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Mafia It's All About ME 2 Mafia: Endgame: Resourceful Plans - 8/7/18

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Nope, not there. Weird, I'd say the OP is bastard as the game suggests :p
I'll join this game. Haven't played one actively in months.

Mouse Electrochu :p Or Mouse Electronics. Whichever one works.
Night 0: My Coma's Toast

Night 0: My Coma's Toast

Enzbot stared at the massive block of frozen carbon that his staffers had brought back from the obsolete Bulbagarden Forums. The medical computers had been scanning it nonstop since its arrival, and there was no doubt about it, the person inside was still alive, and in perfect hibernation.
"Preserved for a thousand years," mused the Community Leader, running his hand over the frozen face. He glanced at the Dapper Duo.
"Well done, you two," he complimented, "this is quite the find."
"So when are we going to thaw him out?" asked Captron, eagerly.
"We're not," replied Enzbot, shaking his head, "with all the advances we've had in the last thousand years, he just wouldn't be able to cope."
"But this could be our only chance to speak to someone who actually lived in the old forums," Captron protested.
"Too dangerous," stressed Enzbot, "both for him and for us. Who knows what bacteria or viruses hitched a ride with him? If we thaw him out, we could start a new plague."
"Unlikely," countered Zexinator, "ever since Emergency Medical came up with the cure for the common cold, there have been precautions taken against the reemergence of old diseases. They'd probably put him through a thorough sterilization process before allowing him out of quarantine."
The Community Leader sighed.
"You two are adamant about this, aren't you?" he asked.
Captron nodded.
"Think of the historical benefits this could have," he exclaimed excitedly.
"And scientific," added Zexinator, "there's never been a study on prolonged hibernation in Carbonite...though that's probably because nobody would have lived long enough without staying in the Carbonite to have seen the other end of the experiment."
Enzbot sighed again and reluctantly agreed.
"Very well," he conceded, "but we'll take every possible precaution along the way."

The following day, the Carbonite block was brought into an isolation chamber in the nearest Emergency Medical facility. Doctor Fliptopus was attending as the medical expert to facilitate the thawing and sterilization processes, as well as in case there were lasting effects from the extended hibernation. By the time the Community staffers had arrived, she had already gotten into her quarantine gear and had prepared three other suits.
"Just a precaution," she said, as the other three changed into the gear, "I've already subjected the specimen to intense sterilization, but you never know."
Enzbot nodded solemnly, and the doctor wheeled the frozen block over to one of the walls. Captron and Zexinator lifted the block from the gurney and placed it against the wall. Doctor Fliptopus began the thawing procedure. The block glowed red hot as the carbon began melting. The encased figure's lips moved silently and his fingers began to twitch. Finally, the last of the carbon had melted away from the figure, causing him to fall forward, but he was caught by Doc Flip. She, Captron, and Zexinator hoisted the still sleeping figure over to the bed.
The doctor took a few readings.
"He's alive," she said, "but brain activity is minimal. Who knows if he'll even wake up at all?"

For the next several weeks, things remained pretty much the same. Doctor Fliptopus and her team of medical personnel kept a close eye on the comatose patient, and Captron, Zexinator, and Enzbot would drop by to see if there had been any changes. Soon, Enzbot, and even Zexinator stopped visiting daily.
After the fourth week with no changes, even Captron was starting to get discouraged, though he still stopped by every day to check on the patient's status. Zexinator and Enzbot had stopped visiting the hospital altogether. Zexinator had concluded that long term hibernation in Carbonite resulted in a permanent coma and given up, and Enzbot was assured that the thousand year old man would not pose a danger to himself or others.

Doctor Fliptopus was just finishing up her morning rounds. At this point, with diseases all but eradicated, there were very few actual patients in the Emergency Medical facility, and those were mostly physical injuries or bizarre accidents. They rarely stayed long, let alone an entire month, unlike her final patient. It had been a month to the day since Enzbot had asked her to thaw the Carbonite block containing the hibernating man in it, and in that time nothing had changed. Brain activity was still minimal, and the man continued his dreamless sleep. While she was certainly curious about the man, from a scientific and medical standpoint, she had become bored of taking care of him.
The medic sighed as she approached the thousand year old man's room, always reserved for last on her rounds. As she entered, she glanced quickly at the readings from the mental interface. She did a double take. A spike! An actual brainwave! The readings fluctuated a bit then grew stronger. The man was dreaming.
Doctor Fliptopus jumped in surprise at the loud and violent outburst from the patient who, not five minutes ago, had been dead to the world. She looked at him, sitting bolt upright, sweating profusely, panting, and with a terrified expression on his face. Brain activity was going wild, and then, as suddenly as it began, the brain activity faded, taking the state of panic with it. The man relaxed, though he did not return to a comatose state.
Flip checked her chronometer, 0800, somebody should be at the Community Administration Center by now. She walked over to the wall mounted communicator and dialed the CAC's code. Captron appeared on the monitor.
"Something wrong, doctor?" asked the Community moderator.
"Your patient is awake," reported the medic.
"YAHOOO!!!!!!" cheered Captron, immediately charging out of the room.
Flip sighed and terminated the connection, knowing that Caps would be arriving shortly via the teleporter.
She turned her attention back to her patient, whom she was surprised to find had managed to get himself out of his bed, and was staggering curiously around the room.

Enzbot teleported into the office located in the Community Administration Center, only to be bowled over by an excited Captron.
"He's awake!" exclaimed the slightly out of breath mod.

It is now Night 0. Roles will be randomized and distributed as soon as I can possibly get around to it (which should hopefully be sometime within the next 24 hours). Please confirm that you have received your role. Day 1 will begin once all players have confirmed receipt of their roles.
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