers on Route 223. There are quite a few trainers here with many islands and pockets of land. My Team finished getting to Level 51.

Unfortunately, there is a Waterfall here. I am not going to climb it until my two teams are trained up to Level 60. My Main Team will be trained to Level 63 and my HM Squad will be trained to Level 60. Before I go to the Elite Four, my Main Team will be at Level 66, which will match Cynthia's Garchomp.

How will I train? Routes 222 & 223 have Pokemon that are High 30's-Low 50's. My Pokemon are Level 51 right now, so it should not take me too long. Once my team is trained, I will use my HM Squad to take on Victory Road.

The next Log will be the Sinnoh Victory Road (Log #64). Until we are ready, we will see you soon! Please be patient! It will be very worth it since I won't have to take any training breaks to the end of the game.
Log #64-Victory Road
HM Squad:
Rampardos-Lv. 54
Kricketune-Lv. 54
Drifblim-Lv. 54

I got my Main Team to Level 59 and HM Squad to Level 54 before I decided to take on the Victory Road. The Sinnoh Victory Road is one of the toughest, as it requires most of the HMs. I decided to use this video to guide me.

It took me a while, but I managed to get through the Cave. The Final Challenge before the Elite Four. I am going to get my Main Team to Level 63 before I go onto the next Log. The next Log will be Rival Fival, where we will be fighting Barry.

Until next time, we will see you!
Log #65-Final Rival Fight (Rival Fival)
Main Team:
Infernape (Caesar)-Level 63
Luxray (Sphinx)-Level 63
Skuntank (Josephine)-Level 63
Roserade (Roosevelt)-Level 63
Gastrodon (Bubblegum)-Level 62
Staraptor (Valkyrie)-Level 62

With my Main Team at Level 63, I finally went into the Pokemon League, ready for what would come. Suddenly, Barry rushed in, demanding a battle. Rival Fival was on!

Barry opened with Staraptor (Level 48), and I opened with Sphinx, who OHKOed with Discharge. Barry sent out Snorlax (Level 51), and I changed to Caesar, who OHKOed with Brick Break. Next came Empoleon (Level 53), who Valkyrie took out with a Close Combat. Heracross (Level 50) was taken out with a Brave Bird, also from Valkyrie. I switched to Bubblegum to take out Rapidash (Level 49) with a single Surf, then brought Valkyrie back out to take out Roserade (Level 49) with another Brave Bird.

Barry was utterly defeated with 6 OHKOs. He departed, upset he was defeated. This left me alone with the Badge Gate Judge, steeling myself for what was to come. In the next Log, we will take on the Pokemon League, going all the way through from first Elite Four Member to Champion.

Can we win? Only time will tell. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #66-Elite Four & Champion
I healed up my team, did some buying of healing items, then talked to the Gate Judge, who checked through my badges, then ushered me inside. I resolved I would not heal until absolutely necessary. With that said, we walked in and took the first elevator.

I was greeted by Aaron, who is a Bug Type Specialist. He discussed with me "the beauty of Bug Types", then I started to battle.

I wasn't sure which Pokemon he was going to start with (either Dustox or Beautifly). I opened with Caesar against Dustox (Level 53). One Flamethrower was an OHKO. Aaron brought out Beautifly (Level 53). Another Flamethrower OHKO. I guess Aaron needed to get rid of his dead weight before he brought out the heavy hitters.

For his third Pokemon, Aaron sent out Drapion (Level 57), and I switched to Bubblegum. Drapion was faster than Gastrodon, striking with X-Scissor. Bubblegum hit with an Earthquake, which I expected would take out Drapion. When that failed, Drapion used Sitrus Berry, healing up, again using an X-Scissor. One more Earthquake took out Drapion. Aaron's major challenge was defeated.

Aaron brought out Heracross (Level 54), and I changed back to Caesar, which OHKOed Heracross. Finally, Vespiquen (Level 54) came out, which died to another Flamethrower. Aaron was done.
Next was Bertha, the Ground Type Specialist. This was the fight I was most nervous about, since half my team is weak to Ground Type moves. Turns out, I really didn't have to worry. Bertha talked about a "trainer with a spine", then took me on.

Bertha opened with Quagsire (Level 55) and I opened with Roosevelt. One Giga Drain took it out. She brought out Whiscash (Level 55), who suffered the same fate. Same with her Sudowoodo (Level 56). Bertha had lost 3 Pokemon, and my Roserade had not really broken a sweat.

Then Bertha sent out Hippowdon (Level 59), who I switched out to Bubblegum for. Hippowdon naturally set up Sand Stream, which sets up the Sandstorm condition. Being part Ground Type, Bubblegum was not impacted by the Sandstorm. One Surf took out Hippowdon, which I expected to be bulkier.

Finally, Bertha sent out Golem (Level 56), and I returned Roosevelt to the battlefield. One Giga Drain and Golem fell. Bertha was much easier than I expected!
Flint praised me about "bringing the spark back" to Volkner in Sunyshore, then hoped we would have a hot battle. He is supposedly a Fire Type Specialist.

Flint began with Rapidash (Level 58), and I started with Bubblegum. I wasn't sure what move Rapidash would use, thinking that it would use Bounce. Instead, it tried to set up a Solar Beam without Sunny Day, meaning that the move would take 2 turns to charge. Using this to my opportunity, I hit with Surf, which OHKOed Rapidash before it could hit me with what would have been a devastating Solar Beam.

This is where things began to get strange, because Flint has only 2 Fire Types in his team, leading to a "mixed bag" of types (this was corrected in Platinum). He sent out a Steelix (Level 57). I switched out to Caesar, which took it out with a single Flamethrower.

Then there was his Infernape (Level 61), and I changed to Valkyrie. Infernape was fast, hitting with Thunderpunch, which I was surprised Valkyrie survived, then I hit back with Fly, ending Infernape with an OHKO.

Moving back to his mixed bag, he sent out Lopunny (Level 57) and I changed to Caesar. One Brick Break took it out. He then finished with Drifblim (Level 58) and I changed to Sphinx. I was a bit worried because Drifblim has Aftermath, which does damage on the opposing Pokemon when a move makes contact. Sphinx used Discharge, which almost took down Drifblim. When it survived, Drifblim used Ominous Wind, causing damage to Sphinx. Flint healed up Drifblim, but one more Discharge took it out, ending the fight for Flint.
Last of the Elite Four, Lucian is a Psychic Type Specialist. It was time to wrap up the battles here!

He opened with Mr. Mime (Level 59) and I brought out Josephine. One Night Slash took it out before it could even set up a Screen. Lucian sent out Bronzong (Level 63), and I decided to keep out Josephine. There was a back and forth, with Josephine hitting with Flamethrower and Bronzong took it out with a mix of Gyro ball and Earthquake. I switched to Caesar, who finished Bronzong with Flamethrower. I was a bit disappointed with Josephine's performance.

Next, he sent out Alakazam (Level 60) and I sent out Sphinx. I thought it was going to be challenging because Alakazam has a reputation for hitting hard. Sphinx OHKOed Alakazam with a single Crunch. Next was his Girafarig (Level 59). I thought Sphinx could take down Girafarig with a Crunch. Instead, Sphinx fell to Double Hit. Both of the Pokemon I had planned to sweep Lucian with were both out, leaving me worried.

I brought out Caesar, and accidentially used Shadow Claw, which Girafarig was immune to. Girafarig used Double Hit, causing some damage. Caesar used one Brick Break, ending Girafarig. He finished with Medicham (Level 60), and I did with Valkyrie to finish this difficult show. One Brave Bird ended Medicham with a bang.

I had been worried about Bertha, but Lucian was actually the toughest one. Considering he was the last of the Elite Four, he lived up to his reputation.

I healed up so I could be ready for the Champion.
Going into the Champion's Room, I was surprised that it was Cynthia. She "thanked me for Mount Coronet" yet she had not been there. If she had, why hadn't she helped?! My blood boiling, I took her on for the title.

She opened with Spiritomb (Level 61) and I started with Josephine. In Generation 4, Spiritomb had no weaknesses (It would later in Generation 6, when Fairy Type was added). Josephine was my odd Pokemon as was her Spiritomb. Not sure how to start, I hit with repeated Flamethrower. Meanwhile, Spiritomb used Embargo, Dark Pulse, and Silver Wind attacks. Cynthia healed up Spiritomb, and I decided to change strategies, not sure if it would work. I struck with Toxic, Poisoning Spiritomb, allowing for "chip damage". I resumed using Flamethrower until Spiritomb fell. That battle alone was exhausting, and I still had the rest of her team to battle.

Her next Pokemon was Gastrodon (Level 60) and I brought out Roosevelt. One Giga Drain took out Gastrodon. She then sent out Lucario (Level 63), which I sent out Caesar for. I ht with Brick Break which almost took out Lucario, though it survived then hit with Aura Sphere, causing damage to Caesar. One more Brick Break ended Lucario. She sent out Milotic (Level 63) in response and I brought out Roosevelt. Knowing I needed an increase in power, I decided to use Petal Dance, which cut Milotic down to half or so. Milotic used Ice Beam, which I thought would freeze Roosevelt, which it thankfully did not. The second Petal Dance took down Milotic, though now Roosevelt was confused (a side effect from Petal Dance). Next came her Roserade (Level 60), which went down to a Brave Bird from Valkyrie.

Her last Pokemon was her big bad Garchomp (Level 66). this beast is Legendary in its difficulty, which I was concerned about since most of my party was very weak. I sent out Bubblegum mainly because I have Ice Beam on it. Garchomp hit first with Brick Break and Bubblegum responded with Ice Beam. Garchomp used Giga Impact. In one final hit, Bubblegum ended the fight with another Ice Beam, which brought down Garchomp.

I beat Cynthia!

Cynthia and Rowan saw me get inducted into the Hall of Fame, then the credits rolled. In the next Log, we begin the Post Game! Until the next time, we will see you!
Nice job! Are you going to do the post game stuff?
The Post Game I Am Going To Do:
1. Marley
2. Rotom
3. Giratina
4. All of the other Areas on the other island
5. Heatran

Going to bypass Cresselia and the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier in Diamond & Pearl is just the Battle Tower.
The Post Game I Am Going To Do:
1. Marley
2. Rotom
3. Giratina
4. All of the other Areas on the other island
5. Heatran

Going to bypass Cresselia and the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier in Diamond & Pearl is just the Battle Tower.
If this was platinum, I assume you would do the frontier, right?
If this was platinum, I assume you would do the frontier, right?
Yeah. There would be 5 Logs just purely on the Battle Frontier if I was playing Platinum. I never actually won any of the Frontier Medals, but if I was playing for the people watching, I would work on it until I won.
Log #67-Off To The Battle Tower
Upon starting up the game again, I left home with the goal to meet Barry at Snowpoint City. I traveled to the Fight Area, where I met with Barry and a treasure hunter named Buck.

Before Barry really gave me a chance to breathe, he raced off, and this guy named Buck told me that I needed to race after Barry to Stark Mountain to keep him safe. Before I could do that, however, I had to fly back to Sandgem and show Rowan my Pokedex. I had seen all 150 Pokemon, and as a result, got the National Dex and Poke Radar.
Flying back to the Fight Area, I met up with a blonde haired guy that was taller than Barry, who challenged me to take on the Battle Tower. I did a 7 Win Streak, then departed. A new area was opened on Mainland Sinnoh (Route 214).

In the next Log, we will explore that area and see what is there. Until then, we will see you!
Log #68-The Devil Giratina
In a passage off of Route 214, I find myself visiting the lost 4th lake, Sendoff Spring. It is believed to be a space where the departed souls gather, and the separation between the Distortion World and the Pokemon World is weaker.

To access the cave within, you need Rock Climb, and in Turnback Cave, you need Defog and Rock Smash. I had to actually have a mixture of teams.

The cave inside is a twisting mix of rooms, and the easiest way to get to the deepest part is to go straight forward, no matter what is in the way.
In the deepest, darkest part of the cave, there is this monster. It is the Legendary Pokemon, Giratina. THIS MONSTER IS VERY HARD TO CAPTURE! It took me a long time to catch it. I tried Burning it, Poisoning it, etc, and using Dusk Balls, but DUSK BALLS DON'T WORK ON THIS BEAST! A few Ultra Balls later, as my team was hanging on by a thread, I eventually managed to capture Giratina, which I named Diablo.

Giratina is also known for its jumpscare, seen in Platinum. It still freaks me out! Anyway, I decided to post it here:

Once I captured Giratina, I backtracked the way I came, since you can't escape rope out.

In the next Log, we will go back to the Fight Area & explore Route 225. Until then, we will see you!
log #69-Fight Area & Route 225
Flying back to the Fighting Area, I made sure I had my Main Team with me, as there are many areas worth of battles here. Making sure I had a lot of Max Repels (I have a lot from my buying spree before the League), I journeyed forth, unsure of what I would see.

It takes a while to explore it all. Eventually reaching the far northern reaches, I got to the edge of the area, passing into the Survival Area.

In the next Log, we will try once again to go back to Victory Road and do the Marley Subquest as well as going after Rotom. I had tried a little bit ago to go there, but I couldn't access the area that Marley would be due to not visiting the northeast island yet at the time. Also, not sure what time I need to go to get Rotom. I know it is night, but for some reason it wouldn't show up for me yet.

Looks like we will have a bit to do in the next Log. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #70-Marley & The TV Ghost Rotom
Flying back to the Pokemon League & Victory Road, I changed my team to the HM Squad. Backtracking, I saw that the side cave to Route 224 was open. I climbed back down and eventually got to the cave. After I passed through, I ran into deep fog. When I cleared it, I ran into a black haired girl in a black dress. Her name is Marley, and she needed help to get to the end of the cave.

Marley is a Stat Trainer. She has an Arcanine. Unfortunately, her Arcanine is NOT HELPFUL AT ALL! The only move that it used was Helping Hand, leaving me to do all of the fighting. The only benefit that she gave was the fact that, like all of the Stat Trainers, she keeps the team healed per battle.

Eventually, we got her to the end of the cave, leaving me to travel alone. I beat all of the trainers on the outside of Route 224, eventually finding the rock that Marley wanted to see.
With the Marley Quest done, I flew to Eterna Forest, where Eterna Gym Leader Gardenia was sitting outside the Old Chateau. She claimed she wasn't scared, but she sure ran out quickly, leaving me to travel through the Chateau alone.

In one of the rooms, there was a TV that "had a malevolent feel...as though it was staring" When it became 8 PM, I left the Chateau, then reentered, preparing to interact with the TV.
When I interacted with the TV, I met Rotom (Level 15). Hoping to catch it quickly, I used a Quick Ball, which is supposed to work on a speedy Pokemon, like Rotom. One Quick Ball and Rotom was captured. I named it Ford.

Wow, we sure did a lot this Log! In the next Log, we will travel through the Survival Area, Routes 226 & 227. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #71-Survival Area, Routes 226 & 227
Going from the Survival Area, I entered Route 226.

Route 226 is basically a Rock Climb and Surfing Route. There isn't a lot to say on this Route, acting as a "pass through" location. It is notable as the first indication of Stark Mountain.


On Route227, the overworld weather shifts, with a bit of falling ash. Going along the bike path, I eventually ran into Buck, who challenged me to race him through Stark Mountain. He then ran off.

Continuing on, I ran into Barry and surprisingly Crasher Wake. Barry mentioned that he was pumped to go to Stark Mountain, beat Buck, gain the treasure of the Mountain, and get a 21 Win Streak.

Wake advised him and me to be careful, citing high level Pokemon, then he departed.

Guess we are following Buck & Barry to Stark Mountain, which we will do in the next Log. Until then, we will see you!
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