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Name Of The 11th Movie!!


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Sep 8, 2008
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Acorring to Sarah Natochenny's new website The English Name Of 11th Pokemon Movie will be call " Giratina and the Sky Warrior". it is most likely that Pokemon USA will be dudded it as soon as the movie is released on DVD December 19th, 2008 In Japan. And also to be released to the USA early In 2009 like the other 2 movies.
XD For some reason, the first thing that came to mind for me was Shaymin Sky Forme dressed up as a knight. Guess they wanted something that would be more appealing to violence-hungry little boys than "Sky Bouquet".

Also, Sarah Natochenny's site is really cute. In a "funny little touches" kind of way.
Cool name. Though I'm sure PUSA has already started dubbing the movie. There's no reason why they'd have to wait for the DVD to come out in Japan.
Yeah, I heard about this news earlier....

Unfortunately, hearing about this made me really upset. =[

Of course, if you've seen my signature by now, then you know why this news would be upsetting for me. XD

Also, Sarah Natochenny's site is really cute. In a "funny little touches" kind of way.

Personally, I don't like her resume site. But of course, that's to be expected of me. Hehe. XD

Also, why did Sarah have to use a picture of Ash in his Hoenn outfit? I mean, I know that Ash wore his Hoenn outfit throughout Battle Frontier. But man, that still upsets me. Oh well. =/ (heh, that's just a random thought I had, so you can ignore my little ramblings, lol)

Anyway though, it's funny how the source for this news came from Sarah Natochenny's resume, of all places. That amused me! XD
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More than likely, she put that up on her resume early. Those who really know about Sarah's behavior know why I said that. They probably only just went into production, and she just happened to be the one to release the title of the movie first... Which is good for everyone, but for different reasons for different people. :p
So that's the title? I saw a few preview pictures and the movie does look a little interesting. My one hope is that the movie could somehow make it to at least an limited theatre showing. It'd be kinda cool to see Pokemon on the big screen again, but I guess those times are over with.
Sky Warrior? Hm... Not bad! I hope they finish dubbing it soon! Maybe it will be like last time and they will air it early on cartoonnetwork!
My one hope is that the movie could somehow make it to at least an limited theatre showing.
That would be so awesome. XD Hey, since Viz did that with Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note, maybe they could even do it with Pokémon at some point. Hmm, wonder what the turnout would be. Probably not very high, considering the target audience, and I doubt too many parents would be willing to pay $10 for tickets for a Pokémon movie, especially one released on a weeknight (the way which the other Viz movies were released).
A movie release would be awesome though it would probably be limited to the US.

Europe could do with some poke love.

The title doesn't bother me to be honest. I'm not saying that it's perfect but it isn't a complete mismatch to the film.

I'm worrying about how they dub Shaymin to be honest, hope they stick to how it was in the original and not change it so that it likes Ash from the start.
I never really liked the titles for the Pokemon movies because they just feel as if some random words were strung together. Out of all the movies, I think "Destiny Deoxys" is the best. (that title rocks). The worst so far would be the title for Movie 9 which was just plain and horrible.

The title for Movie 10 was pretty average and though the one for Movie 11 is better, its still not great.
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