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Mafia It's All About ME 2 Mafia: Endgame: Resourceful Plans - 8/7/18

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Endgame: Resourceful Plans

Endgame: Resourceful Plans

Enzbot was running down the hall when he heard the blast coming from ahead.
"Reenigne!" he swore, and ran faster, skidding to a halt at the wreckage of Madness Exemplified's room.
He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Digulon was safe.
Indeed, the Scotsman was safe, but he was angry.
"That does it!" he exclaimed, standing up and brushing himself off, "first one of you goes missing, then five of you get massacred, and now one of you blows up a hospital room. This has gone way too far. I'm calling in the Community Head Executive."
"The crisis has passed," said the heroic ME, also standing, "by all accounts, Madness Exemplified was responsible for all of the deaths thus far, and nobody has conclusively proven foul play occurred in Mental Escapist's disappearance."
"Mind telling me how your counterpart managed to get that explosive?" Digulon asked, as the trio began walking back down the hall.
"I can answer that," said Enzbot, "somebody broke into the armory last night. Madness Exemplified must have swiped one of our minibombs."
"Have Captron and Zexinator check the armory to make sure that nutjob didn't take anything else," ordered the Executive, "we wouldn't want to trigger any traps that he might have left behind."
Enzbot nodded, and gave the command. The Dapper Duo headed toward the armory, just as Enzbot, Digulon, and the heroic ME re-entered the operating room.
The nerdy ME was still furiously typing at the console, and the crazy ME was still cartwheeling around the room.
"Did you get him?" inquired the nerdy ME, without looking up from his work.
"Yes," replied the heroic ME.
The insane ME stopped cartwheeling for a moment.
"I heard an explosion," he said, enviously, "sounds like you had fun."

Digulon sighed as the crazy ME resumed bouncing off the walls.
"What now?" he asked, exhausted by the insanity.
"I've nearly completed my task," the nerdy ME reported, "once I've finished, we'll be out of your hair and reintegrated into our original form."
"How long?" asked Enzbot.
The nerdy ME shrugged.
"Should be finished by tomorrow morning, assuming I pull an all nighter again," he said.
"Can you finish any sooner?" asked Digulon, eager to have the problem resolved.
"I'm a nerd, not an automaton, Dig!" exclaimed the nerdy ME, "and I canna change the laws of physics."
The Executive sighed. It would have to do. He and the other Community staffers would just have to be extra vigilant that night to make sure nothing else crazy happened.
When the Dapper Duo returned, however, their report was bleak.
"Several plasma rifles have gone missing," stated Zexinator, "along with a few explosives, and some random odds and ends."
"Most of it was likely destroyed in the blast, though," added Captron, "that room was completely obliterated.
"I don't want to take any chances," Digulon said, "scan the debris for plasma residue and search this facility for the missing weapons."
"Understood," said Enzbot, as he and his staffers got to work.
The Executive sighed and slumped into a chair by the wall. When this was over, he was going to go straight on vacation to the Entertainment and Relaxation community.

Nothing eventful happened for the rest of the day, though there was plenty of plasma residue in the remains of Madness Exemplified's room. They were unable to locate any of the other stolen weapons, so it was assumed that Madness Exemplified had been stockpiling them.

As night fell, the nerdy ME continued working, several caffeinated supplement packets scattered around his feet. The other two MEs returned to their rooms, and Community Staffers stood guard over all three of them. Hours passed, and nothing happened. Digulon was just nodding off to sleep when another explosion occurred, startling him awake.
He and the Community staffers dashed over to the armory on other side of the hospital, where the blast had occurred.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the insane ME crept into the operating room, where the nerdy ME was still sitting at the console, working furiously. Tiptoeing forward, the crazy ME reached out and silently snapped the nerdy ME's neck, causing him to crumple on the floor.
Dear Magnificent Equilibrium,

Rotom Dex said:
It analyzes its opponents with more accuracy than a supercomputer, which enables it to calmly back them into a corner.

Fanning over science fiction, fantasy, and anime shows, you are Matrix Encoder, The Nerd.
Growing up, you watched the original Star Wars trilogy over and over again, you and your father would spend quality time reading the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books together, and you enjoyed catching 'em all with your friends, both in the video games and the trading cards. You grew up with the DC Animated Universe, as well as other quality Super Hero shows like X-Men, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and The Marvel Action Hour. As the years went on, you gained an appreciation for other quality television shows, such as Star Trek, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Doctor Who, M*A*S*H*, and Gurren Lagann, and you started reading the Isaac Asimov novels.
While you had been bullied ever since getting glasses in kindergarten for being a 'nerd,' you eventually became proud of your identity as a nerd, and, when you met your significant other, you bonded over your mutual appreciation for Star Trek and M*A*SH*. Furthermore, your love of Pokémon brought you to a little community known as Bulbagarden, where you would eventually become a staff member on the forums and are now one of the Deputy Heads of the social media department, as well as the host of Bulbagarden's rebooted podcast, Bulbacast. You also regularly attend Star Trek and fandom conventions in your area, which is easy since you live near a big city, and have cosplayed as several of your favorite characters including: Q, The Tenth Doctor, and Dave Strider. You have quite a collection of autographs, photo-ops, and other fandom memorabilia from the conventions, but you are most proud of your Lego collection, which includes sets from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hydronauts vs. Stingrays, Lego Adventures, Creator Expert, The Lego Batman Movie, Jurassic World, and other themes.
Being a nerd isn't just about being part of several fandoms. You also have a very high IQ, and you use this to your advantage to outsmart other people, tricking them into revealing themselves to you. As such, you are the Cop. Each night, you may PM the hosts: Use the Eye of Sauron to gaze at <player>. That player's alignment will be revealed to you upon the phase change.
You are allied with the Malcontent Eliminators. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

"AH HA!" shouted the heroic ME, who has dashed into the scene of the crime, "caught in the act!"
The crazy ME turned to face his last remaining counterpart, eyes and fingers twitching, a crazy grin plastered on his face.
"What're you gonna do? Tell the Executive on ME?" he taunted.
"Not a chance, evildoer!" exclaimed the masked ME, putting up his fists, "I'll finish you off myself!"
"As you wish," said the evil ME, pulling out a plasma rifle and leveling it at his counterpart.
A shot and several yells filled the air.

Digulon paused while searching through the wreckage of the armory. He glanced around and saw all the staff members with him.
"Wait a minute," he said, "if we're all here, who's guarding the MEs?"
"Lacainam!" swore Captron, "we've been tricked.

The all ran back to the operating room. As they approached they heard one final shot.

Running into the room, they saw the heroic ME standing triumphantly, he cape fluttering somehow in the nonexistent breeze, with his hand on his hips, and a big heroic smile on his face.

Suddenly, the smile faltered, as blood gushed from a wound just below his heart, he coughed up more blood and collapsed in a heap, as the insane ME, standing unscathed behind him, began laughing evilly.

Dear Mouse Electrochu,

Darkwing Duck said:
I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the lone roller skate at the base of villainy's staircase. I am Darkwing Duck!...and I gotta get a shorter intro.
Bold and headstrong, you are Monster Exterminator, The Hero.
You have a desire within you to save the world. Whenever and where ever there is trouble, you'll be there on the double. Unfortunately, while your heart is always in the right place, you are guided solely by your own personal feelings and sense of justice, which differs from what other people may want or need. As a result, your blundering efforts to help people have resulted in either disaster or you putting your foot in your mouth many times. Despite this, you do have your moments, and, when the chips are down, you can always be counted on to come in with the save. Ultimately, your goal is to try to do as much good as you possibly can, despite only being one person, so you take it one day at a time and help out where you can. Evildoers and monsters flee before your might and your courage. In spite of your abilities and powers, you tend to be very modest and don't think much of yourself, always believing that you can do better, though you should probably start by learning from the mistakes you've already made. :p Still, at the end of the day, you have a big heart, and you do a lot of good for others, not for profit, reward, or recognition, but just because you can.
You take the law into your own hands, and don't wait for the proper authorities before making a snap judgement. As such, you are the Vigilante. Every night, you may PM the hosts Let's Get Dangerous on <player>. That player will be killed upon the phase update.
You are allied with the Malcontent Eliminators. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

Which just left the final ME, laughing his head off, as he blew his own brains out with the stolen plasma rifle.

Dear Magnanimous Emperor,

Denzel Crocker said:
Someone put coffee in the phone!
The maniac within, you are Mental Evildoer, The Insane.
Your life hasn't exactly been sunshine and roses. Bullied as a kid, and betrayed by one of the very few people you were friends with just so he could become slightly more popular. Breaking your arm and losing out an an entire summer. One of your closest friends dying before his twentieth birthday, after you had just gotten back in touch with him. Having your best friend that you had nearly known for two decades join a cult, and subsequently attempting to extract her from said cult. Your new best friend revealing that the only reason they were your friend was so that you would have sex with them and said friend become a stalker out to ruin your life. Early onset arthritis as a complication from your broken arm. Sleep disorders dating back to when you were a little kid. Each of the events described above bent your psyche further and further, until it completely snapped and you went completely nuts. You care about little to nothing at all except your own twisted form of amusement, and you view other people as merely tools to be used for the sake of your own entertainment. You've been to many psychologists for therapy throughout the years, and ended up sending many of them gibbering into their own institutions. Nobody can fathom what goes on in your head, and that is exactly how you prefer things. You are unpredictable, undisciplined, unruly, and slightly sociopathic. Despite the madness, you are perfectly in control, and you are actually very intelligent, in your own demented way.
You enjoy spreading chaos and confusion among the general population. As such, you are the Insanifier. Each night you may PM the hosts Give <player> a Super F!. That player's actions will be given an insane modifier for that night.
You are allied with the Mafia Enforcers. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

The Community staffers stared at the three bodies in the operating room, dumbfounded.

"...and cut!" came a voice from nowhere, "that's a wrap, people!"
"W-what?" said Enzbot, as he and the Community mods looked around, trying to locate the source of the voice.
Instantly, a being flickered into existence in front of them. It was Magnificent Entertainer, taking notes in a notebook.
"B-but you're dead!" exclaimed Captron, "we saw you die!"
"Tch," tutted Magnificent Entertainer, waving his writing hand dismissively "twas naught but a little stage makeup and magic."
"But why?" wondered Zexinator, "what did you have to gain from all this deception?"
"Why, the creation of a perfect story, of course," said the entertainer, closing the book and putting his pencil away, "and also to stall for time, of course."
"Stall for..." began Digulon, eyes widening as he began to realize the implications of what the ME had just said.
"And now, at last, it is time for the dramatic reveal!" exclaimed the writer, raising his left hand dramatically.
The other dead MEs flickered into existence around them.
"What the hell?" said a thoroughly freaked out Zexinator.
"A little cloaking technology, adapted from your viewing portal," revealed Matrix Encoder, as he stood up from the floor with a smug smirk, "took me all of five minutes to create it, and it gave the other MEs the opportunity to sneak around and study your technology, and to swipe a few things, while I worked on our larger problem right under your very noses."
He and the other MEs all pulled out plasma rifles.
"I've gotta admit, ME," said Misanthropic Eremite, "I was skeptical of your plan at first, but it really came through for us."
Mental Evildoer laughed darkly.
"Forget that bit, ME, this was just so much fun," he chuckled, "and we really pulled a fast one on these poor saps."
"Turns out there was a conspiracy all along," said Madness Exemplified, "just not the one these idiots were expecting."
"Truly a spectacular spectacle," remarked Mushy Emotionalist.
"The perfect recipe for disaster," agreed Meal Envisioner.
"And no hero will swoop in to save you this time," added Monster Eradicator.
"The poor shlemiels fell for our little ruse hook, line, and sinker," chuckled Meshuganah Elder.

"Enough!" exclaimed Digulon angrily, "I don't know what it is that you are looking for or what you want, but you have just declared war on the Bulbagarden Empire."
Mental Escapist shook his head airily.
"You cannot stop the future I envision," he said, "by the time anyone of consequence shows up, we'll be long gone."
"Gone?" asked Enzbot, interested despite the peril of the situation, "gone where?"
"Home," replied Mushy Emotionalist, "tis truly where the heart is."
"But, as it stands, we are incomplete," said Meal Envisioner, "each of us is a mere ingredient in the recipe."
"So when we return to the past, we'll reintegrate ourselves back into one," explained Matrix Encoder, "just like how they used the transporter to fuse Captain Kirk back into one person when is good and evil halves were separated in the episode The Enemy Within."
"Was there truly no place for you here in the present?" asked Captron.
"No," replied Mental Evildoer, sticking out his tongue, "you people are no fun."
"Besides," added Monster Eradicator, "with the technology stolen from here, I can return to the past and swoop in to save the day."
"What do you mean?" asked Zexinator, "is there some incident in your past that you were meant to survive?"
Misanthropic Eremite shook his head.
"No, the people in my day were just as dunderheaded as you are," he said, "I intend to go back and take my rightful place as supreme leader. Why should people with inferior intelligence and skills tell ME what to do?"
"So not only did you create an illegal time machine, but you intend to travel back in time and, using future technology, conquer Bulbagarden of the past?," said Digulon, "we cannot allow you to do this!"
Enzbot tried an appeal to reason, he turned to Meshuganah Elder.
"You're a man of God," he exclaimed, "how can you support this act of evil?"
The Jew shrugged.
"Hillel The Elder said, 'if I am not for me, who will be?' besides, these menschen are Mishpocha. I cannot turn my back on Mishpocha."
He thought for a moment.
"I will show you nebbishes a little rachmanos, though," he said, "you will not die here unless one of you attempts to stop our plans. If you behave, you can gey gezunterheyt. This is a one time offer, though, fershtay?"

The Community staff members were herded into a corner of the room by Mental Evildoer, Madness Exemplified, Meal Envisioner, and Mushy Emotionalist. Matrix Encoder, Misanthropic Eremite, and Meshuganah Elder made final preparations for their departure.
A blue box that looked like an ancient telephone booth was wheeled in the room by Monster Eradicator, Mental Escapist, and Magnificent Entertainer.
"The Time Machine's appearance was my idea," proclaimed Matrix Encoder, proudly, "outwardly, it's a perfect replica of the TARDIS from the Doctor Who series. Unfortunately, even in the 31st century, there does not seem to be the technology to make the inside bigger than the outside, but it will suffice."

Monster Eradicator, Mental Escapist, and Magnificent Entertainer began loading the machine with stolen future tech, as Matrix Encoder, Meshuganah Elder, and Misanthropic Eremite finished calculating the coordinates for their arrival.
Finally, the Jew looked at his counterparts.
"Mazal Tov, gentlemen, our calculations all seem kosher to ME. I'm all ver klempt," he said, proudly.
His cohorts concurred, and the MEs began filing into the time machine.
In a last ditch effort to stop the madness, Digulon rushed at Matrix Encoder, who was overloading the Community computers.
He was knocked back by Monster Eradicator, who swooped in to protect his comrade.
Meshuganah Elder glared daggers at the Executive.
"I warned you, did I not, that disruptions would not be tolerated," he said, pulling back his sleeves, "now I'm going to give you such a zetz!"
The Jew slugged the Community Executive in the face, knocking him out.
"Ikh hob dir in drerd," he spat, as he turned around and entered the Time Machine, the last of his kindred to do so.
The machine fired up, causing a loud grinding sound throughout the room. Massive amounts of Regeneration Energy from within caused it to begin glowing and rocking back and forth, as the entities within were reintegrated into a single being.
"By the way," thundered a voice from within the machine, "I am not the former Bulbagarden staff member known as Maniacal Engineer."
"Then who are you?" asked Captron.
September 19th, 2017:
Zexy scuttled off to complete his mission, and Enzap entered.
"What do we do with him?" asked the admin, having known all along about Punster's return.
"Due to the glitch with the Regeneration Machine, he and I are now completely separated from each other. I cannot regress to him, and he cannot Regenerate into ME," said Maniacal Engineer, "he will not bother us anymore."
"He's just as powerful as you are," the former Section Head remarked, "wherever you keep him, he'll probably escape."
"I had an idea about that, actually.."
Random Punster awoke in a dimly lit room. A machine hummed nearby, and jets of cold air burst from a few pipes, relieving the internal pressure.
He tried to move, but he was restrained.
His movements were noticed by the room's other occupant.
"So you're awake?" said Maniacal Engineer, looking up from a machine console, "not for long, I'm afraid. You're going to sleep for a long time. A very long time."
Punster looked around frantically for something that could help him. The room was full of old junk. Broken tools, disassembled machines, and even what looked like an old robot that was shut down in the corner. Nothing useful in range, though. His counterpart was walking over.
"NOOOOO!!!!! STAY BACK! GET AWAY FROM ME!" shouted the deranged wordsmith.
ME wheeled the gurney that Punster was secured to onto a platform, and stood the gurney up on end. He lowered the platform into a pit.
"I cannot kill you in good conscience, but I can make sure that you will never threaten anyone ever again," said Maniacal Engineer, flipping a pair of switches.
Instantly, the restraints were released and the pit was filled with blasts of cold. Mist and fog obscured the pit, as the process completed.
"This is goodbye, forever," the mad scientist said, though Punster could no longer hear him.
July 8th, 3016:

"I am Random Punster," boomed the voice from within the machine, as the glowing died down, "and I have a score to settle with Maniacal Engineer."
With one final roar, the time machine disappeared.

The End?
My reads was right all along. I knew Elieson was Mafia in the beginning and I realized Darthwolf was his partner after I got modkilled because I saw him make a REALLY big scumslip that I'm surprised no one even noticed and I'm the only person who noticed.
Well, good game Elieson! That was truly a big twist... I'm honestly regretting choosing to lynch TheCapsFan. I thought he was a Serial Killer and was fakeclaiming Bomb with his posts and how N1 went... not a Paranoid Gun Owner! Damn it!

So much Flavour text... it was interesting to try to read between the lines for something... Good game and thanks for hosting, ME!

Elie turned Doctor MegaPod into a Vigilante on N1, and he turned the Vigilante into a Doctor on N2.

As for the 5 deaths on N1:

Elementar was killed by the mafia.
DarthWolf, Pika_Pika42, and Max1996 all targeted TheCapsFan, the Paranoid Gun Owner.
MegaPod self-protected, but was insanified, causing him to kill his target, instead of protecting them, so he killed himself.

Literally exactly as I wrote it in the FT. Y'all need to pay more attention when I write.
My reads was right all along. I knew Elieson was Mafia in the beginning and I realized Darthwolf was his partner after I got modkilled because I saw him make a REALLY big scumslip that I'm surprised no one even noticed and I'm the only person who noticed.

Yeah, I thought Elieson was lying too, but he could have been a Serial Killer... anyone could have with all those kills and I was sure that somebody was lying, and I trusted Max the most because he could have said he killed somebody to "clear" them.
Use the Eye of Sauron to gaze at Elieson


Upupupu... Elieson-chan and Max1996 have to get the other killed to win... thus the only logical and most optimal kill choice is to kill the only player that can kill you... and I will win.

This game was easy for me to figure out who was Mafia. Too bad I got modkilled and everyone targeted me thinking I was mafia.
One last bit of business. The Dreaming God's abilities, none of which got used in this game, were all based on themes involving other players in the game.

Dreaming God ideas:
1. Super Hero Genre (the Hero): Gives everybody invulnerability that night. (If insanified, removes all protection)
2. Science Fiction (the Nerd): Randomly redirects all night actions that night. (If insanified, forces everybody to target themselves)
3. Cooking Shows (the Chef): Displays how many mafia members and town members remain in the game at phase update. (Flips numbers if insanified)
4. Holiday Specials (the Jew): Gives all living players socks and underwear (useless items). (If insanified, gives the dead players a vote the following day.)
5. Romance Movies (the Romantic): Ties all the votes at the end of the phase, causing a no lynch. (Breaks ties and forces a lynch if insanified)
6. Conspiracy Theories (the Paranoid): causes all players to learn who targeted them during the night this is selected. Results given at phase update. (If insanified, the targeting players get to learn if their target visited anyone that night, in addition to whatever other action they used.)
7. Slapstick Comedies (the Insane): causes an inability for everyone to use their roles at night. (If insanified, gives everyone an extra action.)
Insanifier is an amazing custom role that I came up with for this game. It takes any and all actions and flips them on their heads to give as close to opposite roles as possible.

For example, Cops give insane results.
Doctors kill their targets, while Vigilantes protect their targets.
Trackers give Watcher results, and Watchers give Tracker results.
Etc. Etc.

It's a very powerful role, but has no effect on passive roles, like Bomb or Paranoid Gun Owner, which is why I stuck the PGO in the game. Both the PGO and the Insanifier provide massive amounts of swing, but somehow manage to balance themselves out decently well.
The best part about the DG in this game was having to think of potential Insanified versions for each flavor. This was really a lot of fun to design, and it was a lot of fun to write.
And I ain't done yet. If y'all think the above gut punching plot twist was big, I've got more coming in the epilogue.
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