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Mafia It's All About ME 2 Mafia: Endgame: Resourceful Plans - 8/7/18

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Day 1: The Mysterious Entity
Day 1: The Mysterious Entity

Enzbot picked himself up from where Captron had knocked him over.
"What did you say?" asked the Community Leader.
"The man from the past," said Caps breathlessly, "Doctor Fliptopus just called to say he's woken up!"
Excitedly, Enzbot left a message for the tardy Zexinator, then he and Captron teleported to the Emergency Medical facility.

Doctor Flip was in the middle of a discussion with her patient when the mod duo showed up. She excused herself and left. The man, now sitting back in his bed, looked puzzled.
Closing the portal behind her, to block out their conversation, Flip greeted the community staffers.
"What's the situation, doctor?" asked Enzbot.
"He's awake, but his mind is a blank," recounted the medical professional, "he has no idea who he is, or any memories of his past. I'll have to run some more tests, but based on the decaying of this man's liver, he was a heavy drinker. It's possible that the lack of oxygen to his brain caused by the hibernation and a thiamin deficiency due to his alcohol consumption wiped his brain clean."
"Is there any way to repair the damage?" asked Captron, disappointed.
"We might be able to trigger his memories using external stimuli, but a thousand years is a long time," the doctor said, "odds of finding anything that might be significant to him are low."
"I think I've got just the thing," Captron declared, pulling out the safe he had taken from the F&G Administration Building, and pouring its contents on the table.
Flip and Enzbot's eyes widened.
"Quite the treasure trove," remarked the Community Leader, "were you planning on keeping all that to yourself? Need I remind you that, under the Articles of Establishment, section X, subsection 2, paragraph 7, 'all items of significance found during visits to the old Bulbagarden forums are property of the Community, and must be relinquished by any Community moderator to their superiors upon their return from the forums.'"
"I know, I know," Captron said, "but I kept this just in case it would be needed when he woke up. If we gave the safe's contents to the Community Executives, they would completely vanish into the aether. Now they can do some good."
"Be cautious," advised Flip, "while he has calmed down since first waking up, he experienced a very violent reaction when he first awakened, possibly due to the last events he remembered before being frozen before those memories faded away. It is possible that, if you reignite his memories, you will also reawaken his fear."
"Explain," ordered Enzbot, prompting Flip to show them the security feed.
In the recording, the man awakened suddenly and shouted: "NOOOOO!!!!! STAY BACK! GET AWAY FROM ME!"
"Interesting," remarked the Community Leader, "it's almost as if his last moments were spent fighting to prevent being frozen. Perhaps this man is actually a criminal and the freezing was a punishment?"
"Not possible," disagreed Captron, pulling out the 'ME Movies' poster and holding it up, "see the resemblance? He's ME. The ME. The one still talked about among the higher up staffers in rumor. They wouldn't discuss him if he was evil. More likely, he was frozen to be saved from whatever cataclysmic event took place in the old Fun and Games section. The building we found him in was flooded with radiation."
Enzbot sighed.
"The only way to know for sure is to try prompting his memories," said the Community Leader, "even if he was a criminal, he'll hardly be a threat here, with the technologies we've developed since he was frozen."
He and Captron took the safe and its contents into the patient's room.
The man was now sitting by the view portal, his back to the entrance. He gazed outside at the impressive cityscape. When the door opened, he turned to face the newcomers.
"Hello, I'm Enzbot, the Community Leader," said Enzbot smiling and extending his hand, a common gesture of greeting contemporary to the early 2000s.
The man looked at the Community Leader quizzically for a moment before briefly weakly grasping the proffered hand.
"I don't suppose you two have any idea who I am?" the thousand year old man asked.
"Or where I am," he added, chuckling darkly.
"As for who you are, unfortunately we are unsure of that, ourselves, though we have some theories," explained Captron, "where you are is a little easier to answer. You are in the Fantasy and Gossip Community, which is part of the greater Bulbagarden Virtual Communities."
"...the what now?" asked the man.
"The Bulbagarden Virtual Communities were established in 2244, shortly after the Virtual Revolution that occurred in 2242-2243," lectured Captron.
"2244?" the man asked, exasperated.
"Yes," said Captron, "but that was quite a while ago. It is now 3016."
Still confused, the man decided to drop the 'where' and focus on the 'who.'
"You said you had some theories as to who I am?" he asked.
"Yes," said Enzbot, "we believe that you are a former staff member of the old Bulbagarden forums who went by the nickname 'ME.' You've been frozen for a thousand years."
"'ME,' eh?" laughed the man, "that certainly fits, considering how I am now a Mysterious Entity...even to myself."
"Well, we have some items here for you to look at," Captron stated, pulling out the safe, "perhaps they will shed some light on your past."
The historical moderator took the Section Head badge and passed it to the newly named Mysterious Entity.
ME held the badge and examined it closely. He flipped it over and noticed the inscription and the date on the back.
"Enzap," he said, looking up at the Community Leader, "didn't you say your name is Enzbot?"
"Yes," said Enzbot, nodding, "I am descended from Enzap."
"Having been frozen for a thousand years, I guess I don't have any living relatives that might be able to let me know who I am," deduced the formerly frozen man.
He gave the badge back, shaking his head.
"I'm sorry, the badge doesn't ring a bell."
Captron passed him the robotic arm next.
ME took the arm and moved it around, examining each joint, digit, and wire.
"Hey, this is pretty cool," he said, "but I've got two arms, so this probably wasn't mine."
He handed the arm back to Caps, who next tried the bottle of alcohol.
"What's this?" asked the man, taking out the bottle, and reading the label, "'Glenfiddich Experimental Series 1?' I have no idea what that is."
"It was some kind of alcoholic beverage, I believe," Enzbot explained.
The man took out the stopper and sniffed, singing the inside of his nose with the acidic smell.
"Yow!" the mystery man shouted, putting the stopper back in, "people used to drink this shit?!"
"Well, it's decayed a bit past its prime," chuckled Captron, taking the bottle back and passing along the picture.
The man stared at the woman in the photo for a long time, a spark of recognition appeared briefly in his eyes, but it was quickly extinguished.
"She's beautiful," the man said, awestruck, "I wish I knew who she was...though if I was frozen for a thousand years like you say I was, she's probably long dead, anyway."
Disappointed Captron took back the photo, as the man rubbed his temples.
"Why did you think I was this 'ME' guy anyway?" he inquired.
"Because of this," said Enzbot, showing him the poster for the 'ME Movies.'
"So?" asked Mysterious Entity, looking at the poster.
Captron turned him back to the view portal, and set it to 'reflect.' The man started at his reflection, and then back at the poster.
"Gotta say, the resemblance is uncanny," affirmed the enigmatic entity, "but this is an ad for a movie. Surely I was just the actor who played this 'ME' person, assuming he was real and not just a fictional character in the movie."
"ME was real," Captron stated, "we have historical evidence that proves that, and it's a good bet that if he was having movies made about him, he was egotistical enough to play himself in those movies."
Mysterious Entity laughed.
"That sounds about right," he agreed, "but it isn't proof of anything, and I can't remember."
"So we're right back where we started," sighed Caps, disappointed.
"What am I going to do now?" asked Mysterious Entity, turning to Enzbot.
"Well, the first step is to get you back to full health," the Community Leader said, "a thousand years of hibernation followed by a month long coma are not so easily shrugged off. Doctor Fliptopus, whom you've already met, will take charge of getting you back up on your feet. After that, we can try to integrate you into our society."
Mysterious Entity sighed.
"I suppose that's pretty much all you can do," he said, glumly.
Suddenly, the man from the past felt very tired.
"If you don't mind, I need some rest," he said, wearily.
Captron and Enzbot nodded and left, just as Zexinator charged in.
"What'd I miss?" asked the eager mod.

Over the course of the next month, Doctor Fliptopus and her team worked hard to restore Mysterious Entity to full health, not an easy task due to the muscle atrophy and various other medical maladies the man had acquired, though they couldn't seem to get rid of the traces of radiation that had seeped into Mysterious Entity from his thousand year slumber in the F&G Administration Building. As they treated him, the man was curious about the various techniques and technologies. Flip and her crew patiently answered his numerous questions, and, by the end of the month, he seemed to have a basic grasp of the wonders and technologies of 3016. The Fantasy and Gossip moderating staff visited him regularly to check on his progress.
This particular evening, Enzbot stopped by, as Flip had alerted them that Mysterious Entity's treatments were nearly over.
He found the thousand year old man by one of the sustenance machines, programming in his desired nutrition supplement. All things considered, he seemed to be adjusting well, but there was a certain sadness about him.
"How's it going, Enzbot?" asked the man from the past, still using old language idioms and slang, but now performing the proper 3016 greeting by clicking his heals 13 times while snapping 5 times with his left hand. A procedure he had previously confessed felt very tedious.
"You seem to be doing much better," observed the Community Leader.
"Thanks to Doc Flip and her team," remarked Mysterious Entity.
He and Enzbot sat down at one of the rest areas in the hallway, as ME consumed his nutritional supplement. Silence pervaded for a few moments, before ME stopped eating.
"This technology that you have is marvelous," he said, casually, "I'm sure that back in my day we had nothing like it."
"You've certainly become quite adept at using the technology," complimented Enzbot, indicating the nutritional supplement.
Mysterious Entity shrugged.
"Only the basics," he stated, "I can order myself meals, and I can program the environment in my room. That's about it."
"Well, these things take time," the Community Leader said, encouragingly, "you'll get there, eventually."
"With all this great technology, isn't there any way to restore my memories?" inquired the thousand year old man, "without them I just feel...incomplete."
"Your memories won't help you adjust any better," responded Enzbot, "in fact, they could make things worse, as you'll start to feel out of place."
"I already feel out of place," ME exclaimed, "but at least if I had my memories, I would know that I once had a place where I belonged, even if I can never go back."
The Community Leader nodded sagely, flagged down Doctor Fliptopus, and explained the situation to her.
"Is there nothing we can do to help?" he asked.
Flip thought for a moment, considering her words.
"There has been a lot of research and speculation into memory restoration," she said, "but, throughout the years, there has only been one way to restore memories that are completely gone without a trace, like Mysterious Entity's."
"Well?" asked ME, raising his eyebrow, "why didn't you mention this a month ago?"
"I don't want to get your hopes up," the doctor said, quickly, "the procedure itself is very risky even for patients who are at peak health. A month ago there is no possible way you would have survived. Even now, it will more likely cause permanent damage than solve the problem."
"What's the procedure?" asked Enzbot.
"We'd have to perform reconstructive surgery in his brain," explained the medical expert, "basically, memories are stored in various parts of the brain and are recalled when the neurons that created the initial experience fire together in the same pattern. It's very difficult to completely forget an experience, since even if one engram fails there are others to work off of. In cases such as this one, something is causing an active disruption to ME's recall/retrieval process or the encoding itself has gone bad. In the case of the former, the memories are still there, but the sequences to obtain them are lost. In the case of the latter, the sequences might be in tact, but the information is garbled at best, completely unsalvageable at the worst. Either way, to fix the problem, we'd need to get into ME's brain and start interfering with the electrical signals that are currently running through his brain."
"How risky is that?" asked the Community Leader.
"Like I said, the more likely result of trying this would be causing permanent brain damage to ME, possibly even putting him back in a coma or making him into a mental vegetable," said the doctor.
"That's a risk I'm willing to take," chimed in Mysterious Entity.
"Now hold on," began Enzbot.
"No!" shouted ME, balling his hands into fists, "you don't understand what it's like to be completely isolated from everything. To not know who you are, or where you came from, or anything about yourself. No matter what I learn here or what I may become in the future, I will never be complete. I would rather die or become a mental vegetable, because at least then I wouldn't feel so empty."
Nothing Enzbot or Fliptopus could say would change Mysterious Entity's mind. In the end, it was agreed that the procedure would take place the following day.

As Enzbot drifted into sleep that night, he wondered just what he was allowing to happen. His last thought was: "what if this all goes wrong?"

Mysterious Entity awoke feeling at peace for the first time since he had awakened in 3016, which, for all intents and purposes, was the only time he had ever been at peace. Whatever fate had in store for him, he was prepared.
Captron and Enzbot had arrived and were waiting for him as he left his room heading to the operating area.
"No Zexinator?" asked ME, raising an eyebrow.
"He's late again," said Captron disapprovingly.
Doctor Fliptopus, looking resolved, walked in with a team of medical specialists she had summoned from other Communities. Even one of the Community Executives, Digulon, was there to observe the proceedings.
"So you're the man from the past causing all the ruckus lately," said Digulon, glancing at ME.
"I guess I am," said the thousand year old man, smirking.
"Let's get on with this," Digulon said, checking his chronometer.
Mysterious Entity was escorted into the operating area by Doctor Fliptopus. The other medical experts followed. Digulon, Enzbot, and Captron headed to the gallery, where they would be able to view the operation.
Being a product of the late 2nd millennium and not the 4th, Mysterious Entity did not already have a brain port for interfacing, so step one of the proceedings was to insert a port. Once completed, Doctor Flip interfaced ME's brain with the operating equipment. Instantly, a 3D map of the thousand year old man's brain patterns was displayed and the supercomputers began analyzing the contents for abnormalities.
Flip took a brief glance at the patterns. Her eyes widened, the man's brain was even more of an enigma than she had originally anticipated, which was not encouraging. Still, whoever he had been a thousand years ago, he must have been pretty intelligent.

Zexinator transported into the Community Administration Center. He was only a few minutes late today, an improvement. He headed into the control center, only to find it empty. Curious. He wandered into the break room. Also empty. Even more curious. Thinking that Enzbot was playing a prank on him, Zexinator began walking to his superior's office.

Analysis complete, the computer displayed the most efficient methodology for repairing the broken connections in ME's mind. With surgical precision, Flip and the other medics donned their digigloves.
"This is a delicate procedure," she said, "reroute all power to the medical consoles, we don't want anything to go wrong."
The power was rerouted by Digulon from the gallery. The medics began the painstaking process of altering the electrical impulses and signals in the thousand year old man's brain.

Enzbot wasn't in his office, either, and Captron was nowhere to be found. That was most peculiar, since Captron was very punctual. Zexinator thought for a moment, collecting his scatterbrained thoughts.
"Oh lacainam!" swore Zexinator, remembering what Enzbot had informed them after returning from the medical facility the other day.
He dashed back toward the transporter room, hoping he wasn't too late.

Flip and the medical team were working out the most complex set of signals. So far, with the help of the computer, everything had been going surprisingly smoothly. Flip was just beginning to breathe easy, when suddenly, the power flickered. The machine was only off for a fraction of a second, but it was enough. The incomplete repairs were implemented, resulting in a massive short circuit, as Mysterious Entity's brain was unable to process any of the signals it was sending or being sent.
ME's vital signs began going erratic, and then, as Flip and the team attempted to log back in to the interface, they began flatlining.
"No, no, no!" said Flip, "what happened? Why did we lose power?"
"Emergency fail safe," reported Digulon from above checking some reports, "somebody activated the transporter."
"Reenigne!" cursed Flip, "he's dying."
As the medics attempted to revive the dying man, he began glowing in a strange energy.
"...wait," said Digulon, "that energy."
The Community Executive thought about it for a moment, something was familiar about that glowing, but what was it?
No it couldn't be.
That was just a myth.
Digulon's eyes widened. If what he thought was happening was actually happening, things could get messy really quickly.
"GET OUT OF THERE!" he yelled the order.
Unquestioningly, Flip and the medics ran out, just as the glowing intensified. Suddenly, a sickly green glow was added to the mix, as the operating area was flooded with pent up radiation, leaking out of the dying man.
A massive eruption tore apart the operating area, sending dust and debris everywhere. The smoke began to clear. Digulon saw ME standing next to the broken operating equipment.
He breathed a sigh of relief. Yes there was some damage to the operating area, but that could be easily taken care of. More to the point, it looked like the specimen was intact, and he had just gotten to witness something that he had only heard about in legends, a true Regeneration.
But, as the smoke dissipated, a problem became evident.
Not just one, but ten MEs stood in the operating room, all completely identical and wearing the same puzzled expression.
Zexinator burst into the gallery, slightly winded.
"Hope I'm not too late," he said, cheerfully.

It is now Day 1. The phase will end in 48 hours on 4/7/18, regardless of whether I am here to lock the phase or not. Votes after 12:00pm US CDT will not be accepted.
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