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Mafia It's All About ME 2 Mafia: Endgame: Resourceful Plans - 8/7/18

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You are all liars but I'm just here for the fireworks.
Night 2: Backed into a Corner

Night 2: Backed into a Corner

"This has gotten way out of hand," Digulon said, picking up a spare comm set, "I'm bringing in the Community Head Executive on this one."
"No need for that," said the cape wearing ME, "have no fear, ME is here to save the day!"
"What are you going to do about this situation?" asked the Community Executive, skeptically.
"Using my brilliant powers of deduction, I have determined the person responsible for the heinous murders last phase," said the ME, swishing around and pretending to fly.
"But," began the Scottish staffer.
The nerdy ME stepped in.
"Digulon, please," he said, "this is our problem, and we will resolve it on our own. I can still figure out a way to reintegrate us back into our original self, even with the dead MEs."
Digulon hesitated, and then put down the comm.
"Well, the Project Leader is very busy," he said, slowly, "fine. If you're certain you've got this under control."
"Trust ME," said the cape wearing ME, "I've got the culprit cold."
"Very well," said the Executive, "lead on."

The two left the room, leaving behind the nerdy ME and the insane ME, along with the Fantasy and Gossip staffers.
"This has certainly been exciting," remarked Zexinator, sarcastically.
"Definitely an interesting study," added Captron.

The nerdy ME tinkered at the work bench. Calculations flashed quickly on the monitor as he typed. Bored, the insane ME took to cartwheeling around the room again.

Lost in thought, the Community Leader paced around the operating room. Suddenly, seemingly of its own accord, the door slid open. Enzbot looked up. No one was there.
"Must be a malfunction," he thought, and continued his pacing.

Digulon and the heroic ME walked down the corridor until they came to the door of the 4th ME, who had barricaded himself inside.
"Here is the vile villain responsible for the deaths last night!" exclaimed the cape wearing ME.
"But how can you tell?" asked the Community Executive.
"Elementary," said the super ME, "the evidence all points to him."

He pulled out a magnifying glass and aimed it at the floor.
"I'll admit, he did a good job of cleaning up, but see here, a bit of pollen residue, specifically from the red rose, as usually carried by Mushy Emotionalist," he said, "and over here, there's a small stain from a plate of food that was cooked by Meal Envisioner. Both are right outside his door."
"And what about the other three?" asked Digulon.
The ME shrugged.
"Like I said, he did a good job cleaning up," he explained, "besides, we can definitely pin at least two of the murders on him."
The Executive agreed, and went to knock on the paranoid ME's door. The heroic ME stopped him.
"I wouldn't do that if I was you," he said, "this one is a touch unstable."
"So how are we going to get in?" asked the Scottish staffer.
"Leave that to ME," said the heroic ME, smiling and flexing.
"Whoo boy," Digulon sighed.

"So what are you working on?" Enzbot asked the nerdy ME, who was typing furiously on the virtual keyboard.
"Well, these are the reintegration calculations assuming perfect conditions," said the ME, indicating the screen, "however, we have very sub-optimal conditions, considering the fact that at least half of us are dead, so I am filling in all of the variables."
"Sounds complicated," the Community Leader said.
The nerdy ME grunted in affirmation and kept working.
An alert popped up on one of the other monitors. Apparently, someone had broken into the armory last night.
"And what do you want to bet it's the same guy that Digulon and the other ME are after," the Community Leader said, mostly to himself, as he dashed out of the room.
The nerdy ME smirked. His work was nearly complete.

"Stand back," said the heroic ME, as he stepped forward.
He ripped the door off the hinges as Digulon quickly ducked out of the way. Instantly, he was met with a hailfire of bullets, which all glanced off of him.
"I'll be damned," breathed the Executive, as the caped ME stepped into the paranoid ME's room.
"STAY BACK, DAMN YOU!" he heard the paranoid ME shout, "I'M WARNING YOU!"
"Enough, you villain!" exclaimed the heroic ME, "you've killed our own, and for that I cannot forgive you!"
"T-they shouldn't have startled ME," said the paranoid ME, "it was their own fault!"
"They were trying to help you!" reprimanded the cape wearing ME.
"NO!" shouted the conspiracy theorist, "nobody here is trying to help ME. You're all out to get ME. This is proof! This is proof!"
"ME, I don't want to hurt you," the super ME said, "just come with ME, and we can talk about this."
"NEVER!" yelled the paranoid ME.
"Then I'm afraid I'll have to take you in by force," said the superpowered ME, tensing for battle.
The paranoid ME became calm, startlingly calm.
"No," he said, shaking his head, an eerie smile on his face.
"I'm sorry, what?" asked the heroic ME, confused.
"No," repeated the paranoid ME, "it doesn't end that way. It ends on my own terms."

The conspiracy theorist flipped a switch and pushed the button on a concealed detonator he'd been carrying.
"Oh dear," said the heroic ME, dashing from the room with his super speed, and shielding Digulon from the resulting blast.
When the dust cleared, the paranoid ME's room was obliterated, and the paranoid ME had been blown to pieces.
Dear Morbid Existentialist,

The Question said:
Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean I'm stupid.
Always looking over your own shoulder, you are Madness Exemplified, The Paranoid.
You are well known for discovering five sinister plots against you before breakfast everyday. Most of the time, those so-called plans are just average people going about their business, but you don't care. You trust nobody and nothing except yourself, and sometimes you don't even trust yourself. You believe in the Illuminati and that Their hand affects everything that goes on in the world. Of course, due to the intensity of your paranoia, you are a loner and have difficulty letting anyone in. It doesn't help that, a few of the times people managed to pierce your exterior aloofness and were "let in," they turned around and betrayed you, increasing your distrust of others and your view that there are sinister forces out to get you. As the saying goes, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you." Admittedly, your suspicious nature as come in handy several times, and helped you avoid dangerous or otherwise detrimental situations, which, naturally, also serves to justify your paranoid in an endless cycle.
You are very much so a conspiracy nutter, and believe everything from the Loch Ness monster and alien abduction stories, to the recent political elections being the work of Russian interference. You see the will of the Illuminati in everything that happens, and you try to subvert them and control your own destiny. Little do you realize that the person you're fighting the hardest is actually yourself.
You are perpetually suspicious of others, especially if you hear them creeping around at Night. As such, you are the Paranoid Gun Owner. You will kill any player who attempts to target you with an action, no matter if the action is friendly, unfriendly, or benign.
You are allied with the Malcontent Eliminators. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

"...well that could have gone better," the heroic ME said, sheepishly.
Digulon glared at him.

It is now Night 2. Phase ends at 10:01am US CDT on 9/7/18. Alternatively, since there are so few of you remaining, you can lock your actions, in which case I will end the phase when all actions are locked.
Oh, fuck. That explains A LOT. Honestly, we might have been better off lynching TheCapsFan D1... but it might have gotten Darthwolf killed in trying to steal their Bomb, I guess...?

Well, with three players left, Town obviously still has a chance to win, and there's no way that Elieson's claimed role can save Town, so it's up to Max1996 using their Vigilante shot on Elieson to end this. Darthwolf in his death post said good luck to their team, so there can't be no Mafia left.

I'm going to lock my action on Elieson. Not that it will make any difference...
As far as I’m concerned, the setup now is 1:1:1 and between the two of you, I still have a killer to do something about, and have to hope that no town dies tonight to actually pull a win out of this.

Max, are you a serial killer?

If you are then you won’t lose if I target you tonight.

"Like I said, he did a good job cleaning up," he explained, "besides, we can definitely pin at least two of the murders on him."

Also I wonder if this is accurate, or just flavor.
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