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Unovia's Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Log #6-Route 116 & Rusturf Tunnel
Route 116
Once I was ready, I headed out onto Route 116, where I battled a few trainers and Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp. Shortly thereafter, I captured a Nincada that I named Speeder. I wanted to train it, but it was really slow on the leveling up, so I just boxed it. With my Main Team, I continued battling the remaining Trainers, arriving at Rusturf Tunnel. Mr. Briney told me that I had to go save his Wingull, named Peeko from the Team Aqua grunt.

Rusturf Tunnel
Walking into the Cave, I captured a Whismur (which has 100% occurrence here), which I named Loudmouth. It got placed in the box. I easily defeated the Grunt, and in gratitude, Mr. Briney offered to give me travel assistance. From there, I headed back to Rustboro City.

Rustboro City
Having saved Mr. Briney and the Devon Goods, I met with the President of Devon, Mr. Stone, who tasked me to take a letter to his son Steven in Dewford. With my next heading, I met up with Mr. Briney, who took me to Dewford Town, an island community. In the next Log, we will explore Dewford Town. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Dewford, the Sorrounding Routes, & Granite Cave
Welcome to this Episode of "What Might We Find". In this Episode, we discuss the areas around Dewford, specifically Routes 106, 107 & Granite Cave.

Route 106 & 107
Magikarp (65%)
Tentacool (35%)

Granite Cave
Zubat (40%)
Makuhita (40%)
Other (20%)

In the next Log (Log #7), we will explore both of these captures. Until the next time, stay tuned!
Nincada is actually a very good encounter. If you can get a shedinja, there are many fights where you essentially cannot lose.
Nincada is like a Magikarp. It was painfully slow to train. If I need to train it later or choose to, I can. I was excited for Ninjask &Shedinja, but it was very slow to raise.
Log #7-Dewford Town & Granite Cave
Dewford Town
Now in Dewford Town, I explored, gaining a few items. Running into a Fisherman, he gave me an Old Rod. On Route 107, I used the Rod, expecting a Magikarp, but fishing up a Tentacool, which I named Stinger, boxing it shortly after. I took on a few Trainers in the overall area, with Poochyena evolving into a Mightyena outside Granite Cave.

Granite Cave
I began to explore Granite Cave, getting Flash from a Hiker. Right now, I can't deliver the Letter, so I focused on getting a capture, which was a Zubat I named Echo. I have to take some time to train it up of course to the rest of the Team, which is Level 18. Once I do that, there is one place I can go to..Dewford Gym.

My Level Cap is Level 18 for the next Gym, since Zubat will earn a Flying Type move by Level 13 and so I can keep my Level with the rest of the squad.

In the next Log, we will be taking on Brawly for our second Gym Badge. Until the next time, we will see you!
Gym Analysis #2
Welcome to Gym Analysis!
In this show, we will be discussing upcoming Gym Battles, looking at:

  • The Type of Pokemon used by the Gym Leader
  • The possible options for me, as the Trainer, to use, including the pros and cons of each option
In this first Episode, we are looking at the battle against Brawly. Brawly is a Fighting Type Gym Leader. He will have 2 Pokemon, meaning that I will only be able to use 2 Pokemon against her. Let's look at my available options.

  1. Branch the Beautifly
  2. Bluebird the Tailow
  3. Echo the Zubat
Beautifly has Gust, and it may be helpful, though Beautifly will have the lowest effectiveness of the 3 available Pokemon. Tailow is likely to be the strongest lead for the Gym, since Tailow has Wing Attack & Peck. Going to Zubat, it is the newest Team member, and while it does not yet have a Flying Type move, it will by the time I am ready to take on the Gym.

Honestly, I am leaning toward Tailow & Zubat for this Gym, with Beautifly to get some experience as well through the Gym trainers.
Log #8-Dewford Gym
Dewford Gym
When I went into Dewford Gym, I had Beautifly, Tailow, and Zubat, all Level 18. I decided to train them using the Gym Trainers. Once I finished, Beautifly went back into the Box.

Vs. Brawly
Tailow battled Machop (Level 14). It was an easy OHKO. Switching out, I decided to have Zubat battle Makuhita (Level 16). Two Wing Attacks, and it was down. I won against Brawly,winning my second badge.
Giving Steven the Letter
After I beat Brawly, I headed back to Granite Cave, where I met with Steven, gave him the letter, then looked at the mural. Once I was done, Steven left, and I asked Mr. Briney to take me to Route 109 & Slateport. In the next Log, we will explore the area. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #9-Route 109 & Slateport
Route 109
Being on the beach of Route 109 was the perfect place to relax. I had my Main Team back with me at this point, so I got to have some hot battles, first on the beach, then in the Seashore House. I then traveled into Slateport City. By this point, most of my Team was Level 19.

Slateport City

The City was the first large scale city I really was in. I rested in the Pokemon Center, then took a look at the market and all of the different locations. I met with Dock, who encouraged me to deliver ship parts to Captain Stern, who is apparently at the Slateport Oceanic Museum. In the next Log, we will go to the Oceanic Museum to find Captain Stern. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #10-Slateport Oceanic Museum
Slateport Oceanic Museum
I quickly headed to the Oceanic Museum to finish this delivery. Upon coming in and paying $50, I saw that there were a lot of Team Aqua grunts. Eventually, I found my way to Captain Stern, who I had to defend against a few Team Aqua grunts. I decided I would use Zigzag (Level 18) to train, sure that I could beat them. However, Zigzag died.

Second Death: Zigzag the Zigzagoon (Level 18)

Swampy finished the fight, then I met Archie, who warned me that I would not have an easy time the next time around. Team Aqua departed, and I finished my delivery. I decided to take a break and take in a Contest or two. In the next Log, we will do that. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #11-Slateport Contests
Slateport Contest Hall
Since Zigzag the Zigzagoon was now dead, I was looking for a new Team member. I ran into a Breeder, who had a Pikachu who wanted to see a strong trainer who could be a contest star. I met the celebrity Lisia, who saw my skills, giving me a contest pass and a costume for me to wear. Very stylish. Because I wanted to get the Pikachu, I took on the first contest, a Cool Contest, which Tailow won! After I won, I was gifted with a Pikachu who likes to Cosplay, which I named Star (Level 20). I then took some time to train the rest of my Team to Level 20 to match. I then did another Cool Contest using Star, which I won as well! 2 wins in a row! Upon doing that, I think I am building a small fan base. After doing all of this, I officially added Star to my Team. I prepared to head out to Route 110. In the next Log, we will explore Route 110. Until the next time, we will see you!

For those who want to know my current Team, it is:
Swampy (Marshtomp)
Rare Howl (Mightyena)
Bluebird (Tailow)
Makit (Makuhita)
Echo (Zubat)
Star (Cosplay Pikachu)
What Might We Find: Route 110
Welcome to this episode of "What Might We Find". In this episode, we discuss Route 110. Route 110 links Slateport City & Mauville City. This Route has the Hoenn Seaside Cycling Road, the Trick House, & New Mauville. What might we find here as our options?

1. Electrike (40%)
2. Other (60%)

In the next Log (Log #12), we will reveal our capture. Until the next time, stay tuned!
Log #12-Route 110 & Mauville City
Mauville City.jpg
Route 110
With my Team at Level 20, I headed north from Slateport City onto Route 110. Checking into the first patch of grass, I collected a Electrike named Storm. I took a minute, debating whether I wanted to train Storm, mainly because it is an Electric Type. Because it was lower (Level 13) than the rest of my Team (Level 20), I decided to pass for now. I battled many trainers as I began my journey to Mauville City. Eventually, I arrived in the middle of the Route, where I ran into May, who challenged me to battle. She opened with Slugma (Level 18) and I opened with Mightyena, who didn't take too much damage. Next for her was Wailmer (Level 18), which I changed to Star for. Lastly for May was Grovyle (Level 20), which I changed to Zubat for. Grovyle almost defeated Zubat, but Zubat stood in there, beating Grovyle and becoming Golbat as a result. May gave me the Dowsing Machine and left. Continuing on, I eventually arrived in Mauville City.

Mauville City
This City is absolutely massive! It looks now like a cross between a city and a shopping center. Feeling hungry, I took on the Battle Food Court, where Golbat became a Crobat. I also ran into Wally, who wanted to take me on. Pikachu defeated Ralts easily, and Wally wanted me to become his rival, but broke down. Over the course of all of this battling, Makuhita became a Hariyama, Zubat became a Golbat & Crobat, and the rest of the Team got trained up to Level 24, which is my new Cap. I also acquired an Acro Bike, though I can also get to have the Mach Bike as I trade out. Part of my training was on the Seaside Cycling Road. Since I had beaten all of the trainers available, I took a rest in front of the Mauville Gym. In the next Log, we will take on Wattson for our 3rd Badge! Until the next time, we will see you!
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