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Mafia It's All About ME 2 Mafia: Endgame: Resourceful Plans - 8/7/18

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Night 1: You Snooze, You Lose

Final Votals:
Elieson: I (Max1996)
MegaPod: I (TheCapsFan)

Night 1: You Snooze, You Lose

For ten full minutes, Digulon chewed out Zexinator, as the radiation was flushed from the operating room. During that time, the medical personnel busied themselves monitoring various gauges and instruments in the gallery. By order of the Community Executive, nobody was permitted into the operating room until the radiation was gone and it had been completely sterilized.
Enzbot and Captron amused themselves by observing the ten MEs inside the operating room. Though physically identical, it was obvious even without hearing their words, that each had a different personality.

At the moment, one was donning a prayer shawl and had pulled out an old prayer book, while a second one had pulled on a cape and mask and started pretending to fly around the room. Another had retreated into a corner and built up a barrier cutting himself off from the others. A fourth had pulled out a notebook and started writing, while the fifth was staring avidly over his shoulder, occasionally making a comment. Yet another had wandered over to the food replication machine and was looking at it disapprovingly, while the seventh was examining the busted operating equipment with wonder. The eighth had lied back down on the bed and started sleeping, while the ninth whizzed about the room doing cartwheels and laughing like a madman. The final one was standing a bit removed from the others, occasionally sidestepping the whizzing ME and the flying ME. He gazed at the antics of the other nine MEs with a slight look of superiority on his features in the form of a sardonic smirk. He shook his head sadly.

Finally, the room had been decontaminated to the Executive's satisfaction. Digulon, Enzbot, Captron, Zexinator, and Doctor Fliptopus entered the room. Instantly, ten pairs of identical eyes turned to them.
The ME in the prayer shawl closed his prayer book and walked over to them, a big smile on his face, and his hand outstretched. He warmly shook the hands of both the Community moderators, the Community Leader, the Executive and the doctor.
"Shalom Aleichem!" he said, enthusiastically, "I am ME, and these other shmegegges are my counterparts, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, and, of course, ME. I apologize for the Balagan, but our Regeneration went a little Fercockta this time."
Slightly taken aback, Digulon looked stunned for a moment.
"...I'm sorry, what?"
The superior looking ME stepped in at this time.
"What my foolish counterpart here is trying to say is that the radiation must have caused a disturbance with our normal Regeneration process, thus causing us to split into ten entities," he explained.
"Nu? Isn't that what I just said?" remarked the Yiddish speaking ME.

Meanwhile, Doctor Fliptopus had walked over to her broken machines and was examining them.
"Impressive machinery you have here," remarked the ME who had been examining it, "it reminds ME a lot of the technology from Star Trek."
"...Star Trek?" inquired the medical professional, curiously.
"It's an old television show I used to watch," remarked the ME.
"Does this mean you've regained your memories?" asked Flip, excitedly.
"...Not exactly," said the ME, "you see, I've only got part of my memories in place. I assume that the other MEs have the rest of my memories and personality. Like in that episode of Xiaolin Showdown where Omi finds the Ring of the Nine Dragons."
The ME went off on a major rant about how Xiaolin Chronicles was such a major disappointment after the success of Xiaolin showdown. Flip began to look bored.
"Enough, you rogue!" exclaimed another ME, gallantly stepping in between the monologuing ME and the doctor, "leave the poor maiden alone!"
He turned to face the doctor, a rose suddenly appearing in his hand. In one fluid motion, he handed her the rose to her left hand, and kissed her right hand.
"Forgive my boorish counterpart," the charming ME said, "he does not know how to interact with lovely ladies, such as yourself."
"...what is going on here?!" wondered Flip, putting aside the rose and getting back to her machinery, as the two MEs began arguing.

The cartwheeling ME had ended up in another part of the room he amused himself by taunting and throwing loose nuts and bolts at the ME behind the barricade.
"Come out and play, ME," he said, chucking a pipe at the other ME.
"Stay back!" shouted the ME behind the barricade, "stay away, all of you! I don't know what insanity this is, but you all can't be ME. I'm the only ME."
"Insanity?" laughed the other ME, waving his hand callously, "you say that like it's a bad thing. Sanity is the single most overrated thing in the entire universe. I mean, look at what losing my sanity has done for ME."
He continued laughing and jeering at his counterpart.
"I'm warning you!" said the ME behind the barricade, "I will not hesitate to drop you like the scum you are!"
"Enough of this!"
The two MEs looked over at the interloper. Enzbot stepped in.
"I don't know what quarrel you two are having, but I assure you it will not be tolerated," the Community Leader said, "you will either deal with your differences in a peaceful manner, or you will separate yourselves from each other."
The taunting ME looked at Enzbot contemptuously. For a fraction of a second, a dangerous glint appeared in his eyes, but before anyone could notice, he was all smiles.
"Whatever you say, boss man!" said the ME, saluting and returning to his cartwheeling and whooping.
The other ME merely grunted and resumed fortifying his barrier with the debris thrown by the insane ME.
"It's a conspiracy, I tell you," he muttered as he worked.

Zexinator walked over to the ME who was contemplating the replicator with contempt.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"This machine is an abomination!" exclaimed the ME, "it takes all the creativity and effort out of cooking!"
"And what's wrong with that?" wondered the Community mod.
"Food should be prepared with love!" insisted the ME, "not fabricated or mass produced in a machine! It loses it essence, its soul, if you do that!"
"I'm not sure what you mean," the Community mod stated.
"Take whiskey, for example," the ME said, "I'm sure this machine is perfectly capable of replicating alcohol, but what it cannot duplicate is the aging process of the beverage. The care and technique that went into imbuing the drink with its own unique flavoring and characteristics. The subtle notes and flavor accents are gone. The beverage is rough and unaged. In other words, it is swill that is not fit for human consumption."
Zexinator thought for a moment.
"Oh, you and I are going to get along very well," he said.

Captron approached the ME who was writing in a notepad. The other ME had abandoned him to quarrel with another ME and flirt with the doctor.
"What are you writing?" he asked.
"Just a story," the ME said, shrugging, "no big deal."
"A story?" said the ME in the cape, with wonder, "is there a hero? What's he like?"
The cape wearing ME stopped running around, and sat next to the story writing ME, trying to look over his shoulder.
"Ugh," groaned the writing ME, "as if it wasn't enough to have that romantic buffoon try to frill up my story, now you're going to want to add more action and heroics, aren't you?"
The cape wearing ME nodded furiously.
"Yes please!" he said, "make the protagonist a superhero with flight, invulnerability, super strength, heat beam eyes, X-ray vision, super speed, and super hearing."
"That character already exists," said the ME with the notepad, erasing his last few sentences, "he's called Superman."
"Oh yeah," said the cape wearing ME, laughing, "right."

The final ME woke up, took one look around the room, rolled over, and went right back to sleep.
"Wake ME up when it's over," he said, dreamily. Alas, it was not to be, since the Yiddish speaking ME had a thought.
"Gentlemen," he said, trying to get the attention of the other MEs," it occurs to ME that we just survived a life threatening ordeal, and so we should bentch Gomel at the earliest opportunity. Luckily, there are enough of us to make a Minyan, though I'm not sure what the Rabbanim would say about making a Minyan comprised entirely of yourself."

He pulled out several volumes of the Talmud and began poring over the pages, looking for an answer for his Shaiyla. He turned to Digulon.
"I don't suppose there is a Posek around for ME to consult?" he asked.
"I don't even know what a Posek is," replied the Community Executive, baffled by the ME's bizarre behavior and vocabulary.
"Nevermind," said the religious ME, "I believe that, although we are different manifestations of the same person, the fact that we occupy different physical bodies and do not share mental thoughts is sufficient cause to say that we can make our own Minyan."

He poked the sleeping ME.
"Nu? Rise and shine, bubbala," he said.
"Go away," said the sleepy ME, "leave ME to my dreams."

Meanwhile another ME was talking to Doctor Fliptopus.
"So, obviously we're going to need to try reuniting the ten of us back into a single person," he said, "now I'm not sure what kind of technology you have to work with, but I think the simplest course of action would be some sort of matter reintegraton device, kind of like an instantaneous matter transporter. I think that there were some working prototypes back in my day, so I would imagine the technology has only gotten better since then."
"Yes it has," affirmed the doctor, "I can have a technician explain how it works to you, so you can make your modifications."
"Much appreciated," said the ME.

Overhearing this conversation the superior feeling ME scowled a bit, he walked over to the cartwheeling ME and placed a hand on his shoulder. The two talked for a bit in secret.

Finally, after a lot of prompting, poking, and repeating the word 'Nu' over and over again, the Yiddish speaking ME had awakened the sleepy ME.
Agitated, the sleepy ME decided that, as long as he was already awake, he might as well get something to eat. Maybe take a bit of a stroll to think a few things through. His dreams were clearer now than ever before, probably because he had been separated from the other parts of his personality. He shrugged and set the thought aside, daydreaming as he wandered through the halls of the medical facility.
Night fell as the ME walked over to a window and stared at the stars.
"One day," he thought, "I will go see those stars in person."
He stood stargazing for quite some time, pondering the wonder and beauty of the universe.

The stargazing ME wasn't the only one burning the midnight oil. Having been taught the rudimentary basics of transporter technology, the nerdy ME sat at a workbench, tinkering.

The following morning, nine MEs awoke. The stargazing ME was nowhere to be found. He had vanished.

Dear Mewtwo's Empire,

A note said:
The Prince is awake. Your shit is wrecked.

Always walking around with your head in the clouds, you are Mental Escapist, The Dreamer.
You spend your time wishing you were somewhere else instead of at your dull day job, and you constantly dream about a better life. You deliberately tune out the real world going on around you in order to envision yourself in better surroundings, but why do you spend so much time dreaming? You dream to escape reality. You were bullied in the past, lost some close friends, and have had to face many trials and tribulations that most people will never encounter during their entire lives. To escape your bitter past, you envision a bright future. You are overall very optimistic, but naive, and not in touch with your surroundings at all. Many people say that you waste your time dreaming, and don't act to make your dreams a reality, and, while that may be true, you'd rather escape from the harsh confines of reality and into the comfortable and familiar realm of your imagination. In your slightly more lucid moments, you theorize that your dreams and keeping yourself one step removed from reality is what keeps you sane and allows you to keep going on day after day, despite the things you experienced in the past. But then you shake off that mentality and just go right on dreaming.
During the night, you have the power to make your dreams become a reality. As such you are the Dreaming God. Each night, you can PM the hosts one of the following genres. These will result in some sort of action happening, but you do not know what those actions might be. You may use each genre only once.
1. Super Hero Flicks
2. Science Fiction
3. Cooking Shows
4. Holiday Specials
5. Romance Movies
6. Conspiracy Theories
7. Slapstick Comedies
You are allied with the Malcontent Eliminators. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

It is now Night 1. Phase ends in 24 hours at 12am US CDT. Don't get the time wrong, Caps. If Thanos and Pikochu have not made a post efore the end of Night 1, they will be subbed out.
Forum clock is not my clock, and this game is set to my time zone. :p

Fair enough, but just as a suggestion: in the future days, could you please post a "Votes locked" post when your clock hits 0? That way we know not to post after that. It's nitpicky I know but technically if Elie's vote came exactly 1 minute late, the post before his vote and the 4 posts after it don't technically count along with the vote itself.

Either way, let me explain my case. Jinjo, when he "leaked" his PM, had quoted "You are aligned with the Malcontent Eliminators." Now, any town person automatically knows that's the name for the Town-aligned faction (sidenote: this also makes Max very likely to be town). The fact that MegaPod continued to talk about how Jinjo might have made up the PM after this made me think MegaPod was scum. Does that make more sense?
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