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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

I think Stufful is an example of a newer Pokemon design in that I mean, I don't believe this would be the design from an earlier generation if you gave the same concept to the art direction then - a stuffed red panda creature. It's cool we get to have a red panda Pokémon, though. I think he's pretty cute and although I understand he looks a little stiff because he's a stuffed animal, it makes me feel a little concerned when I look at him because it makes me question how is his quality of life given that his mobility appears to be limited. I know he's a fighting type, but even if he can sort of move in battle, I worry that although I could hug a Stufful, could a Stufful hug me? I fear it would stress his little body. The more I think about it, the cuter Stufful appears to me. For a later gen Pokemon, I find his design charming. Enjoy a gif of a Stufful sniffing below. In finding this gif, I had the horror of seeing a Stufful with an open mouth. Don't search it. It's disturbing. It doesn't open from where you think it would open.

Let me know what you think of Lurantis.
An interesting reversal of the bug imitating a plant to catch its food. Instead, it is a plant-based Pokémon imitating a bug Pokémon to catch its food. Otherwise, I don't like it, specifically its striped clown pants design.

Minior's a hidden gem, really. I always thought the little star was endearing, if not sincerely adorable in its simplicity, and the variety of colors that it could unveil itself to be are just a bonus. They also have a deceptively tragic background: the Pokedex entries elucidate that these beings' ephemeral existence in this planet is outright detrimental to their lives, and it is only thanks to trainers securing them in Poke Ball confinement that these fragile little embodiments of hydrogen manage to be stable enough to remain alive; even the Pokemon anime had an episode that reflects this entry. Aside from that, it's only fitting that the installment that involves Pokemon themed after interstellar bodies and features extraterrestrial entities from worlds beyond would have at least one Pokemon that's explicitly based off the stars without being directly affiliated with the legendary family. The fact that they are clearly modeled after konpeito makes me hearken to the Lumas of Super Mario Galaxy and their fondness for the Star Bits; which also were influenced by said sugary treats. All-in-all, I feel Minior is sorely underrated, and I made it a fixture of my team in Indigo Disk.

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Lunatone is one of those Pokémon that, if I were to randomly encounter one when I was a kid, I probably would’ve panicked and mistaken it for some kind of cosmic horror legendary. In other words, it’s cool but very creepy.

ok so, i genuinely think that claydol is super cool and quite underrated! there's something about how... eccentric and alien its design is, and something about its typing also appeals to me? like it just feels mystic and mysterious and all that.

kinda wish its stats didn't suck ass so i can justify using it more in a team, though...

Not my favourite Ultra Beast, but I still like the origin and movepool.
exploud, while it's a pokemon i do think is very ugly, is a pokemon i appreciate. i always think that pokemon with music and sound motifs are cool, and the detail of it having organ pipes as spikes is fun. i also appreciate pokemon that don't really look like any one thing, i appreciate whismur's evolution into becoming a gargoyle. but i do think i prefer loudred.

top ten mon of all time. so into it using its cutesy front half to distract its enemies from the... giant deadly steel jaws in the back?! it's cute and fierce and badass and could rip any human to shreds while not losing a tinge of its adorableness and THAT is exactly what i look for in a mon.
also its mega is top-tier. whats not to love about twintail jaws.

Its toothy grin is fun, even though it’s more visible in the Mega form. If it is really based on the Hopkinsville Goblin that’s really cool, since North American urban legends are pretty few and far between in Pokemon representation.

It and Mawile lost a lot of love for me after Megas got reduced to temporary status. They’re overrepresented with them (at least Mawile is) and almost completely ignored without them, which I find too jarring.

It's very (unconventionally) cute. I've always found it and Swalot underappreciated; they're just silly little mouth blobs... well, perhaps not always all that little once they open their mouths! But I like it.

How about Mesprit?
never really liked the lake trio all that much so I don't have that much of an opinion on them, but I'll just say its ok. (Kinda the least appealing design wise of the trio too)

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